This was episode was published on October 3, 2021.

As usual there are two versions. One provides an explanation and some necessary context. The other is the ritual itself which you can listen to and repeat for practice.

I strongly recommend listening to the introduction before performing this ritual as well as performing the grounding ritual and then the clearing and protection ritual (in that order) before performing this one, or any other ritual for that matter.

Connecting with your Guides explicitly and formally – Introduction and explanation

Connecting with your Guides explicitly and formally – FOR PRACTICE

Below is the relevant text. This is for personal use only.

If you share or reproduce this ritual please kindly credit me and provide a link to my YouTube channel or this website, or simply link to the instructional video or podcast from which it originated.


Connecting with your Guides explicitly and formally

I call upon my Spirit Guides, Good Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and any high vibrational beings who will always and only act in my highest good. I thank you for all that you do for me and have done for me, both that which is known and unknown by me.

I will henceforth refer to you collectively as “My Spiritual Guidance Team”. I give you explicit permission from this time forward to please communicate with me as clearly and comprehensibly as possible, to protect me and provide me with guidance or any assistance you deem appropriate or helpful, to help me with my mission, to aid in my evolution and my healing.

I also give you permission to heal or clear any blockages or limitations which may inhibit your ability to communicate with me, or make any enhancements to me on any level of my being to facilitate such communication or that would enhance such communication.

Thank you all for all that you do!

God bless you all!

So mote it be, Amen