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SPECIAL: Receive a 20% discount on astrology readings that are one hour or greater in duration (to qualify readings must be booked and paid for by Oct 1, 2023). Special pricing indicated (in brackets) below.

My primary interest is in helping people clarify the evolutionary intent for this incarnation. Understanding this can be extremely helpful as it provides context for the kinds of experiences we have and explains our unique qualities and characteristics.

Readings typically focus on the natal or birth chart (which is a blueprint for your being or nature) plus I take a look at major ongoing transits (or what particular influences are active). If you have specific concerns (eg is it or will it be a good time to do x, y, or z?) you may be more interested in a transit report.

Readings are usually conducted using Zoom. I will provide a link so you can download a recording of the reading if desired. If you do not use Zoom please advise.

Reading options:

Single email question for those who have already had a reading with me:
$65 USD. Please email me your specific question and I will respond with a 15-30 minute mp3 recording. I usually respond within 48 hours.

60 minute or longer readings are conducted using Zoom and recordings are provided if desired.

60 minute collaborative Zoom reading:
$150 USD. ($120 Sept. special) This can be a bit more wide ranging and in-depth than the 30 minute reading. It is my strongly recommended option at a minimum. Recording included.

90 minute collaborative Zoom reading (RECOMMENDED):
$200 USD. ($160 Sept. special) This is a nice length of time for getting into more detail and nuance. This is my preferred reading length. Recording included.

120 minute/2 hour collaborative Zoom reading:
$250 USD. ($200 Sept. special) Lots of time for deeper discussion. Recording included.

150 minute/2.5 hour collaborative Zoom reading:
$300 USD. ($240 Sept. special). Recording included.

Astrocartography is a powerful tool used to determine locations on Earth that are beneficial for various life areas or objectives. This is very particular or specific for each person. It can be tremendously helpful when considering relocating. Relocating can change your life. One hour minimum reading required. See rates above.

$75 USD per hour. Please calculate accordingly. A prior astrological reading is recommended, but not required. One hour minimum.

I use Square for secure online payment processing. You will receive an invoice by email prior to the reading. Please note that I am based in Canada and must bill in Canadian currency at the exchange rate equivalent of USD at the time of billing. Other forms of payment may be available, please inquire.

Please provide the following:

1. First and last name.

2. Date of birth (Year, Month, Day, eg: 1986-11-28).

3. Time of birth (indicate AM/PM, eg: 5:06 PM).

4. Place of birth (City/State or Province/Country, eg: Dallas, Texas, USA).

5. Desired reading or service (eg 30, 60, 90 minutes, etc.).

6. Topic or area of desired focus for the reading.

7. Your current timezone (for scheduling).

Please use the form below to send me your details.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not disclose you birth details to others unless explicitly instructed otherwise and your reading will be strictly confidential. Astrological analysis is very dependent on birth time accuracy – I have addressed that topic here. Explicit informed consent of the reading subject required. The above is information is subject to change without notice.

Thank you and I look forward to your reading! 🙏🏻

John Irving