On October 2, 2021, I published an episode describing a grounding ritual. I tweaked and revised this ritual over many years with inspiration from many sources.

There is one introductory and explanatory version, and one version with only the ritual language that is suitable for practice or following along with.

Grounding Ritual – Introduction and explanation

Grounding Ritual – Ritual only, no commentary

Below is the relevant text. This is for personal use only.

If you share or reproduce this ritual please kindly credit me and provide a link to my YouTube channel or this website, or simply link to the instructional video or podcast from which it originated.

Grounding Ritual text:

  1. RELAX

Sit quietly. Place your feet on the ground if possible. Center yourself. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Breathe to the bottom of your lungs. Be in your body, be in the moment, be in the now. Breathe out any stress, anxiety, worries or fears. Relax.


Visualize an energetic root system or cord going down from your root chakra (at the base of you spine) and out through your lower legs and feet and going out deep into the Earth, all the way to the center of the Earth (or, as I call it, Gaia). This cord or root system connects you to Gaia. I see it like a gigantic root system such as you would imagine a giant Oak tree would have. In my minds eye it is energetic kind of like lightning but not harsh, it’s soft and gentle.

When you are relaxed and have done this visualization as best you can (do not worry if you are unable to visualize this clearly, it is your intention and desire that matters) state the following. I find it more powerful to state the following out loud but sometimes this is not practical if you lack privacy, for example. Alternatively you can whisper it or say it silently in your mind.

  1. STATE

I am grounded connected to Gaia, Grandmother Earth.

I thank Gaia for all that she does for me and for all that she does for all the beings that exist here on this beautiful planet. Thank you Gaia!

I give to Gaia and I ask Gaia to please take from me any energies of others or any other nonbeneficial or foreign energies, intentions, thought forms, emotions, influences or attachments.

I also give to Gaia and ask Gaia to please take from me any barriers, false or limiting beliefs or thought forms, karmic or habitual patterns or attachments, psychic hooks or cords which undermine, disempower or limit me or my potential.

[ Pause… Feel these energies leave you and visualize these energies going down into Gaia if possible. I sometimes feel this happen quite palably even dramatically. Then continue by stating the following.]

I also ask Gaia to please refresh me with fresh, clean and pure energy.

[Pause… Feel yourself be invigorated and refreshed and visualize energy coming up and into you from Gaia if possible. Then continue by stating the following.]

So mote it be Amen!

Thank you Gaia!

God bless you Gaia!

I love you Gaia.


Grounding Ritual – Introduction and explanation (video)

Grounding Ritual – Ritual only, no commentary (video)