This was published on YouTube on April 19, 2023.

You can set intentions in the form of prayer or as statements of intention during your Spiritual Practice.

For example:

I pray that… or I set my intention that… [insert desired intentions].

A transcript of this video:

On April 10th I published my first YouTube short titled “Some Intentions I Set”.

I am pleased to offer you the following amendment which digs a bit deeper into the malignant narcissism that desires to enslave humanity.

The previous intention was:

Those who abuse their power, privilege or authority in ways that are harmful to others have such acts or crimes be exposed to the public and that they be held accountable and be brought to justice for them.

The amendment is:Those who are complicit in, or profit from, supporting or furthering the actions of such abusers shall also be similarly exposed, held accountable, and brought to justice, if justice should be served.

You can find a full list of Intentions here.