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Hold the Line Against the Darkness

I discuss how we can easily differentiate between forces of Light and Darkness and why we must do so.
This episode was published on March 28, 2024 at 7:04pm EST.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is March 28th, 2024.

The energies lately have been just nuts.

Now I’m sharing this with you because I often find that what I’m experiencing other people have been experiencing as well, and sometimes it’s helpful for us to know that what we’re experiencing or perceiving is not exclusive to us.

As I have said here before, the energies have been extremely intense and fluctuating a lot, but it seems to me that there’s more going on than just that.

I’m aware of course of my own transits, what’s going on for me personally, and what I’m experiencing I don’t think can be entirely explained by my own transits, therefore I think that what’s happening is happening on the collective or mundane level.

I’ve had a really hard time trying to express what I’m experiencing, and have started and stopped many episodes lately, unable to complete them.

On the positive side, I have been completely and unprecedentedly overwhelmed with what I call downloads, and I don’t know when I’m going to get to address all this stuff, but I make lists.

But the energies right now are not really conducive to concentrating. It’s just been very hard. So in time I hope to do that.

One thing that’s been up for me recently though – that I really want to express and felt called to express – is that a lot of this crazy stuff we’re seeing happening in the world right now is really showing us how so many aspects of life, and society, and our economic systems, and political systems, are broken, fundamentally broken. Defunct is the right word.

And I’ve talked a lot about that here before, and in fact predicted that, that is what we would be experiencing, especially with this energy of Pluto in Aquarius, which is unprecedented for anyone who’s alive now. Uranus can just break things.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that people are up in arms about just about everything. That’s not to say that they’re expressing that energy in ways, or directing it towards places that actually deserve it, but there’s no question that there is this energy about breaking things, about tearing down corrupt and defunct structures.

The status quo is no longer a viable option. So we can expect more of that. And again I’ve talked about that here a lot.

Even just environmentally, the evidence is very stark and clear that the way we have been doing things is profoundly wrong and needs to be radically and dramatically transformed. And that will be the case until we do. There’s just absolutely no way of getting around that. I have talked a lot about the implications of the global environmental crisis here on many occasions.

But the important part that I wanted to convey to you today is that change is coming.

Also because I read a lot, I can’t help but notice that there are a lot of karmic comeuppances occurring and that will continue over the next few years for sure.

Lies and deceit and deception are not sustainable. It’s not ethical or moral.

And eventually, karma comes around for those who abuse their power, privilege, authority, wealth or who are promoting disinformation. Karma eventually comes around. It’s always been true.

But things are going to be happening very, very quickly with Pluto and Aquarius. And by quickly, I don’t mean tomorrow. I mean over the coming months and years. And that progress always wins in the long run. So keep that in mind.

The dark side depends on lies, deception, illusion, delusion, manipulation, crimes and criminal activity, coercion. It defies logic and reason, seeks to concentrate power, and is oppressive and punitive, is vengeful and spiteful and narcissistic. It defies truth.

Lies, lying, deception, cheating, stealing are not virtuous. Period.

I think it’s important to state that and to remember that because I keep seeing more and more people starting to fall for deceptive tactics, like they’re falling under a spell. And I often wonder whether this is a test of our character to see who will succumb to the darkness.

So don’t give up. Hold the line. Hold your truth. Truth will win in the end.

There is no room for mass deception, lies, cheating and stealing on a significant scale in the age of Aquarius. Strong chills here. So hold the line.

Willful ignorance is not a valid path unless you are on the dark side. And you’re not. So don’t think for a minute that we’re losing. We’re not. What’s happening is the darkness is being exposed so that we can see it and fix it and do something about it.

The cycle of Pluto and Capricorn is not completely over. Pluto will retrograde back to 29 degrees of Capricorn one more time this fall before it fully settles into Aquarius. So we will be more firmly in that energy at the end of this year and definitely in 2025. Interestingly, that is after the US federal election in November.

So again, hold the line.

I have a couple housekeeping things too that I want to add.

One is that recently I had started posting some little updates about smaller astrological transits on my community tab on YouTube. But I don’t know how many people actually see those and I don’t think that the community tab necessarily alerts people to such things.

So not too long ago, I set myself up on Substack. My handle there is AquarianDiary.Substack.com. I encourage everyone to please subscribe to me there and follow me there. You can do that for free. I will make these kinds of shorter updates freely available. One of the nice features of Substack is that it will alert you when I post updates. I’ll put a link to that in the episode description or you can find a link to it at my website.

Also, we’re in a really intense period astrologically and I’m offering a 20% discount on transit updates, for clients who have had a reading with me. So if you are one of the many people I have done readings for, check out my website. It’s really helpful to get a lay of the land as to what major transits and progressions are going to be up for you over the coming year.

Forewarned is forearmed. Now that’s a limited time offer so check that out if that interests you. Again, that is for clients that I have already done a reading for.

Another comment is that I published a short not too long ago pointing out how the March 25th eclipse aspected Donald Trump’s natal chart and it looks like he may have pulled a rabbit out of the hat with respect to the judgment that was due on March 25th. I don’t think it’s that simple.

I think that we might find out that there was some hanky-panky going on there or that the ruling that dramatically reduced the amount of money he had to come up with in the short term could get overturned or that the value of truth social was artificially inflated.

Whatever it is, I think that the events that culminated at that eclipse are somehow going to play a role in what I think will be his downfall. So don’t jump to conclusions yet if that’s a matter of concern for you.

For more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

And if you’re interested in a reading with me, I’ll put a link to that as well. I have a 10% off special on currently, as well as 20% off on transit updates for past clients.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me. Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End episode transcript.

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Purging and Decompression

I discuss the current vacillation of energy and why it is happening.

This relates to the recent ingress of Pluto into the astrological sign of Aquarius, and releasing from the previous astrology of Pluto transiting Capricorn (2008–2024).

This episode was published on February 20, 2024 at 1:55pm EST.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is February 20th, 2024.

This is just a brief PSA, or Public Service Announcement.

As I have mentioned in recent episodes, we’ve been experiencing a tremendous amount of vacillation of energies. One day the energy is up, the next it’s down.

For me, yesterday was a very high energy day, today is a low energy day.

And I woke this morning with that at the very forefront of my mind.

As I’ve been reflecting on this, my thinking has evolved where I now believe that what’s going on is that we are being hit with waves of energy. There are pulses.

Why would this be?

I think what’s going on is that we’re having waves of the new energy coming in, but at the same time we need to kind of purge the old energies. The up days are the vitalizing energies that are coming in, and the down days are more of the purging energies.

We cannot hold the new energies totally until we have released a lot of the former energies.

If you are familiar with my work, I relate this to the recent shift of Pluto into Aquarius, and the old energy is the Pluto in Capricorn energy.

What’s happening is that we are decompressing. We were compressed during the Pluto in Capricorn cycle from 2008 until recently, and we are being elevated by the Pluto in Aquarius energy which is just commencing.

Again, there is one more period of Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn in the fall of 2024, so the transition will not likely be complete until sometime after then.

There’s a phenomenon in geology called glacial rebound.

Earth’s last glacial period ended about 11 or 12 thousand years ago, and there are still parts of the Earth’s crust that are rebounding from having been under miles of ice for 100,000 years.

This notion came to my mind this morning when I was reflecting on this. The timescale of our shift will be much much faster than that, so don’t panic. It’s just an interesting metaphor.

I noticed yesterday that when the energies were high, there was a lot of laughter. Humor can be very uplifting.

Think some recent episodes by Jon Stewart or John Oliver that kind of went viral in recent days. Very funny. Or former guys’ ridiculous sneakers.

I’ll also include a link to a very funny story from Boing Boing about a couple misguided fundamentalists and their unfortunate experience emigrating to Russia. Setting aside the dangers they may face, it’s really funny.

I’ll put links to those in the episode description.

I’m sharing this because, if it weren’t for my conversations with friends who are experiencing similar vacillations of energies, I might think I was crazy or unhealthy.

But many people I’ve been speaking with are experiencing the very same thing, and I thought it would be helpful for you, my listeners, to receive some validation if you are also experiencing this.

No, it’s not just you.

I’m making this diary entry here because I think it’s important to document this experience that we’re going through collectively.

As usual, I always look forward to your amazing comments and feedback, and I really appreciate it if you share my content or videos with others, as well as of course liking and subscribing to my channel, which really helps me as well.

I have a tremendous well of topics that I will discuss and that I want to produce episodes on, but I’m in a bit of a holding pattern because the energies are shifting so constantly, it feels like the ground moves every day.

The landscape is changing very quickly right now, and I think that’s also a function of this transitional phase we are in.

Again, I do see the fact that we are starting to laugh a lot about the cringeworthy foibles of those who represent the more reactionary elements of this drama. I think that’s a really good sign that things are turning around. Strong chills here.

Peace be with you as we move along this bumpy ride.

Again, for more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

And if you’re interested in a reading with me, I’ll put a link to that as well. I have a 20% off special on currently.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members.

Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End episode transcript.

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Blowback for Abuses of Power – Pluto transit Aquarius

I discuss why we should anticipate blowback to occur for prominent, influential or powerful figures that abused their power during the transit of Pluto through Capricorn (2008-2024).

This episode was published on February 21, 2024 at 1:10pm AST.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is February 21st, 2024.

I’ve stated this numerous times in previous episodes, some of which are rather long. But I want to express it here very succinctly and clearly.

And this has been on my mind for a few days, so it feels like I should do this.

And that is this:

Pluto, natally or by transit in some circumstances, can provide people with a significant amount of power.

Whether we consider their roles to be positive or negative, there is a reason why some people are in positions of power. And almost always, the effect of Pluto is playing a role in this. Typically, this has to do with their natal placement of Pluto.

But there’s always a significant catch.

And that is that if you abuse your power for purely selfish reasons, or you abuse it in ways that are not aligned with the highest interests of the greater good, there will eventually be blowback.

If you think about it, many very powerful prominent figures in history have had dramatic comeuppances or downfalls. And these can occur very suddenly.

This is what I call karmic blowback. It can take a long time in some cases, but it will happen. And these energies can express themselves very violently at times. Pluto is often very extreme.

Think of a dictator who is overthrown. Someone like Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi.

The reason this has been coming to my mind a lot recently is that, as I’ve been talking about, Pluto has shifted into Aquarius, and we can expect that there will be a comeuppance for those who abused their power or influence while Pluto was in Capricorn from 2008 until 2024.

Capricorn naturally rules the 10th house, which deals with the power structures and institutions that undergird society, as well as people in positions of leadership and authority or status.

The 10th house is very visible. So that’s why I keep emphasizing power players and power structures, because that’s what we’re talking about.

These are the kind of people we hear about or read about or that are reported on on a fairly regular basis. They are not always high profile, but often they are.

So that’s why this karmic comeuppance is going to be so dramatic, because we will likely be seeing it and we will be aware of it.

Also, they may not be politically powerful figures. It could be people in the corporate sector. It could be people in the judiciary. It could be people involved in criminal activities or organizations. It could be people in any area of life. Entertainment, the media, sports, finance.

We can expect quite a few scandals to emerge over the coming years and I believe that has already started to happen.

Another thing about this is that Pluto operates in the shadows. So many of the things that come to light will be darker in nature and often quite surprising, because much of it will be things that we had no idea about. They were beneath the surface.

It’s kind of like turning over rocks and finding really weird or creepy things underneath that you had no idea were there. And some of it may be quite salacious.

Imagine you’re renovating an old house and you find all kinds of rot in the walls that you didn’t know was there. That’s kind of like how Pluto works. It will expose the rot that was going on behind the scenes.

So you proceed with the renovation and once it’s done, you now have a renewed structure that is good to go for many years, if it is maintained.

Pluto goes into areas that we don’t typically like to go into or look at. It exposes the shadows.

So I anticipate that, like I said, all of the areas that were highlighted with Pluto, Transit and Capricorn, we’re going to find out where the rot was in all of those various arenas. Whether it’s politics, government, corporations, institutions, or any other industry, organization, hierarchical structure, or area of life.

I’m putting this out there very succinctly because I’m encouraging people to pay attention to what happens over the next few years, where there will be a lot of accountability and in some cases prosecutions, or dramatic downfalls, of people who have been powerful figures in recent history.

Make a mental note of that and watch how this plays out. Watch the dominoes fall because it will take down their accomplices as well.

Again, for more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

And if you’re interested in a reading with me, I’ll put a link to that as well. I have a 20% off special on currently.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members.

Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End episode transcript.

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Lightworker Activations – Pluto in Aquarius 2nd ingress

I discuss some of the significant manifestations of the 2nd ingress of Pluto transiting Aquarius and some noteworthy patterns I have observed in client astrology readings lately.

This episode was published on February 17, 2024 at 6:41pm EST.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is February 17th, 2024.

Wow. Just wow. This recent period has just been astonishing.

I thought I would talk a little bit about that because I have made a number of posts on my community tab and been discussing some of the themes that have been coming up for me, and it turns out that they resonate with others as well.

We went through a little period recently that was kind of a mixture of complete exhaustion and then coupled with dramatic bursts of energy, like the energy would fluctuate and vacillate pretty dramatically.

That’s kind of a hallmark of Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, where Pluto recently ingressed on January 20th. So we may need to be prepared overall for pretty dramatic and wild swings of energy insights, themes, and so forth.

I spent some time personally reflecting on this, like why am I completely exhausted one day and then hypercharged the next? And this is what I think is going on.

For me, this period from 2008 until just recently, when Pluto was in Capricorn, was energetically really heavy and it felt oppressive and stifling and confining and restricting and limiting. It even included a degree of fear.

And if we look at what was happening in the world, that’s understandable. We had these oppressive reactionary forces within the power structures of our societies who were threatening to repress us or force their worldview onto us, contain us, control us, dominate us.

And so it’s kind of like we were walking around hunched over, you know, thinking we’re going to get whacked, either on the material or energetic levels. So it’s kind of like there was a barrage of energy shooting down upon us and we had to put up our shields to protect ourselves and keep kind of like a stiff upper lip, be very sort of stalwart and stoic as we’ve been going through this period.

And then after a while, we got used to that. So we’ve been in this very kind of defensive posture for like 16 years.

And let’s face it, many of us have been brutally persecuted in past lifetimes for sticking our necks out. So we have good reason intuitively to be cautious or reserved about expressing our true identities and beliefs.

This frequently shows up in the natal charts of people I do readings for. And I’ve heard stories of people’s past lives that are truly shocking and deeply disturbing.

At the same time, recently, just recently, and a bit last year, when Pluto was in Aquarius for a few months, there was a heightening of the energy. So I also sense right now that there is this heightened energy. It’s resonating on a higher frequency.

But at the same time, we still have that kind of lingering residue of heavy energy that we have been fighting with, which has been exhausting for so many years.

So although the energy has shifted, we haven’t quite acclimated to it yet. And there’s still that lingering kind of fear and hesitation and reservation because we were in the Pluto and Capricorn energy for so long.

Five days ago, I published an episode about this really remarkable conjunction of Mars, Venus, and Pluto at the first degree of Aquarius. And of course, out of curiosity, I wanted to see how events might take place in the world that would reflect those energies.

So I’ve been checking the news, and of course, there’s been a lot of dramatic developments this week, like some really stunning developments that very much fit within those themes, some of which I posted on my community tab here.

The problem, in fact, wasn’t that I couldn’t find them, correlations I mean, the problem was that there was just too many of them. And I can’t just flood my community tab with all this stuff, it would just overwhelm people. So I kind of got like, “Whoa, it’s just overwhelming.”

But, there’s a really interesting theme playing out here, which is that a lot of the kind of karmic reckoning that I had predicted going back a year ago or more is starting to occur. And that gives me hope for this new phase that we’re entering, that justice for all the crimes and abuses of power that occurred with Pluto and Capricorn are now starting to play out.

So this gives us hope that this insanely crazy period that we just went through over the past 16 years is over. It’s coming to an end.

And there’s going to be a comeuppance, and to some degree, things are going to be more normal and hopefully, people will be a lot less inclined to go off the deep end with the batshit crazy stuff once they see other people being held accountable for these kinds of things.

And I expect that over the next few years, we’re going to see a lot of people facing things like prosecution for their actions and misdeeds, much of it of a criminal nature, if it wasn’t organized crime.

There was a weird thing going on while Pluto was in Capricorn where people just thought that they could get away with some of the most outrageous things. And they just kept upping the ante and raising the bar because they were getting away with it.

But that, like I said, seems to be coming to an end, thank God.

So there’s going to be a lot of drama around that, but for a change, it’s going to be good drama because those of us who are based in reality and uphold higher moral and ethical standards are going to be buoyed by that. We’re going to find this very uplifting because at least we now know that there is some justice, that there are limits and constraints that will keep us from going off the deep end completely.

It’s interesting because I often do prayers or set intentions for exactly these kinds of things, and I published a whole bunch of them here as shorts on my YouTube channel. This stuff is real, it’s really happening. Finally, right, because the energy is now conducive to that.

So the initial phase of this is going to be just putting things back into order and back into place.

Then the next phase will be how do we move forward beyond and into new realms of exploring how this energy flows and manifests out into society and the world. That’s when we get into the real phase of progress.

First we have to restore order from the chaos, then we can start being more proactive, and that’s where we come into play.

People like you, if you’re listening to me, you’re probably ahead of your time. You’re a change agent. You came here to help move humanity forward into this new age, and we’ve been being battered and hammered for quite some time now.

And so, like I said, we’ve developed this defensive posture, but soon we will be in creation mode instead of defense mode.

There’s going to be a lot of people who are going to need guidance and direction and instruction on how to work with and handle these kinds of energies, because this is a paradigm shift, which is another thing I’ve talked a lot about here, and paradigm shifts can be very disorienting initially.

It’s a whole new reality. This is a shift of Ages. It’s something that humanity hasn’t experienced for over 2,000 years. It’s huge. It’s virtually unprecedented, especially now that we have all this technology that we can utilize to communicate at the speed of light, which is, again, Pluto in Aquarius ruled by Uranus.

So I find this all tremendously exciting, although lately it has been exhausting.

I would encourage people in their spiritual practice to be clearing energies, and thought forms and beliefs, that were relevant between 2008 and 2024, but that no longer fit into this paradigm we’re moving into.

It’s probably going to take us a bit of time to trust that, but overall we need to do some housecleaning internally so that we can embrace and embody this new energy that is actually here right now. We’re in the hangover stage of this shift of phases of energies. So that’s the good news.

I think that seeing people held accountable for all their misdeeds, what we’ve seen recently is just the beginning.

Watch what happens over the next while. We have another period of Pluto dipping back into 29 degrees of Capricorn for 10 weeks in the fall of this year. That’s the last shot of that energy where people who are not tuned in are likely to make some really big mistakes that they will regret later. If they think for a minute that that is the status quo, they are wrong. So I think that’s the final test of this period of shifting energies.

I want to point out one other thing too, which is something that’s just come to my attention recently.

For some reason I was drawn to go and listen to some of the episodes that I published here a long time ago. I have stuff on here that goes back over two years now. And I don’t normally do that. I don’t go listen to old episodes, especially of my own.

But I was pretty blown away by how spot on I was, how accurately prescient or prophetic I was. Go back and listen to some of my older episodes.

What I publish here has a lasting kind of quality. It’s not all just about in the moment.

And I was quite impressed with how accurately predictive a lot of those themes I’ve talked about are.

In fact, I was listening to someone else a few days ago and they were talking about all this stuff and I was thinking, I did an episode on that like a year and a half ago. And I was kind of like “What is with that?”. You know, I feel like I’m really ahead of my time.

So if you’re bored, and I know everyone is super busy and overwhelmed these days, but a lot of the content I have published here, even going back a long time, is very much accurate about what’s happening here now and what themes are going to be in play.

And that was always my intention, was to build a body of work that was foundational and that would be relevant for a long time.

I know that the trend right now is for people to be very much into immediate gratification and hyper-stimulation, constantly going from one thing to the next. In other words, being ungrounded.

But there’s overriding patterns and themes that are at play here that are really important in terms of understanding what’s going on, on a bigger level.

So in short, we’re in this shift of energies. We have to kind of let go of that past energy. We don’t need to be fearful or anxious in the same way that we used to. So we need to clear out that kind of energy, which will allow us to make this shift more easily.

The tide has turned. A lot of people are going to be held accountable for how they abused their power while Pluto was in Capricorn. Fantastic.

And in the not too distant future – probably more actually in the time frame of when Pluto really settles into Aquarius for the next 20 years, which is in the fall – and I’ll put the dates on the screen, that’s when the real moving forward energy really kicks in and we can completely leave behind all of the fears, apprehensions, dotes, and the defensive posture we had to assume while Pluto was in Capricorn.

Also, a lot of what I’ve been saying here has been coming up very powerfully in the readings I’ve been doing for people lately. It’s showing up in their charts and in their transits.

Like literally I did a reading for someone the other day and I saw these signatures in their transits about how they were coming into this period of time where they would kind of be awakened and come into their mission, their sole mission for this lifetime. There’s trigger points that indicate that they are stepping into action.

Like there’s a lot of us who have been kind of like sleeper agents and over the next year or two, a lot of those people who have been laying low, living their day-to-day lives, are going to start being activated so that they can play a role in bringing in this New Age, the energies of this New Age.

And I’m getting really strong energy as I say this. I couldn’t be more thrilled about predicting that, honestly.

The kind of people who listen to me are like that in a lot of ways. I’ve seen that come up a lot in readings lately, like I said, that there’s a lot of people who are going to be kicked into action.

A lot of people had to be in that kind of dormant state because it was too dangerous for them to come forward and express their full potential and full being. The energies wouldn’t allow it. It was too heavy.

Very interesting, the timing of all of this and how it coincides with Pluto in Aquarius, which I talked about over two years ago here.

So I find this very exciting. I’m not saying we’re completely out of the woods. We’re not, but the energy is shifting very fast.

And that’s another characteristic of Pluto in Aquarius. The energies in Aquarius, because it’s ruled by Uranus, can move phenomenally fast and suddenly.

I also want to make a point that I think that one of the themes here as well in terms of accountability is going to be corporate malfeasance with respect to things like price gouging.

Powerful corporations, especially like monopolies, and there are way too many of those these days, they fit within the Pluto, Transit, and Capricorn umbrella.

And I think that we’re going to find that there’s going to be a lot of comeuppances in the corporate sector as well.

And let’s face it, many of them have been also lobbying and supporting a lot of the policies that we would consider to be anti-liberal or anti-democratic. And there’s going to have to be some accountability there.

Way too much power has been consolidated into the hands of a few.

And often it is these monied corporate interests who are actually driving the agenda, if not literally crafting policies, and financing and lobbying the politicians, who are effectively in many cases puppets or mouthpieces for these vested interests.

So the corporate sector is going to be in for a bit of a rude awakening as these energies shift because clearly they have abused their power and their influence for reasons relating to unfettered greed and narcissism without taking the welfare of society at large into account. And they’re going to have to be put in their place, and there may be some hard lessons learned there.

People keep talking about how the economy is great, but corporate profits have been stratospheric recently, and that accounts for a lot of the economic activity. Meanwhile, a lot of people have been struggling to survive.

Robert Reich published a chart the other day, which I shared on my YouTube channel, which showcases this in very dramatic terms. I’ll put that on the screen as well.

And if we’ve learned anything during this period, it is that we must be constantly engaged and vigilant about issues like social or economic justice or protecting liberal democracies. We can never take our rights or freedoms for granted.

One other point.

There’s some weird things which I’ve talked about before with YouTube comments. Comments sometimes go into like a Bermuda Triangle.

And it bothers me because a lot of people on my channel write these amazing comments, very thoughtful comments.

And I really respect that, you know, that people take the time to do that and that they do so eloquently.

So when comments just aren’t visible or don’t show up or nobody can see them or whatever, it bothers me because I feel bad because people, like I said, take all this time to do this and then nobody sees it.

So if that happens to you, just understand that it’s not me. I don’t have control over this.

I think some comments get flagged for some weird reason, even though I have very rarely seen comments that were truly offensive.

So don’t take it personally is what I’m trying to say. And I apologize for that, but it’s completely beyond my control.

There’s a lot of really weird quirks with the YouTube commenting system. Some people know this, but some people may not.

I just want you to know that I really respect and appreciate your effort. So please accept my apologies if that’s happened to you.

Again, for more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

And if you’re interested in a reading with me, I’ll put a link to that as well. I have a 20% off special on currently.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members.

Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End episode transcript.

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Mars, Pluto and Venus conjunct in Aquarius – Trauma of the Divine Feminine

I discuss the potent and remarkable astrology of the conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Venus at the very first degree of Aquarius in mid-February of 2024. 

This has significant implications for society and with respect to the Divine Feminine. 

This episode was published on February 12, 2024 at 1:37pm EST.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is February 12th, 2024.

Dates mentioned in this episode are calculated for the Eastern North America time zone. As usual, see the description for links to related episodes.

As I mentioned in my recent Pre-Equinox Astrology episode, which I published very early on February 11th, Mars enters Aquarius at 1:05 AM tomorrow morning, February 13th.

Mars will conjunct Pluto exactly at 1:06 AM on February 14th [at 0° 46′ 07″ Aquarius]. They will be within a very tight 2 degree orb through February 16th, and within a 5 degree orb through February 20th.

This is one of the most volatile and potent combinations of energies, especially if it occurs in close proximity or aspect to a significant point in your natal chart. With this aspect, it is not uncommon for pent up anger, resentment, or even rage or violence to burst forward in surprising and dramatic ways.

It could originate from within yourself, or it could be externally expressed by others.

This can be related to people, organizations, or institutions that attempt to forcibly dominate or control us, or even harm us. Needless to say, conflict can result.

Bear this in mind in your dealings with others and avoid risky or dangerous situations, people, or places during this time if possible. Also beware of expressing yourself or acting in rash ways that you may regret later when this energy subsides.

A good way to express this energy is through physical activity, being careful to avoid injury or accidents resulting from overconfidence or rashness, especially with sharp implements or tools.

Another way to benefit from this transit is to pay close attention to the nature and condition of any anger, resentment, or sense of injustice or victimization that arise or that this triggers within your psyche. Much of this may have been formerly unexpressed or not totally conscious. Make notes of this as it can point to shadow work or therapy that you can focus on later when the energies settle down. This can be extremely helpful in releasing yourself from past traumas.

Venus will enter Aries [Correction: Venus will enter Aquarius, of course, not Aries!] at 11:06 AM on February 16th and will conjunct Pluto exactly at 3:48 AM on February 17th [at 0° 51′ 41″ Aquarius], thus forming a very potent stellium with Mars and Pluto.

It would not be surprising if what is triggered relates to sexual trauma from this life or past lives.

Again, this is occurring at the very first degree of Aquarius, which Pluto just re-entered on January 20th of this year.

Aquarius deals with society at large – that’s broader society – social justice, causes and groups and organizations related to those kinds of activities, our dreams and hopes for the future, and technology, including the Internet.

Regrettably, with the involvement of Venus, this combination likely deals with violent abuses of the feminine, whether in the past or in the present.

Pluto can represent abuses of power, control, domination, oppression, victimization and subjugation. In Aquarius, it may represent systemic abuses or human rights abuses resulting from state or military action or warfare.

It would not surprise this astrologer if these themes arise or come to light during this period and they may be shocking.

It behooves humanity to confront and reconcile traumas and injustices, whether recent or from the distant past. They fester within our collective unconscious or psyche and our past, from generation to generation, whether we are aware of this or acknowledge this or not. To stop unconsciously perpetuating this and other vicious cycles, we must confront them honestly, sincerely and responsibly. We must do this for ourselves, for society and for future generations.

On February 19th, at 4.30am, the North Node conjuncts Chiron at 16 degrees and 45 minutes of Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, of course. Again, the theme of trauma related to the masculine.

Chironic energies are never easy to confront, but this aspect speaks to bringing deep wounding to our conscious awareness and self-expression. It implies that the timing of this is fated.

The South Node, which speaks to the past, is transiting Libra. Libra seeks peace and harmony and is ruled by loving and compassionate Venus.

Given that this is occurring very near the recent ingress of Pluto in Aquarius, I predict that this will be a theme for years to come. The reconciliation of, and social justice pertaining to, abuses and subjugation of the Divine Feminine.

Venus can also represent the natural world and the nature spirit realms, which I have also talked about here before, and which have been subject to rapacious and unbridled opportunistic destruction by humans for millennia. Such acts are clearly a manifestation of the lower aspects of the divine masculine. Thus, the themes I have discussed extend to our precious and vulnerable natural world as well.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is currently transiting Taurus, as is Jupiter. Venus rules Taurus as well as Libra, again drawing our awareness to the natural realms and the land.

Again we must heal and transform our relationship with feminine principles, including the natural world, which provides us with incredible bounty and sustenance.

Those who seek to oppress or harm the divine feminine expression are acting against their own interests. Ultimately, it is unnatural, self-defeating, and nihilistic.

Events that transpire during this time may be quite disturbing and unwelcome. However, in the long run, they may initiate a cycle of much-needed awareness, heart-based healing and transformation. Healing that will help us transform and regenerate our collective psyche in critically important ways.

As we can see, a tremendous amount of powerful and important information can be deduced from astrological transits, on both the personal and collective level.

In the age of Aquarius, we will begin to learn and master collective consciousness. Consciousness that profoundly affects us in ways we barely understand. It is our destiny.

Mastery begins with conscious awareness. Denial of truth is not an option.

If during this time, the Divine Feminine is attacked by lower expressions of masculine energy, know that this is not the way. It is merely an expression of their own unresolved wounding, vulnerability, and weakness.

There are a lot of major, major changes occurring right now astrologically and over the next couple years.

We’re going to have Neptune changing signs. We’re going to have Uranus changing signs. We’re going to have Saturn changing signs. Pluto changing signs recently alone is huge.

And so, this is a really good time to get a lay of the land before these things happen, with your own personal astrology. I know from a lot of people I’m talking to that there are major changes taking place.

Often as expected, people tend to request readings when major things are happening that they don’t understand. But I would highly encourage you to be proactive and get a reading beforehand so that you have some mental preparation for what might be coming up. It can be extremely helpful. You don’t want to leave it to the last minute. And I do have a special going on right now for readings.

Again, for more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

And if you’re interested in a reading with me, I’ll put a link to that as well. I have a 20% off special on currently.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members.

Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End episode transcript.

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AI and the Death of the Internet

I discuss how AI (Artificial Intelligence) poses a clear and present danger to the way the Internet has worked for decades. The implications are profound and disturbing.

This may be related to the transit of Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044). Pluto, death and rebirth, and power. Aquarius – or the 11th house – signifying society, broader social aims and causes, technology and dramatic or radical technological developments.

This episode was published on February 1, 2024 at 4:34pm EST.

You can support my work and this channel ⁠⁠by booking an astrology reading⁠⁠

Please ⁠⁠add yourself to my contact list⁠⁠.

Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is February 1st, 2024.

I have a bit of a throat cold thing going on, so I apologize for that. There’s a lot of weird things going around right now.

What I want to talk about today is really heartbreaking for me personally.

Just to give a bit of background, back in the late 90’s, I co-founded a technology company that was effectively a social media platform geared towards K-12 education, which is kindergarten through grade 12. So elementary, middle, high school.

This was when Pluto was in Sagittarius, and I’m a Sag, so you can see the connections to education. And in fact, what I’m doing here right now is educational, very 9th house kind of stuff.

And I loved that. It was fantastic. It was very early.

I actually got online before the Internet. I bought my first computer in 1986. This was very early days of personal computing.

And then bulletin boards came along where you dialed in with a modem and you could connect to a local community, and I was involved in that.

And then the Internet came along and supplanted bulletin boards.

And then, like I said, in the 1990’s, I started a tech company, which operationally was headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. And Ottawa was a high-tech center. There was a lot of high-tech companies based there. And that was a fantastic experience.

And then the dot-com crash happened, and that took out 90%, nine-zero percent of the tech companies in Ottawa.

Our company survived, but it was brutal. To get through that was just unbelievable, and it practically killed me.

But the company never fully recovered from that, because for years after the dot-com crash, it was extremely hard to get any kind of investment or support to keep your company going.

Now, of course, we all know that the Internet went on to become huge, like Google, Facebook, all of these companies became enormous. We now have YouTube, and so on.

So the long-term vision from the 1990’s was right. It just took longer to play out than people realized it was going to.

And that brings me to today, which, like I said, is heartbreaking for me.

Now, there’s a lot of things about the Internet currently that have really bothered me, and I have wanted to talk about this for a long time.

Primarily it has to do with how all of the major tech companies have consolidated so much power and influence that they basically are controlling the Internet. And I always thought that was a bad thing.

…the major tech companies have consolidated so much power and influence that they basically are controlling the Internet.

I had one of the first [of] 1,100 websites on the Internet, and I kind of longed for those days where people could create things, put them up, and stuff would happen.

You didn’t need to rely on any platforms to do this. You didn’t need Substack. You didn’t need Patreon. You didn’t need YouTube or Spotify. You didn’t need Shopify. No third parties. Anybody could create a website independently.

Now Google doesn’t work as well as it used to. It’s littered with all kinds of junk.

It’s very hard for people to find new websites or to connect with people independently.

You have to have almost a computer science degree to code websites now. It’s gotten extremely complicated. That’s a huge barrier for entry for a lot of people. If people can’t find your content, you don’t exist.

And these huge companies have basically bought up all these smaller players and consolidated that technology, the rights to that technology, and so forth.

So I’ve been battling that myself. In fact, there’s a huge thing going on now where a lot of people on YouTube, for example, are leaving the platform or they’re reducing their content creation, because YouTube has made pretty dramatic changes to the way the system works. And they can just do that arbitrarily at any time with no justification to the creators.

And so content creators these days are having huge issues with all of the changes that are occurring that they have no control over. It’s like they don’t really control their own destiny.

This is what happens when too much power gets concentrated in the hands of a few players. It’s bad.

Again, I long for the days of the Internet when it was much more simple and it was a much more level playing field. But those days are gone.

But the really heartbreaking part of all this right now is something else that I have been wanting to talk about for a long time, which is artificial intelligence. I did mention this in a discussion I had with Irish Granny Tarot back in December.

But it’s this.

The way these AI models work is they basically go out and they scoop up everything that’s on the Internet. They take all of this content, all of this information, all of this data. They conglomerate it and they will regurgitate it.

And when people use artificial intelligence to create things, the models will actually go through all this data they’ve compiled and regurgitate information to the user. The problem with this is that the people who created the content don’t get any credit for it.

So right now if you go onto Google and you search for something, you will get a list of links that you will click on and go to the source and read that information. With the new AI search engines, you completely bypass that.

Why is this such a dramatic problem?

It’s because the content creators don’t get any credit for the content they produced that the AI engines are using to feed people information.

So it used to be that people would search for something on Google, they would click on a link, they would go to your website where you would present the information. So Google is like a middleman.

And the content creators could generate money from advertising or from subscriptions or some other way of monetizing their content. But with AI that’s gone. It’s like the content creators don’t even exist.

So it’s kind of like a parasitic relationship where the AI engines are gobbling up everything on the Internet and then feeding it back to people on demand.

…it’s kind of like a parasitic relationship where the AI engines are gobbling up everything on the Internet and then feeding it back to people on demand.

If content creators aren’t going to get any credit for their work and all the time they put into creating it – and I know because like for example I have a website that I have put countless hours into creating, not to mention the content and the transcripts of them – and basically what I’m doing is I’m feeding these AI engines without getting any credit for it whatsoever.

In fact it’s so bad now that these AI models can take a YouTube video, extract all the information from it, produce a concise summary, and provide people with that information without them even having to watch the video.

So there is no longer any incentive for people to create content. And if you take into account everything from the press, the media, blogs on all kinds of different topics and subjects, all kinds of platforms that host content and information, billions and billions of documents and pages and content that are now effectively completely redundant. They are not redundant for the models, but they are redundant in the sense that there is no more incentive for people to create this content.

And that is what made the Internet so incredible and so amazing, and for me personally, gave me so much joy, entertainment, and education for decades.

So we now are on the cusp of a crisis because why would anybody create content if it can just be sucked up or vacuumed up by some AI search engine such that no one will ever go look at your content directly?

Now you could be thinking that “Well you could paywall this, you know, you could charge people for access to information.” But one of the things that made the Internet great was that you could access free information 24/7 and you could stumble upon things that you never knew existed. You could find communities, you could educate yourself, you could entertain yourself, you could learn and learn and learn, which is what I did for many, many years, and why I love the Internet.

I can go and read the news in Israel or Tokyo or Germany or Italy or Australia or wherever, whenever I want. But there will be no more incentive for people to publish content, unless they have a paywall, and there’s only a small percentage of people that are willing to subscribe to get content or to pay for it.

Not only that, but most people in the world can’t afford these kinds of things, they don’t even have credit cards.

So how will these content creators survive? I just don’t see how it’s possible.

Obviously there’s already been huge layoffs in the media. Places like the LA Times have laid off huge amounts of staff. The Washington Post not too long ago laid off a lot of staff.

This should be very, very concerning to us because the fourth estate, the media, journalism, is a critical component of democracy and keeping power in check.

But if they can’t survive, and even if independent content creators can’t make a living creating content, then this represents a huge problem for humanity, as far as I’m concerned. It’s terrible.

It’s possible that this will get resolved somehow in a way that is equitable and beneficial, but at this point in time I don’t see how that happens.

Like I said, it’s just not realistic to expect that all of these publishers and content creators can survive without being able to monetize their content somehow.

And we’re talking about probably millions of people, whether they’re writers, programmers, website creators, graphic designers, film and video producers and creators, or whatever. Millions of jobs. Good creative people. Intelligent inspired people, in many cases.

…we’re talking about probably millions of people, whether they’re writers, programmers, website creators, graphic designers, film and video producers and creators, or whatever. Millions of jobs.

So like I said, I find this turn of events heartbreaking because to me it’s a major blow to what began in the 1980s and 1990s.

I’ve talked a lot about Pluto transiting Aquarius on my channel. I first published on that topic two years ago, way before most people were talking about this.

Very fundamentally, the 11th house or Aquarius is society at large, technology. Pluto is death and rebirth.

And I see this collapse of these ways of us connecting socially as a global community to be devastating.

Like I said, these AI search engines are parasitic.

There are efforts to try and control this, but I don’t see how they will succeed practically. Because you could set up a search engine in Hungary or Croatia or South Africa or China. How do you apply laws to prevent this from happening around the world?

I personally have made friends as a result of the Internet that I have had for decades. People of like mind, like outlook, like perspective, and so on. People that I would not have met casually in my own local environment because there just weren’t a lot of people who had similar views or interests.

But you can or used to be able to connect with them through social media platforms. Now social media platforms, as I said, have degraded enormously in recent years, but that potential is still there, or at least it was.

So in summary, I think AI represents the death of the Internet as we know it, which, like I said, for me is very sad.

I have to say also that I had a dream about a year ago which alluded to this, but it didn’t make sense to me until now. I had that dream on February 28th of 2023.

And without telling you the dream, my take on it was that the Internet was kind of like barren or just like dead vines, dry, like there was no life in it anymore.

And I took it personally because, like I said, I’ve had such a close and important relationship with the Internet for decades, but it’s only now that I understand what that dream actually represented. Very sad for me.

To give myself as an example, I could create a whole episode on a topic about astrology and then my content could be sucked up by one of these AI search engines and presented to millions of people who would never actually see me as being the source of that.

They’re benefiting. I’m getting nothing out of it.

There’s very little incentive for me to do that as a volunteer effort so that some Silicon Valley financed company can basically profit off my content without even attributing it to me. They might have a tiny little link to me there, but who’s going to read it because they don’t need to. The AI will summarize all of my content and feed it to other people. Gawd…

Another point I want to raise is that right now there’s a huge backlash going on from governments towards social media companies and search engines and the like.

Now my gut instinct on this is that it’s not what it seems.

A lot of people have a lot of valid concerns about disinformation, foreign covert electoral interference, which let’s face it, the US has been doing for generations. Stuff that’s inappropriate for children and the like. Fair enough, we should do something about that. However, I do not trust the government to regulate the Internet.

And this is happening here in Canada and I think it’s going to be happening in the States.

The reason we should be concerned is, is that these politicians are heavily influenced by lobby groups and special interests who have hidden agendas. They want to control the flow of information.

And what we’ll see is that buried in a lot of this legislation will be loopholes and unintended consequences that we can’t foresee yet.

And let’s face it, most of these politicians know absolutely nothing about how the Internet actually works. They tend to be very, very poorly informed.

This has been playing out in Canada, where we have members of Parliament and Senators who are typically old and they don’t really understand how things work. So they misinterpret things and they approach it in completely the wrong way. In counterproductive ways.

Once you give control over this to the Government, watch out. Even if they’re well-intentioned, they don’t know what they’re doing. So we should be very careful.

I also think that the right wing wants to be able to control the flow of information for very obvious reasons.

And they will use social hot button issues to allow this to happen. And then the next thing you know, when you have a Republican president, they will go after left-leaning media. They will go after the left, or people who are critical of their policies or policy agendas.

It is an extremely slippery slope and we should be extremely concerned about this.

It is an extremely slippery slope and we should be extremely concerned about this.

So if you think that shutting down or controlling the Internet is a good idea, you are probably sorely mistaken. And this is not where we want to go.

There have been some utterly ridiculous policies put forward here in Canada, that have fairly broad public support, because the public doesn’t really understand all this technical stuff or the implications of it either.

But I can see the dangers in it. We have to be extremely careful with this.

And I have raised this before in talking about Pluto and Aquarius, which is power abusing the flow of technology and information to the public.

Yes, nobody likes disinformation, especially me. I’ve talked a lot about that here.

We can’t be naive. When you grant extraordinary powers, you have to think what happens when the bad guys get their hands on it. What do they do? How do they abuse it?

We have to think this through very carefully. And I wouldn’t take anything that the right wing says at face value. If they are endorsing it, it probably benefits the plutocrats more than it does us. And that is to control or limit the flow of information. The implications should be terrifying.

So I thought I would share that with you because I’ve been seeing this coming for quite a long time. Talking about AI and the consolidation of power within the tech sector has been on my list of things to talk about for at least a year and a half. But I didn’t really have a context for it before. And now I do.

So I don’t know how it’s all going to shake out.

The most important thing about doing things like what I’m doing right now is the opportunity or ability to connect with other people of like mind.

But how will that happen in the future? Facebook sucks. How are we going to be connected socially?

And that has huge implications politically as well. There are social movements, social justice movements, causes, things like environmental issues and so forth.

How are we going to collaborate and connect, coordinate, organize, strategize? How will that occur in the future? I don’t know.

Twitter is gone. These tech billionaires have so much money they can just buy up any technology or any platform, and if they’re in a bad mood they can just destroy it and nobody can do anything about it.

Now Pluto just re-entered Aquarius on January 20th, less than two weeks ago. So this could be one of the darker expressions of Pluto in Aquarius, is how we are going to deal with this new world of technology and the concentration of power, the monopolies, the plutocrats. The oligarchs who are undermining our means of communicating, collaborating and organizing and becoming active.

The only way around this that I can see would be some kind of open source technology that cannot be bought, influenced or purchased, no matter how much money somebody has. But I have yet to see that happen.

The only way around this that I can see would be some kind of open source technology that cannot be bought, influenced or purchased, no matter how much money somebody has.

There’s too much money at stake. It’s kind of like if somebody came up with a way to generate your own power independently and cleanly. There’s a huge incentive for the status quo players to block or limit that from becoming readily available because it would destroy their business.

So I don’t know what the answer is, but I thought I’d put that out there. Because I do understand all of these implications in ways that maybe some people don’t, because I’ve been using communications and Internet technology since the mid-1980s.

I have been working hard on my website to add quite a few episode transcripts there.

I also encourage you to add yourself to my contact list, which you can do at my website, which is AquarianDiary.com. If you do that, you will receive an email that you need to use to confirm your subscription to my contact list. You won’t be added unless you confirm.

We’re probably going to need to find ways to stay connected, and I’ve talked about that before too, a long time ago.

Please check the episode description as I always put links in there that I think are related or important.

Again, for more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

And if you’re interested in a reading with me, I’ll put a link to that as well. I have a 20% off special on currently.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members.

Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End transcript.

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The Astrology of Resentment – 2008-2024

I discuss the astrology of the era of grievance (2008 to 2024) which corresponds to the astrological transit of Pluto through Capricorn.

This episode was published on February 11, 2023.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all.

It is February 11th, 2023.

We are at the final stages of an era that is notable in many regards. Perhaps one of the most notable from my perspective is the mass delusion that has affected countries around the world. This has particularly been on display in the United States of America, but not exclusive to it.

Between 2021 and 2024, the US is going through a very rare Pluto return, so it has been challenged in ways that most countries are not.

Nonetheless, the post-truth era, which has been a worldwide phenomenon, can be traced back to when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008.

Almost immediately, the great financial crisis occurred, triggered by the housing market collapse.

Soon thereafter, the Tea Party movement rose to prominence in 2009, typically attributed to the resentment towards the election of the first black American president. And as we later found out, the Tea Party movement was deliberately contrived by the Koch brothers and the tobacco industry as a means to get average people to become activists to reduce taxes on the wealthy. This is all well documented.

So again, the Tea Party movement was fabricated deliberately by entrenched plutocratic interests for their own financial benefit. That is Pluto in Capricorn.

As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party movement simply morphed into the MAGA movement under a different brand with Trump as its figurehead.

“…the Tea Party movement was fabricated deliberately by entrenched plutocratic interests for their own financial benefit.”

The Tenth House, which Capricorn rules, is all about status, and many of the underlying motivations of the Tea Party and MAGA movements were grievances over perceived losses of status for those people.

They raged and fixated on minority groups, women, other ethnic and religious groups, who they perceived as threatening their privileged position in the social-hierarchical pecking order. All of this has been studied and documented extensively.

This cycle of Pluto transiting Capricorn is drawing to a close.

The first ingress of Pluto into Aquarius will occur on March 23, and due to retrogrades, Pluto will not fully settle into Aquarius until November 19, 2024, where it will stay generally through 2044.

Neptune entered Pisces in April of 2011 and will stay in Pisces until early 2026.

One of the negative expressions of Neptune in Pisces is illusion and delusion, not being grounded or being detached from reality, and on a societal level, provides fertile ground for disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and mass delusion.

What could be more delusional than ordinary people being unwitting activists for entrenched plutocratic and corporate interests? Yes, this actually happened and it’s still happening now.

“What could be more delusional than ordinary people being unwitting activists for entrenched plutocratic and corporate interests?”

Given that Pluto will be moving into Aquarius shortly, and Neptune will be leaving Pisces commencing in 2025, I believe it is safe to speculate that we shall see the beginning of the end of the post-truth era of grievance. Which has led to some very significant developments, including Brexit, which has decimated the economy and living standards of people in the United Kingdom.

So I just wanted to put that out there briefly so that people can understand that this bizarre, if not freakish, era that we have been experiencing should be drawing to a close.

Because I know many of you are concerned about reality as am I, being a reality-oriented person who believes in facts and evidence, and we have very significant concerns about many issues that urgently require rational and evidence-based thought and action.

If what I have been articulating here in recent episodes dealing with astrology is accurate, during this time we should start to see many of these kinds of matters come to a head, one way or another.

We simply cannot continue to spiral into madness as we have been. So either there will be cooperation and a more rational approach to dealing with reality, or there will be a permanent division, a parting of ways of some kind, which may be seeded during this period. It will certainly be interesting to observe.

It’s funny, an article I was reading this morning was talking about how much of the anti-abortion movement is actually psychologically motivated by grievances against women, and not about abortion itself. And of course most of those grievances are held by men, who would prefer to have women be subservient to them.

It fits very much into the theme of Pluto transiting Capricorn, which covers authority figures, hierarchical structures, and the patriarchy.

The main point of all of this is that no, it is not rational, rational in the sense that many liberals and progressives understand it.

It’s not about facts or data or information or what is real or what is true or what is not. It is about emotions, particularly grievance, anger, and resentment, and thus it is almost pointless or futile to try and address this rationally because it’s not rational. No amount of knowledge, data, or information is likely capable of altering someone’s core emotional state.

I personally believe that there are valid reasons for many people to feel aggrieved. However, where I differ is who and what is to blame for those conditions that resulted in those grievances. And I would never personally target weaker people than myself as a means of expressing my resentment.

I think it’s the inverse. We should be expressing our outrage to those who are in positions of privilege and power, rather than those we perceive as being weaker than us.

In fact, we can go even further, and I think accurately state that many people have been deliberately undermined to benefit a small minority. Our current social and economic conditions are not happenstance, as I have argued here many times before.

There are dark forces at play which would like people to vent their frustration on vulnerable groups and individuals as a means of distraction and diversion. Pluto’s transit of Capricorn is attempting to make us understand this very clearly.

“There are dark forces at play which would like people to vent their frustration on vulnerable groups and individuals as a means of distraction and diversion.”

There were many truly stunning astrological aspects and events that occurred during this period, too many to mention.

But a few very notable ones which really stand out include the Uranus-Pluto squares which occurred between 2012 and 2015. These are linked to the Pluto-Uranus conjunction that occurred in the 1960s that inspired the counter-cultural movement where the seeds of that inspiration are being tested or challenged in the square.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction which occurred in Capricorn and was exact on December 21st of 2020.

The Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which occurred at the very first degree of Aquarius on December 21st of 2020.

The USA-Pluto return which has been in effect since February of 2021 and continues through the beginning of 2024. For nations, Pluto returns have been linked to the falls of empires and there is no question that the United States has suffered many blows in recent years due to extreme polarization and division and political dysfunction.

Again there are too many to mention here because I want to keep this short. But those are some of the significant astrological transits that have occurred during this period.

Not to mention a global pandemic that brought the world to its knees in many ways and will undoubtedly be considered a very significant historical development.

The rise of China as a global economic and military power, the illegal invasion and occupation of Ukraine by Russia, the election of the first black president in United States history (which has resulted in dramatic levels of racial resentment and animosity), the collapse of global supply chains, the unprecedented proliferation of conspiracy theories and misinformation as well as movements like QAnon – who could forget that?

I could go on and on.

Finally in many areas of life we must reject the idea that bias is a bad thing.

There are many things I am extremely biased against, say for example unnecessary violence or harm, subjugation, oppression, unlawful imprisonment, slavery and all manner of discrimination and injustice.

I am very biased against those kinds of things and it is illogical to assume or to claim or state that one is unbiased when in fact one is not.

“…it is illogical to assume or to claim or state that one is unbiased when in fact one is not.”

Would you prefer to live in a gulag in Siberia or in a pleasant domain somewhere else? I think the answer is clear.

Of course I have already talked a lot about this in other episodes.

If you want to focus just on the astrology I have a playlist for astrology. If you’re just interested in astrology you can check that playlist. You’ll find that on my YouTube channel.

So there you go, a short little update and synopsis of this period of the era of grievance which is at the beginning of the end.

Take care, all the best, thanks for everything and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End transcript.

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Pluto at 29° Capricorn – A Karmic Reckoning

I discuss the imminent astrological transit of Pluto to 29° Capricorn followed very shortly thereafter by Pluto’s first ingress into Aquarius since 1777. This remarkable astrology heralds a significant shift in energy and changes that will manifest in our world.

This is a transcript of an episode of Aquarian Diary I published on YouTube on January 26, 2023.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, it is January 26, 2023.

One of the things on my list of things to talk about is the imminent transit of Pluto at 29 degrees, or the anaretic degree of Capricorn.

This will mark the beginning of the transition from Pluto in Capricorn, where it has been transiting since 2008, to the transit of Aquarius, which will officially commence on March 23 of this year, so very soon.

Pluto hits 29 degrees of Capricorn on February 11 and then makes its first ingress into Aquarius on March 23.

Now why is this significant?

The anaretic degree, or the 29th degree, of any sign, is considered to be extra potent because the energies reach a culmination before they shift to the next sign and start a whole new cycle in that new sign.

So for example, people who have natal planets or points at 29 degrees tend to have fairly dramatic experiences pertaining to those points and their characteristics.

Now, as I said, Pluto has been transiting Capricorn since the beginning of 2008, so roughly 15 years. And Pluto shifting signs is a big deal because it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit around the Sun. The transit of Pluto through Aquarius will be roughly 20 years.

This has been on my mind because I just have always sensed that this was a big deal. Pluto at 29 degrees is a big deal, but Pluto also shifting into Aquarius is a very big deal.

Now, the actual transition from Pluto and Capricorn into Pluto and Aquarius will occur starting in March right up through November of 2024, because Pluto will retrograde, or from our perspective appear to go backwards, several times between now and then. It’ll finally settle in into Aquarius more permanently in November of 2024 all the way through January of 2044.

So as I said this was on my list of things to talk about soon and then when I woke this morning I had had a very strong urge or impression intuitively to jump on it.

Now the last time Pluto was at 29 degrees of Capricorn was 1777 and 1778. That kind of puts it in perspective how big of a deal this is. And of course, what occurred around that time was the American Revolution. The American Revolution is conceivably one of the most important things that has happened geopolitically in human history. The rise of America has completely reshaped the world.

Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn dates graphic

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about this because I’ve done several episodes of Pluto transiting Aquarius and also the Pluto return of the United States, which has been going on for the past couple years, and it would be redundant for me to repeat all that. You can always just search my YouTube channel for the word Pluto, and it’ll bring up all those episodes.

But I do want to draw your attention to what’s occurring here now or about to occur in a couple weeks, because it’s very exciting. We are living in a very historic time when the seeds of very profound and far-reaching changes are being planted. We may not fully appreciate this point in history until we look back at it several generations from now possibly.

Now the way I perceive this is that I see this as a karmic reckoning, a comeuppance as it were.

Pluto in Capricorn has really been drawing our attention to how power has been concentrated in the hands of a few individuals. The plutocrats, that’s Pluto. As well as corporations and various government and institutional entities.

Dark money, dark power, the patriarchy, the oppression of the masses, corruption, reactionary and conservative forces, the whole concern around fascism and authoritarianism that we’ve been dealing with. Populism, voter suppression, crazy tax cuts for plutocrats, rampant and unhinged conspiracy theories, corruption in the judiciary being exposed, violent insurrections and coups, abuses of power, lying, cheating… You know, all that stuff we’ve been experiencing. These crazy abuses of power and literally off the charts kind of stuff.

Like if we look at the former American administration under 45, it’ll go down as one of the most insane and nuts administrations in US history, if not the most insane. And we have also seen tremendous wealth concentration in the hands of a few, literally a few tax-dodging billionaires.

So when Pluto gets to the final degrees of a sign, there tends to be a reckoning or comeuppance with respect to the issues that were being brought to our attention through the qualities of that sign. Think of it as a purge, not necessarily pleasant, but sometimes needed. And already we’ve been seeing a lot of people starting to be investigated and prosecuted and all kinds of underhanded crimes coming to light within the realms of power around the world. So watch for a lot of major developments in this time span.

The first ingress of Pluto in Aquarius will be from March 23rd until June 11th of 2023. This is really historic stuff.

You know, when Pluto first entered Capricorn, almost immediately we had the 2007-2008 financial crisis, which, if it had not been for significant intervention on the part of the US government, we would have gone into a global depression, the likes of which have not been seen since the 1930s. You know, that is historic.

We are now going to start seeing that energy come into Aquarius and culminate in Capricorn as I’ve been explaining. So just pay attention.

Ideally, like, I would love to just have lots of free time so I could just sort of sit and observe this period. And I’ll mention this as well, and I think I’ve said it before, but I have, you know, studied astrology for decades, and I have been saying for many, many years, I want to be here when Pluto goes into Aquarius. And that is two months from now. Finally.

Anyway, stay tuned, grab some popcorn, watch this shift of energy go from Earth to air, and all of these new issues are going to, things are going to change very quickly and dramatically. I’ve been putting some graphs on the screen which give you all the dates, and I’ll put a link to my Pluto and Aquarius episode there as well in the description of this episode so that you can check that out.

So this is a very exciting and dramatic time, and I’ve also been feeling this looming really big, deep energy of change that’s really kind of a little bit hard to pinpoint or decipher because we’re not quite in it. I’ve been feeling it energetically for several months now, but the fireworks have yet to begin.

So stay tuned and take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

End episode transcript.

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USA Pluto Return 2022 – Civil War or Transformation? Part 1

I discuss the imminent and forthcoming exact Pluto returns in 2022 in the USA astrological natal chart and the widespread current discussion of the potential for civil war (often referred to as Civil War 2) amongst credible and noteworthy scholars, commentators and journalists.

Pluto takes (on average) 248 years to orbit the Sun – or to return to its natal position in the astrology horoscope – so this is a rare, potent and deeply powerful transit. The US has not experienced this transit before thus the year of 2022 will no doubt be epically historic for the US and the world. I also provide key dates to pay attention to.

Fasten your seatbelts as the first exact date of this transit occurs in February 2022!

Part 2 in this series can be viewed here.

This is a transcript of a an episode I published on my YouTube channel on January 10, 2022.

Episode transcript:

Welcome to Aquarian Diary where we discuss issues around the emerging Age of Aquarius.

I’m your host John Irving.

Thank you for joining me.

Hi guys. It is John here. It is Sunday, January 9, 2022.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season it was very busy around here, hence my absence, and I have certainly had a lot of time to reflect on a lot of things over the past number of weeks.

One of the main things I’ve been thinking about a lot is the USA Pluto return which is coming up soon to its first exact, which will be the first exact that is. When Pluto – transiting Pluto in orbit around the Sun – returns to the exact position it was at the founding of the United States. Which will be exact on February 20, 2022. That’s not very far away – six weeks or so.

Now one of the things so you know I have continued, because I do every day, I read I scan the press – at least those sources that I find to be reliable and rigorous – and one of the things that I have noticed in the past few weeks is the phenomenal number of articles by well-informed scholars, journalists and commentators questioning the possibility of a civil war in the United States. Whether… whether that is imminent or even possible.

Now one of the things that’s remarkable about this is the quality of the journalism or commentary on this subject. And if we think about this, and what is occurring, uh… if anybody had sort of even pondered this out loud – I don’t know 10 years ago or so – they would have people would have just laughed at them and said they were crazy. But the people who are questioning this right now are serious thinkers (chills right now).

So I find that this is occurring at this point in time to be extremely remarkable because of the astrology and also because of everything else that’s happening in the world. We have this global pandemic on a scale not seen in over 100 years.

Just to be clear this is occurring to the birth chart or the Sibley chart of the United States set around the Declaration of Independence. So although this is particular to the United States at this point in time It obviously would have a significant Impact on the whole world.

Now we have seen the polarization between sanity and insanity, and everything in between, reach unprecedented historic levels. This period of time, without question, will be noted significantly in the history books from a future perspective.

I want to talk about this because I have talked about the USA Pluto return before. And let me just also say that there are a ton of astrologers who have talked about this. And I’ve listened to a lot of that and what I’ve noted is that they don’t really necessarily go into a lot of particulars about… you know… how this will manifest. They just they speak about it in fairly general terms. But I think that if we look at what is occurring, and like I said, the degree to which this situation is being discussed and contemplated. Now even going to these extremes of, like I said civil war, and whether or not that’s possible I think that it has to be taken seriously.

Now I’m not actually suggesting or and i don’t necessarily believe that there will be a civil war. But i do think that what is going to occur this year in 2022 will involve a lot of the deepest and darkest aspects of the United States and its unresolved karma. And its unresolved psychological baggage – if you can refer to a country as being psychological – that that will be brought to the fore and dissected and put on display for all to see. And that is exactly what is occurring.

We have these extremely polarized factions who are engaging in unprecedented levels of hyperbole and beyond because… you know we did just celebrate the one year anniversary of the insurrection in Washington. So it has very real consequences.

And so the question is, you know, how will this stuff be addressed and will it or not and what will be the outcome. Now I personally think that this is like a major purging, like I said, of the deep and dark and unresolved aspects of the – again I’m going to refer to this country as having a psychology – but it does. I mean every every country has a character and qualities – almost like a personality. And a world view for sure, a paradigm that all of that is up for inspection. Whether It makes us comfortable or whether it’s desirable or not, because that’s kind of how Pluto operates.

Now let me give you some dates. This first came within a two degree orb and that’s – that’s when transiting Pluto’s was within two degrees of its natal position – commencing, you know, the first half of 2021. So it actually literally became within two degrees on February 12, 2021. It will be within two degrees until January 6 of 2024.

Now within that period of time there will be three exacts because Pluto will retrograde which will mean that it’ll cross its natal position. Pluto from our perspective will retrograde and it’ll be exact conjunct exact again on July 11th of 2022 retrograde, and make one more pass where it’ll hit direct on December 28th of 2022.

So this year – and we’re into it now because it was back within two degrees on December 19th of 2021. So from December 19th of 2021 right up until the end of 2022 Is the most intense period of this transit.

So the way these transits work is that they can be incredibly profound and deep and they’re big. You know Pluto transits when they make an aspect – a powerful aspect in your natal chart – can be a multi-year process. So whatever comes up and is brought to our awareness during this period of time could take years to resolve.

Now generally, as I’ve said before, if people are – or institutions or nations are – are in the flow of this energy they will do the work that they’re being called to do – the transformation will occur. Pretty or not, and they will evolve. Right? If there’s a lot of resistance to these energies they can sort of show up and manifest explosively because this energy needs to flow, whether we like it to or not.

So, again, three exacts this year. February 20th, July 11th and December 28th.

A lot of astrologers have talked about this and my own personal view is that it’s going to manifest just exactly as we’re seeing it. I would not be surprised, for example, if during this year an awful lot of dirt comes to the surface politically and socially that rocks the nation.

Things that will be brought to light that people will find shocking and deeply disturbing because that’s what Pluto will do. It’ll dredge things up from the subconscious or from the unconscious and bring it to your conscious awareness. And often it’s not pretty. It’s stuff that we usually prefer not to look at or address or think about. And I’m getting reinforcement energy here as i say this.

So now I think that for example the January 6 commission. Some other things could come to light that were done or activities that occurred during the Trump administration. It could even be treacherous, treasonous. Stuff that people will be find extremely shocking that will change the way Americans and the world see the country and perceive the country. So I would be prepared for some really disturbing things to come to light that could change people’s understanding of themselves and the nation. And it’s not likely to be nice.

So who knows how deep and how far the corruption goes but if it’s going to come to light it’ll be this year. And so I think that what people should do is brace themselves and it’ll be stuff, if it comes up, like it’ll make what happened during the Nixon impeachment probably look like a cake walk in comparison. This is probably going to be like really deep and really big and it’ll forever change the country. Now how far that goes we’ll see.

Now sort of from where we’re operating right now there’s a lot of people really in denial about, for example, January 6 and the whole Trump administration and everything. And a lot, I think, is going to depend on how they react to whatever is brought to light. That might actually cause them to second-guess or question their allegiance to Trump and to that administration or even the Republican party itself. It’s possible that the corruption could be so onerous that that loses a lot of steam. And then the question will then become what are we gonna do to fix this?

I don’t think you’re going to see the fixes in 2022. I think what we’re going to see in 2022 is the problems. So the problems will come to light and they’re going to be deep and they’re going to be significant. And then the fixes to that will probably take years.

So anyway I want to draw your attention to this because I think it’s really big. I mean the fact that this is occurring, like I said, during a global historic level pandemic is just mind-boggling.

So we’ll see how this plays out but I think that it’s going to be shocking probably and disturbing I would imagine what the repercussions of all that are going to be I think remain to be seen.

So heads up fasten your seat belts.

Also Saturn, on a mundane level, Saturn will square Uranus again at the end of the year. It’s an intense period.

My sense is that, you know, Omicron and the Coronavirus will probably settle down. I’m not saying It’s going to go away but I think it’ll be, you know, as people develop more immunity to it and it’s in a less severe variant right now. In terms of the effect that it has on people i think that it’ll be a little easier in that regard in 2022. But it’s not going to be gone. It’ll still be with us.

The main thing I wanted to draw your attention to was the Pluto return of the United States is going to be big this year. 2022 is probably going to blow our minds and for everybody, not just Americans, but the whole world. It’s going to be big and it’s going to be intense.

Now hopefully good comes from all of this you know like if stuff comes to light about corruption or treasonous activity or whatever it is – cheating, lying, deceiving, stealing – that kind of stuff. Abuses of power and privilege. The natal Pluto of the United States is in the second house and in addition to material matters the second house is often equated with material possessions and property and ownership but it also really covers values. Like things that you value. So that’s a very powerful place to have Pluto, in the second house. There’s a lot of power there and there’s a lot of potential for transformation.

So values, you know, the second house being ruled by Venus. The higher octave of Venus is pure unconditional love and the lower manifestations of that would be possessiveness and hoarding and trying to acquire material objects possessions and wealth.

So there has to be some kind of a financial component to whatever that’s gonna occur this year. And certainly it will relate to values and that’s already what we’re talking about. I mean the these values between the left and the right. Those who are dealing with reality and uh those who are living in a pseudo-reality that’s what this is all about. This huge debate that’s going on right now. So I find that very interesting.

Pay attention, 2022 will be a very big year.

There’s a number of other transits going on for the United States as well this year and each one of them is worthy of a significant discussion. But I’m just going to say that Neptune is squaring the Mars of the United States. Neptune is opposing the natal Neptune. Chiron is squaring the Sun. Chiron is opposing the natal Saturn. It’s too much to get into here because this would be way too long.

Another thing that I want to point out or just mention is that I find it that it’s extraordinary that this Pluto return of the United States, with the United States being the most dominant economic force on the planet, and culturally as well. And certainly very visible to the whole world, because the world reports and we’re all aware now especially with social media and whatnot, and the internet, about what’s going on in the United States. And so the whole world’s watching. This but I find it extraordinary that this is occurring. That this craziness that we’re seeing occurring to the most powerful nation on the planet, is occurring at this point in time where theoretically at least we’re supposed to be going through this great awakening. A degree of spiritual enlightenment is occurring on the planet. And that that we’re shifting into this Age of Aquarius. I find the timing of this is just absolutely extraordinary.

Astrologically I mean there’s just no question if we look at what’s going on – I mean with any degree of objectivity or perspective – astrologically this Pluto return is so obvious it to me at least as an astrologer. And I know it is for other astrologers as well. I don’t know if other people appreciate how significant this is and how coincidental it is with the timing. This is an extraordinary time.

You know it takes Pluto 248 years approximately to orbit the Sun. So we’re here at this point in time when this is occurring. Both this shift into the Age of Aquarius, and we’re witnessing this Pluto return in the United States, all sort of wondering how this is going to play out. Is the United States going to crumble or or dissolve in some way? Or descend into some kind of anarchy and civil war and even… and this speculation is occurring from within the nation itself. It’s not just me as an outsider observing this. There’s, like I said, very credible scholars, academics and journalists discussing this now openly. I find just the whole thing is so mind-blowingly extraordinary.

Let’s hope that it plays out well and that the United States goes through a period of meaningful reform that will set the stage for the next 248 years of history for this country. And that it doesn’t descend into darkness, chaos, anarchy and without the rule of law. And that it maintains its status as a democracy. Because that is within… that is in question legitimately at this point in time.

I’m underscoring how significant this is and for those of us who are aware and who are paying attention these are truly historic times. It’s going to be absolutely fascinating, if not nerve-wracking, to watch how this all unfolds. And i’ll leave it at that.

Pay attention, this is an amazing we’re… getting huge energy right now… to be here at this point in time in human history is just astonishing and and we’re very lucky to be here. And you know, I know why Spirit wants us to maintain a positive attitude because everybody is cheering for this to work out well. And at the same time though we can’t take our eye off the ball. And we can’t just go into denial because we we have to be paying attention because things could go in any direction. Sticking our head in the sand is not going to help.

So, fingers crossed. 2022 here we go.

I’ll talk to you again soon. And again thanks again to Kerry Erickson for the fantastic intro music he beautifully created for me.

Pluto in Aquarius – Dawn of Global Consciousness: 2023 – 2044

I discuss the astrology of the transit of Pluto through Aquarius which will commence starting in 2023.

This major shift in energies will profoundly transform many aspects of society and our lives. As far as I am concerned it will be a very significant step in our journey into the dawning Age of Aquarius.

I also discuss Pluto transiting through Capricorn – which has been occurring since 2008 – and how that has shaped our world.

Personally, I have been anticipating Pluto entering Aquarius for well over a decade.

Find out why. Enjoy!

This is a transcript of an episode I published on my YouTube channel on February 14, 2022.

Episode transcript:

Welcome to Aquarian Diary where we discuss issues around the emerging Age of Aquarius. I’m your host, John Irving. Thank you for joining me!

Greetings all it is February 14, 2022.

I’ve been working on this for over a week, so please accept my apologies for theinconsist ent audio and recording which you will notice. It’s amazing how much your voice can change hour to hour, and day to day.

But this is a really fascinating subject I am very excited to be able to talk about and share with you. These times that we are in have to be one of the most interesting periods in all of human history. I sincerely hope you find the following interesting enlightening and worthwhile. I am looking forward to returning to more spiritually oriented topics after this episode but this transit of Pluto moving into Aquarius soon is one of the critical components of the extraordinary changes that are occurring at this point in the earth’s history.

Today I want to talk about something that to me is of great significance and importance this has been on my mind for well over 10 years. Anticipating this particular transit or ingress of Pluto into Aquarius which will commence in 2023. Coupled with the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero degrees of Aquarius in December of 2020, these transits herald the beginning of a new era. The magnitude and scope of the implications of these transits are extremely significant. To me trying to cover these topics in a condensed form is daunting.

Before I get started I need to make clear that I am not going to be covering every major astrological transit that has occurred in this time period – namely the time period that Pluto was in Capricorn. For example we had a very significant Uranus square Pluto transit, Saturn has been squaring Uranus, we had Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn, amongst others. It would be very time consuming to cover everything that’s occurred over the past decade or so. However, in the backdrop there’s always which sign Pluto was occupying at the time that shows what themes are up for major or significant transformation, and that is what I will be focusing on here today.

Also when I use terms such as “the powers that be” or “the status quo” they are really just placeholders for world views or paradigms and not necessarily a reference to any specific groups, organizations or individuals.

First of all we need to talk a little bit about the influence or role of Pluto in world affairs. Pluto in its rawest form is like pure power or energy and as it moves through an astrological sign it imbues the qualities of that sign amplifying them, and as far as the world is concerned, bringing those themes or areas to our attention in many profound ways.

Pluto by challenging transit will often bring about periods of metaphorical death rebirth and complete transformation of what it comes in contact with. These periods of crisis can be dramatic and very significant, if not life-altering or destiny altering. As aspects of ourselves, or of states or nations or entities, have to go through a period of significant dissolution before they can be regenerated into something more substantial, whole, meaningful and that is in integrity. It can be akin to a wrecking ball to what is outmoded or no longer valid. Under its influence these periods can be experienced as being very tumultuous and only really actually fully appreciated as being beneficial and transformative with hindsight from some future perspective.

For years I have advised people undergoing Pluto transits to try to not be in resistance to the flow of those energies as being in resistance will make the inevitable process of transformation more difficult and challenging. Pluto’s energies are far too powerful to resist. Unfortunately when I observe what is going on in the world these days I see a tremendous amount of resistance. Thus I expect that this current period will continue to be challenging and tumultuous and even more difficult than it needs to be.

People are desperately clinging to outmoded structures, paradigms and worldviews, and resisting the call to evolve. Those in positions of power and privilege are not readily inclined to release their grip and Saturn is very resistant to change as I will explain shortly.

When we understand Pluto and how it works we can see how it influenced periods of history in various ways. Like I said it can empower people, places and situations and give them a great deal of intensity, for better or for worse. For example many world leaders or very powerful figures in world history have had strongly placed Pluto’s in their natal charts. Although this grants them a lot of power, there is often a significant comeuppance or retribution eventually if they choose to abuse that power. This can lead to dramatic and sometimes very public and humiliating downfalls and the destruction of all that they have aspired to. Pluto can be utterly devastating to an inflated ego which naively and mistakenly believes that it is the source of true power. It has an intensely karmic aspect to it.

When Pluto was in Sagittarius between 1995 and 2008 we saw really the dawn of the internet and global communications. Sagittarius rules all things international as well as philosophy, religion higher education, broadcasting and the media. There were revolutions in publishing, broadcasting, the media and communications technologies, which profoundly changed the world. Without question the dawn of the internet has completely changed every aspect or sphere of human activity. We went from being disparately and periodically connected to being constantly connected and aware of what was going on around the world at any moment in time. The world also saw the darker expression of this energy through religious fanaticism, extremism and fundamentalism, including brutal acts of ideologically motivated terrorism, wars, subjugation and oppression. Also during this time president Bill Clinton brought China into the world trade organization. Some American business interests eagerly imagined a new marketplace of a billion plus consumers for their products. Although that never materialized it set the stage for profound changes in global trade and manufacturing which would mark a critical turning point in human history.

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will be there roughly until 2024. Traditionally, in mundane astrology, the 10th house rules government, rulers, leaders of governments, kings queens, CEO’s, the seat of power… the top of hierarchical structures. It deals with the nation’s reputation status, credit… the state of the nation in terms of public employment. Saturn – the ruler of Capricorn and the tenth house – governs things like karma, responsibility, duty, obligations, long lasting structures and foundations. The tenth house is where we strive for achievement and status, often through concentrated and deliberate effort over time. It represents the culmination of our efforts to be recognized. To be at the top of the heap, or at least to try. Saturn a very masculine energy. When negatively expressed or aspected, or taken to extremes, can express itself very darkly by being cruel, dominating, repressive, controlling, authoritarian, punitive, rigid, inflexible, demanding, obstinate, restrictive, narrow-minded uncompromising, unforgiving, judgmental, harsh, patriarchal, intolerant, narrow-minded, excessively conservative, fearful, paranoid, defensive, oppressive, reactionary. And of course these attitudes can result in issues with repressed anger and resentment as well as fear of change, or threats to its status, dominance or any perceived threats to conformity or the status quo. To be clear this is not Saturn itself acting in this way it is the individual, entity, group or organization which is expressing the negative aspects of Saturnian energy.

We can see why the combination of the intense powerful and deep energies of Pluto combined with the rigid and controlling energies of Saturn have produced many of the trends we have been observing in recent social and political history. Saturn and Pluto conjuncted in Capricorn in January of 2020. The fact that this occurred in Saturn’s own sign lended great potency and emphasis to this alignment, and especially all themes Saturnian. Although Saturn and Pluto conjunct about every 33 to 38 years this was the first time it had occurred in Capricorn since the year 1518, over 500 years ago.

I made a list of some of the major issues that have come up during this period while Pluto has been transiting Capricorn. This is by no means exhaustive but they certainly fit within the themes one would expect to materialize during such a transit. I will put these items on the screen as well. It’s quite remarkable when you consider it, really.

  • At the very beginning one of the major events that occurred was the 2008 financial crisis and the bailout of the banks at taxpayer expense – without repercussions for the offenders. Followed by record low interest rates and quantitative easing to stimulate economic activity and avoid a global depression akin to what occurred in the 1930’s.
  • The election of Barack Obama, which triggered a reactionary and often racially motivated backlash.
  • The Fukushima nuclear disaster which was a gross regulatory failure.
  • The Panama Papers which disclosed how wealthy individuals were hiding their assets and wealth in offshore tax shelters.
  • The Edward Snowden revelations which exposed the absolute extent of government surveillance of all manner of communications.
  • The geopolitical ascendancy of China – a non-democratic autocratic nation.
  • The offshoring of manufacturing to countries with cheap labor, minimalist worker rights and environmental regulations.
  • A dramatic increase in social and political polarization.
  • The rise of right-wing, illiberal, autocratic and populist leaders.
  • The erosion of democratic and electoral norms and institutions.
  • The rise of misinformation and disinformation through social media and other platforms including some major news networks devoted to right-wing ideologies.
  • Rates of income and wealth disparity reached obscene levels during this period where a handful of billionaires own as much wealth as half of the world’s population.
  • The increasing consolidation of many key business sectors by a small number of corporate entities.
  • The specter of fascism, racism and right-wing extremism.
  • Brexit, which was a populist backlash largely based on misinformation and wishful thinking.
  • Foreign actors interfering with and undermining liberal democracies.
  • A significant lack of action to combat the climate change and global environmental crisis. It was for the most part business as usual despite growing alarm and consensus on the part of the world’s scientists and esteemed scientific bodies.
  • Displacement and disruption due to changing climatic patterns and severe weather events.
  • The adoption of the term anthropocene to define a new geologic epoch in earth’s planetary history in which human activity and its byproducts are the dominant factor or influence.
  • Increasingly extremist social and political movements with primarily caucasian right-wing domestic threats identified as a dominant concern.
  • An alarming erosion and undermining of democratic institutions protocols and safeguards by illiberal forces.
  • Significant efforts to suppress and interfere with voting access rights and privileges.
  • Insurrectionists attempted to overthrow democratically elected governments.
  • Scientists, academics, experts, journalists, public officials and even private citizens were harassed, attacked and intimidated in the so-called culture wars.
  • A global pandemic on a scale not seen in a hundred years affecting trade, supply chains, employment and living routines.
  • Social unrest due to pandemic protocols and medical misinformation. The rise of the anti-vaxxer movement.
  • Increasing tensions between the United States and China and the United States, Europe and Russia.
  • Growing concerns about significant bubbles in the stock market and real estate markets triggered by historically low interest rates.
  • Historic levels of inflation resulting in spiraling costs of living particularly for those with marginal incomes, which fueled resentment even further.
  • Legitimate concerns about social breakdowns and even civil war in leading democracies, particularly in America.
  • Increasing concerns about the state of the global economy due to the aforementioned issues.

And so while Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn we have become very aware of how these areas of life have been influencing us, how they’ve been abused – because again Pluto is power and power can be easily corrupted. Even if there are karmic consequences for that they may not be experienced immediately. So Pluto has been enhancing all of these areas of life. We’ve all been witnessing this play out through these years commencing in 2008 and we’ve all become very aware of the potential for these powers to be misused and then therefore how those areas of society and life need to be renewed, regenerated or reformed.

Now when Pluto goes into Aquarius this is in a completely different energy and area of life that will be emphasized. Aquarius rules the 11th house which is a very different energy. It is fixed air versus cardinal earth. Its modern ruler is Uranus, its traditional ruler is Saturn (which never made sense to me). Uranus is the planet of change revolution and innovation. It breaks up stagnant or outmoded or redundant structures or patterns and it can do so quite dramatically.

Aquarius is visionary, egalitarian, future-oriented, progressive, independent, individualistic, logical, rational, and intelligent. It disdains hypocrisy and injustice and is willing to make sacrifices for core beliefs or principles. Aquarians are rebellious and will not accept arbitrary power or authority at face value. Respect must be earned and maintained. They do not adhere to dogma for the sake of dogma, or tradition alone. This does not bode well for institutions such as organized religion or people wedded to archaic dogmatic ideologies, for example, which are legacies of the Piscean Age energies.

The 11th house, the house of Aquarius and Uranus, governs society at large, the people, community, community engagement, involvement and collaboration. Organizations that deal with humanitarian and egalitarian issues that deal with the transformation and evolution of society. So we can see that the energies of the 11th house are very different. The 10th house deals with power and power structures, and the attempt to consolidate and impose power. Whereas the 11th house seeks to revolutionize systems and is more concerned with distributing power and the welfare of society and the people. Very, very different energies.

Pluto’s orbit is elliptical – it will spend shorter or longer periods of time in each sign depending on where it is so it’s going to be in Aquarius for almost 20 years commencing in 2023 all the way through 2044. And we can think of what this transit will herald as the dawn of collective consciousness or global consciousness. Where we extend beyond the boundaries of our own limited reality and take into account brighter societal implications and the welfare of others. It is not prone to things like conspiracy theories or BS because that’s just not what Aquarius is all about. It’s very rational, very intelligent, scientifically oriented, forward-looking. It’s not about just immediate benefit or gain, or like I said the consolidation of power. It will make sacrifices for the betterment of society.

I briefly mentioned the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December of 2020. Now that’s significant because those conjunctions occur roughly every 20 years. But since 1802 these Great Conjunctions have been occurring in earth signs and the Great Conjunction in December of 2020 was one of the first conjunctions in air signs. And that pattern will now continue uninterrupted in air signs for almost 200 years, the last one occurring in 2199. These conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn mark very significant periods of time. The previous cycle of Jupiter and Saturn in air signs ended in the year 1405, some 600 years ago. The collective energy is shifting more from earth to air, and air is a mental, intellectual or rational energy.

We have Pluto soon to move into Aquarius where it’ll transform society from a very different perspective than it has while it was in Capricorn. This will have very profound implications for humanity. I will put all of these dates in greater detail on the screen. The first ingress or the first time that Pluto will go into Aquarius will be on March 23, 2023 through June 11 of 2023. It will retrograde back into Capricorn and then it’ll move into Aquarius again in January of 2024 through September of 2024 and then it will move more permanently into Aquarius in November of 2024 all the way through 2043.

A couple notable historical events in history that occurred the last time that Pluto was in Aquarius were the French Revolution in 1789 and the American revolution of 1776. In the early 1780’s Massachusetts abolished slavery.

As I’ve said Aquarius is very revolutionary energy and it doesn’t put up with or abuses of power, authority or idiocy. Those who will be welcome energies indeed, from our perspective now. When Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023 we will start to see people in a sense revolt against abusive power structures that put power into the hands of a few people versus the masses. That can also apply to any other tyrannical or abusive power structures, could be corporate could be in banking or finance or with industries that are abusive.

Aquarian energy would also be much more concerned about environmental issues, human rights issues and justice and fairness for all. So we can expect to see those who hold those kinds of energies or views to become much more prominent than the sort of patriarchal top-down power structures we have been confronted with so intensely over recent years. And let’s face it there are many aspects of society that are in profound need of those kinds of transformational energies. The status quo or the power structures that seem to be controlling us at this point in time are literally unsustainable for our planet.

Uranus can bring sharp and sudden and dramatic shifts in your life or in the course of your life if you have a strong Uranus transit affecting your natal chart. And they can be very surprising and dramatic, like I said. So I expect that when we see Pluto begin to move into Aquarius we will see very sharp and sudden and dramatic actions and reactions to outmoded forms of control and power. Aquarius is not about the me, it’s about the us.

There’s a lot of interesting things to consider here because Uranus can be very revolutionary and challenging to existing structures – those that are corrupt or defunct. Uranus is so different that is actually tilted on its side, it has a very different rotational axis from any other planet in our solar system.

And like I said it is evidence-based and generally rational. A lot of the issues that we see playing out in the world at the time of this recording are reactionary because I think these institutions and individuals recognize a looming period where they will lose control and their privilege with it. Now of course we have the technology so that we can all be connected and aware of everything that’s happening around the world, almost in real time. So there is no way to fully control or put that genie back in the bottle. There will be kind of a collective uprising against those forms of tyrannical control and power and dominance.

One of the truisms about Uranus is that because it can be so surprising is that we can never fully predict how it will play out. There always seems to be some kind of element of events that we didn’t anticipate, that are surprising to us. It can often deal with things that are outside of her beyond our experience or awareness and that are only appreciated in hindsight after events have transpired.

I would anticipate events to occur that are outside of our past experience. If there was a time where humanity was going to encounter other forms of intelligent life, for example, this would be when it would occur. That would be something that is radically outside of our past experience and these energies would be conducive to things like that. The 11th house governs society and Uranus can completely change the way we understand our role in society and how we are connected to other beings even possibly beyond our own earth. If humanity is going to go beyond the boundaries of our planetary limitations this would be the time where at the very least those seeds would be planted.

What follows is conjecture on my part, of course. However, if what I suggest do not fully materialize I do believe that many of these changes or concepts will at least begin to germinate during this period.

  • I would anticipate very significant revolutions in the area of science and technology.
  • Using my imagination some areas where we may see some significant or revolutionary advancements include:
  • New forms of non-polluting renewable energy.
  • New forms of energy which allow people to produce their own energy independent of centralized energy sources (off-grid so-to-speak).
  • Green energy and distributed, decentralized energy production and significant advancements in how we store energy – battery technology and the like.
  • The end of the fossil fuel era and the transition to electric vehicles and transportation.
  • Significantly more advanced forms of transportation which allow us to traverse the globe more efficiently and quickly.
  • Significant advancements in computing and quantum computing.
  • Decentralized communications, telecommunications and networking.
  • Significant advancements in all the sciences and engineering, including new materials.
  • Significant advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics, emancipating people from the drudgery of routine labor so they can focus on more intellectual pursuits.
  • Significant advancements in gene therapy as a form of medicine and healing as well as a means of combating chronic and contagious diseases and illnesses.
  • The end of paper currency and the widespread use of some form of digital currency – probably sanctioned by government
  • The adoption and implementation of some form of universal basic income, socialized medicine and health care.
  • More readily accessible and affordable higher education.
  • Stricter laws and regulations concerning corporate rights versus individual or collective rights.
  • Stricter regulations on corporations versus the rights of the individual or society.
  • Systems to control or limit the damage caused by disinformation and misinformation including in broadcasting and the media.
  • Significant advancements with respect to electoral systems – the adoption and implementation of some form of proportional representation as an electoral system versus the archaic first-past-the-post electoral systems many countries still use. As proportional representation – or some form of it – as it yields a much more accurate representation of the will of the people. It is also likely we will see more multi-party systems.
  • Political campaign finance laws to limit or restrict the rights of corporations to have undue influence over electoral outcomes.
  • The new economy is likely to become increasingly more knowledge-based.
  • Greater decentralization of work habits – in other words more freedom to work remotely or from distant locations and probably a shorter work week and greater worker rights.
  • A general recognition and appreciation for those who are learned or who have high levels of expertise or that are well educated as opposed to the current emphasis on people who are of high status and wealth.
  • A clamp down on things like predatory lending.
  • Expanded social safety nets including greater support for child care and child rearing.
  • Greater recognition for teachers and the important role they play in society (strong chills there, I’ve always… I’ve known quite a few teachers – they really deserve our support).
  • Much stricter environmental regulations for carbon emissions, pollution, chemicals and the like.
  • Possible significant advancements with fusion as a form of grid-based energy which is renewable.
  • And, of course, an emphasis on education and learning which will be lifelong activities.
  • Overall I expect it to be akin to the Industrial Revolution in scope but this revolution will be a technological, scientific, intellectual and societal revolution. We can also expect to see tremendous political and social reform.
  • Aquarian energy is completely comfortable with people expressing their unique individuality. That would relate to gender identity through sexual expression and liberation or whether they are of different ethnicity or race or color or culture doesn’t matter. The Aquarius energy welcomes diversity, individuality and unique expression. it will not recognize artificial, dogmatic or irrational boundaries or borders between people be they racial, economic or socio-political. Like I said it has kind of a disdain for patriarchal top-down rules that only exist to serve a structure and not humanity itself.
  • I would not be surprised to see greater international and global communication and cooperation to address transnational issues such as the climate crisis and the environmental crisis, as well as humanitarian issues such as hunger, poverty, health care and lack of education.
  • Sustainable agriculture will almost certainly be addressed and probably we will see a shift to more vegetarian eating and less consumption of meat due to its exceptionally high carbon footprint and low yield of calories for energy invested, and its highly inefficient use of vast tracts of land.
  • Finally I almost certainly think we will see – with a very high degree of certainty – that the astonishing levels of income disparity inequality and unfair taxation will be finally addressed. Fairness will be the mantra. That you can pretty much bank on.

People who have significant points in their natal chart that are in air or fire will probably benefit most from this transit as the energies of Aquarius are more in tune with air and fire.

Leo’s will have Pluto oppose their Sun. Scorpios and Taurus will have Pluto square their Sun. And of course Aquarius will have Pluto conjunct their Sun at some point during this transit (which is a very long transit).

Pluto will be opposing Leo ruled by the Sun so this will present challenges for those who are overly self-oriented, egotistical or narcissistic. It may also affect the way we deal or have to deal with children.

It will be squaring Scorpio so there may be significant issues or changes that need to be made in the areas of psychology, sexuality, reproduction, child rearing, deep interpersonal relationships, mental health and well-being – dealing with trauma, grief and abuse, etc.

As well Pluto will be squaring Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, and relates to issues around property, real estate and money, and the harvest, so there could be issues with food production and availability during this time. And I would not be surprised if we saw major issues with the banking and finance sector at some point during this transit. There could be significant disruptions to our economy the stock market and real estate and things like that. Those areas are all up for very significant change and transformation during this 20-year long period.

I personally feel that this shift of Pluto into Aquarius, in close conjunction to the great Saturn and Jupiter conjunction at the very beginning of Aquarius – literally at zero degrees Aquarius, are hallmarks of the major shifting or stepping stones or turning points or gateways into the age of Aquarius.

Like I said I have been looking forward to this for well over a decade. It’s probably self-evident but if you’ve listened to my videos you can see that i’m very progressive. And I do not really understand or resonate with selfish, self-centered, acquisitive or very materialistic behaviors or patterns or paradigms. This shift of energies into Aquarius would certainly benefit someone with a perspective like mine. And I presume that many of the people who are listening to my channel would be similarly inclined.

We will get a first taste of this at the end of March of 2023 and it’ll take a year and a half for those energies to fully settle in. There’ll be a dance back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn through 2023 into the latter half of 2024 when the energies fully settle into Aquarius.

Again because Uranus can manifest quickly and dramatically I think we’re going to start to see how this is going to play out very quickly and so those of us who are very concerned about how we’re facing the threat of what appears to be fascism in many regards right now – populism which is based on a lot of lies and disinformation and misinformation – all that kind of crap will be laid to rest very quickly when Pluto moves into Aquarius. It will favor things like democratic socialism and progressivism. As opposed to the rule of the many by the few it’ll be the rule of the many for the many.

So this should really help us deal with, say for example, the environmental crisis, climate change and things like that because Aquarians do not put up with BS and they are very socially responsible and socially concerned and the environment will certainly play a role in that.

This energy will also help us develop technologies that can get us off fossil-fuel-based energy systems or energy systems that are detrimental to our health or welfare or well-being in the long run because it is so socially concerned and aware. It will take a long view of the impacts of industrial activity like that.

This will be tremendously exciting and inspiring and rational… thank God.

I’ve been wanting to produce this for a very long time now. The dramas that have been playing out as a result of Pluto transiting Capricorn will reach a crescendo in particular when Pluto reaches 29 degrees Capricorn – an Anoretic degree. The 29th degree of signs is considered to be a very intense degree because it’s the very last degree of that sign where all of those energies kind of reach a culmination just before a planet moves into the following sign.

Like I said the ingress or when Pluto first moves into Aquarius will be March 23rd of 2023. I’ll put the dates for this on the screen but Pluto will be generally at 29 degrees Capricorn from June until July of 2023, from December of 2023 to January of 2024 and September of 2024 to November of 2024. Again that’s when Pluto will be at 29 degrees Capricorn so we can anticipate some fairly dramatic events around those dates just because of the intensity of both Pluto and the 29th degree or the Anoretic degree.

In fact the last time Pluto will retrograde and then station direct at 29 degrees – again that’s September to November of 2024 – we can anticipate intense or dramatic developments in that time frame. It could even manifest as one last desperate grasp by the powers that be or the status quo to try and maintain or enforce or impose its worldview. Or maybe some very dark and unknown truths come to light at that time which function as the last or final straw or the last nail in the coffin of the status quo or the powers that be. Which then becomes the spark or the fuel which ignites the revolution which will occur when Pluto moves into Aquarius. We shall see.

Now one of the potential downsides of this transit is that Aquarius can be kind of an aloof and detached and sometimes a bit cold sign because they’re very rational and intellectual and they’re a little bit uncomfortable with their emotional side. It all depends on your natal chart and how it’s configured. so there is the potential for doctrines to kind of be imposed upon society in a technocratic kind of way. Most likely left-wing societal structures.

I think that because we will be facing a lot of very significant global challenges – that traditional aspects of society and our economies and so forth are not equipped to deal with – there is that potential of having some kind of a top-down kind of approach to doing things. There could be in that event controls or surveillance over the flow of communications, information and knowledge (which we already have, let’s face it, in the United States, as Snowden revealed to the world.) So I hope we don’t manifest the negative potential of this transit, but it’s something that we should be aware of as this transit approaches.

I will certainly be paying attention to what events transpire during those times when Pluto is at 29 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto will bring to our awareness all of the areas that it touches and put them in our faces so that we can see what is corrupt. So that we can address it and deal with it and then move on.

So often it looks like there are, for example, attempts to control or dominate or impose power or will upon others but this is occurring so that we can see what needs to be fixed essentially or reformed. And so this whole transit of Pluto through Capricorn has really been showing us how our systems of governance and power and leadership are being abused. So that we can reform them or correct them. This whole period from 2008 through 2024 that’s been a major theme globally and for pretty much every country in the world. When Pluto moves into Aquarius is when a lot of those reforms – those needed reforms – where old structures that are no longer actually serving the people will be either obliterated or reformed or new structures will be created that are more in line with the benefit of the masses.

Aquarius will literally fight for its beliefs and if we consider what occurred during the French Revolution and the American Revolution that is quite evident. They will not put up with BS basically and they are willing to lay their lives on the line to make whatever changes are needed. So I would not want to be somebody who is heavily invested in the status quo if that status quo is corrupted or exploitive.

On a spiritual level for those who are so engaged we can anticipate things like being very aware of the collective on an energetic level and this could include psychic phenomenon and telepathy. As we gain the ability to bridge what were formerly impenetrable borders, the boundaries and definitions and limitations of three-dimensional time and space will begin to be dissolved. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if we find that science starts to identify discernibly how some of these mechanisms work. How we are all connected on subtle energetic levels that we formerly did not perceive or understand. So you can expect that like I said what were borders or boundaries between us as individuals and us as collective beings – and even possibly us in relation to other forms of intelligent life in the universe – that those borders or boundaries will be overcome and we will have direct experience that transcend time space and three dimensions. Our understanding and definition of life itself and what is alive, or what is conscious, may also be significantly expanded. Although it’s possible the complete understanding of that may not occur until we are further into the age of Aquarius.

I’m not suggesting that all of humanity is going to experience those kinds of things profoundly but people in the vanguard I certainly think they will. That would be people who are at a more advanced level of spiritual development and consciousness.

All in all tremendously exciting and for those of us who are completely fed up with the paradigms that currently dominate our world. This will be a period of tremendous revolution and the endings of a lot of structures that have limited us in the past. We can anticipate very dramatic and rapid advancements during this time – things that we could not even or did not even predict.

It’s interesting that I am here commenting on this subject – one of the biggest subjects of all I think – I have had my progressed Sun in Aquarius for a few years and I have had Pluto enter my 11th house not too long ago for probably the rest of my life.

So stay tuned. This period that we’re going to be entering in the not too distant future is going to be incredibly powerful.

Again, we’ve got the Pluto moving to 29 degrees Capricorn in 2023 through early 2024 – until it fully settles in at the end of 2024 – until 2044. So this is kind of like the dawn of collective or global consciousness and the end of abusive and corrupted patriarchal power structures.

I’ll leave you with one other thought which I had as I was finishing up editing this and that’s this: I think that nations that resonate with this Aquarian energy with Pluto and Aquarius are the ones that will fare the best in the coming times. Think about that because it’s kind of like being in a group where you don’t fit in. You know you don’t just jive with the energy and you’re really awkward and out of place? That’s kind of what it’ll be like in the world as we move further into this Aquarian energy. Nations and peoples that jive with that energy will probably prosper the most. And the same for people too. I hope you’re one of them.

Thanks so much for spending time with me I look forward to doing it again soon.

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