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AI and the Death of the Internet

I discuss how AI (Artificial Intelligence) poses a clear and present danger to the way the Internet has worked for decades. The implications are profound and disturbing.

This may be related to the transit of Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044). Pluto, death and rebirth, and power. Aquarius – or the 11th house – signifying society, broader social aims and causes, technology and dramatic or radical technological developments.

This episode was published on February 1, 2024 at 4:34pm EST.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is February 1st, 2024.

I have a bit of a throat cold thing going on, so I apologize for that. There’s a lot of weird things going around right now.

What I want to talk about today is really heartbreaking for me personally.

Just to give a bit of background, back in the late 90’s, I co-founded a technology company that was effectively a social media platform geared towards K-12 education, which is kindergarten through grade 12. So elementary, middle, high school.

This was when Pluto was in Sagittarius, and I’m a Sag, so you can see the connections to education. And in fact, what I’m doing here right now is educational, very 9th house kind of stuff.

And I loved that. It was fantastic. It was very early.

I actually got online before the Internet. I bought my first computer in 1986. This was very early days of personal computing.

And then bulletin boards came along where you dialed in with a modem and you could connect to a local community, and I was involved in that.

And then the Internet came along and supplanted bulletin boards.

And then, like I said, in the 1990’s, I started a tech company, which operationally was headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. And Ottawa was a high-tech center. There was a lot of high-tech companies based there. And that was a fantastic experience.

And then the dot-com crash happened, and that took out 90%, nine-zero percent of the tech companies in Ottawa.

Our company survived, but it was brutal. To get through that was just unbelievable, and it practically killed me.

But the company never fully recovered from that, because for years after the dot-com crash, it was extremely hard to get any kind of investment or support to keep your company going.

Now, of course, we all know that the Internet went on to become huge, like Google, Facebook, all of these companies became enormous. We now have YouTube, and so on.

So the long-term vision from the 1990’s was right. It just took longer to play out than people realized it was going to.

And that brings me to today, which, like I said, is heartbreaking for me.

Now, there’s a lot of things about the Internet currently that have really bothered me, and I have wanted to talk about this for a long time.

Primarily it has to do with how all of the major tech companies have consolidated so much power and influence that they basically are controlling the Internet. And I always thought that was a bad thing.

…the major tech companies have consolidated so much power and influence that they basically are controlling the Internet.

I had one of the first [of] 1,100 websites on the Internet, and I kind of longed for those days where people could create things, put them up, and stuff would happen.

You didn’t need to rely on any platforms to do this. You didn’t need Substack. You didn’t need Patreon. You didn’t need YouTube or Spotify. You didn’t need Shopify. No third parties. Anybody could create a website independently.

Now Google doesn’t work as well as it used to. It’s littered with all kinds of junk.

It’s very hard for people to find new websites or to connect with people independently.

You have to have almost a computer science degree to code websites now. It’s gotten extremely complicated. That’s a huge barrier for entry for a lot of people. If people can’t find your content, you don’t exist.

And these huge companies have basically bought up all these smaller players and consolidated that technology, the rights to that technology, and so forth.

So I’ve been battling that myself. In fact, there’s a huge thing going on now where a lot of people on YouTube, for example, are leaving the platform or they’re reducing their content creation, because YouTube has made pretty dramatic changes to the way the system works. And they can just do that arbitrarily at any time with no justification to the creators.

And so content creators these days are having huge issues with all of the changes that are occurring that they have no control over. It’s like they don’t really control their own destiny.

This is what happens when too much power gets concentrated in the hands of a few players. It’s bad.

Again, I long for the days of the Internet when it was much more simple and it was a much more level playing field. But those days are gone.

But the really heartbreaking part of all this right now is something else that I have been wanting to talk about for a long time, which is artificial intelligence. I did mention this in a discussion I had with Irish Granny Tarot back in December.

But it’s this.

The way these AI models work is they basically go out and they scoop up everything that’s on the Internet. They take all of this content, all of this information, all of this data. They conglomerate it and they will regurgitate it.

And when people use artificial intelligence to create things, the models will actually go through all this data they’ve compiled and regurgitate information to the user. The problem with this is that the people who created the content don’t get any credit for it.

So right now if you go onto Google and you search for something, you will get a list of links that you will click on and go to the source and read that information. With the new AI search engines, you completely bypass that.

Why is this such a dramatic problem?

It’s because the content creators don’t get any credit for the content they produced that the AI engines are using to feed people information.

So it used to be that people would search for something on Google, they would click on a link, they would go to your website where you would present the information. So Google is like a middleman.

And the content creators could generate money from advertising or from subscriptions or some other way of monetizing their content. But with AI that’s gone. It’s like the content creators don’t even exist.

So it’s kind of like a parasitic relationship where the AI engines are gobbling up everything on the Internet and then feeding it back to people on demand.

…it’s kind of like a parasitic relationship where the AI engines are gobbling up everything on the Internet and then feeding it back to people on demand.

If content creators aren’t going to get any credit for their work and all the time they put into creating it – and I know because like for example I have a website that I have put countless hours into creating, not to mention the content and the transcripts of them – and basically what I’m doing is I’m feeding these AI engines without getting any credit for it whatsoever.

In fact it’s so bad now that these AI models can take a YouTube video, extract all the information from it, produce a concise summary, and provide people with that information without them even having to watch the video.

So there is no longer any incentive for people to create content. And if you take into account everything from the press, the media, blogs on all kinds of different topics and subjects, all kinds of platforms that host content and information, billions and billions of documents and pages and content that are now effectively completely redundant. They are not redundant for the models, but they are redundant in the sense that there is no more incentive for people to create this content.

And that is what made the Internet so incredible and so amazing, and for me personally, gave me so much joy, entertainment, and education for decades.

So we now are on the cusp of a crisis because why would anybody create content if it can just be sucked up or vacuumed up by some AI search engine such that no one will ever go look at your content directly?

Now you could be thinking that “Well you could paywall this, you know, you could charge people for access to information.” But one of the things that made the Internet great was that you could access free information 24/7 and you could stumble upon things that you never knew existed. You could find communities, you could educate yourself, you could entertain yourself, you could learn and learn and learn, which is what I did for many, many years, and why I love the Internet.

I can go and read the news in Israel or Tokyo or Germany or Italy or Australia or wherever, whenever I want. But there will be no more incentive for people to publish content, unless they have a paywall, and there’s only a small percentage of people that are willing to subscribe to get content or to pay for it.

Not only that, but most people in the world can’t afford these kinds of things, they don’t even have credit cards.

So how will these content creators survive? I just don’t see how it’s possible.

Obviously there’s already been huge layoffs in the media. Places like the LA Times have laid off huge amounts of staff. The Washington Post not too long ago laid off a lot of staff.

This should be very, very concerning to us because the fourth estate, the media, journalism, is a critical component of democracy and keeping power in check.

But if they can’t survive, and even if independent content creators can’t make a living creating content, then this represents a huge problem for humanity, as far as I’m concerned. It’s terrible.

It’s possible that this will get resolved somehow in a way that is equitable and beneficial, but at this point in time I don’t see how that happens.

Like I said, it’s just not realistic to expect that all of these publishers and content creators can survive without being able to monetize their content somehow.

And we’re talking about probably millions of people, whether they’re writers, programmers, website creators, graphic designers, film and video producers and creators, or whatever. Millions of jobs. Good creative people. Intelligent inspired people, in many cases.

…we’re talking about probably millions of people, whether they’re writers, programmers, website creators, graphic designers, film and video producers and creators, or whatever. Millions of jobs.

So like I said, I find this turn of events heartbreaking because to me it’s a major blow to what began in the 1980s and 1990s.

I’ve talked a lot about Pluto transiting Aquarius on my channel. I first published on that topic two years ago, way before most people were talking about this.

Very fundamentally, the 11th house or Aquarius is society at large, technology. Pluto is death and rebirth.

And I see this collapse of these ways of us connecting socially as a global community to be devastating.

Like I said, these AI search engines are parasitic.

There are efforts to try and control this, but I don’t see how they will succeed practically. Because you could set up a search engine in Hungary or Croatia or South Africa or China. How do you apply laws to prevent this from happening around the world?

I personally have made friends as a result of the Internet that I have had for decades. People of like mind, like outlook, like perspective, and so on. People that I would not have met casually in my own local environment because there just weren’t a lot of people who had similar views or interests.

But you can or used to be able to connect with them through social media platforms. Now social media platforms, as I said, have degraded enormously in recent years, but that potential is still there, or at least it was.

So in summary, I think AI represents the death of the Internet as we know it, which, like I said, for me is very sad.

I have to say also that I had a dream about a year ago which alluded to this, but it didn’t make sense to me until now. I had that dream on February 28th of 2023.

And without telling you the dream, my take on it was that the Internet was kind of like barren or just like dead vines, dry, like there was no life in it anymore.

And I took it personally because, like I said, I’ve had such a close and important relationship with the Internet for decades, but it’s only now that I understand what that dream actually represented. Very sad for me.

To give myself as an example, I could create a whole episode on a topic about astrology and then my content could be sucked up by one of these AI search engines and presented to millions of people who would never actually see me as being the source of that.

They’re benefiting. I’m getting nothing out of it.

There’s very little incentive for me to do that as a volunteer effort so that some Silicon Valley financed company can basically profit off my content without even attributing it to me. They might have a tiny little link to me there, but who’s going to read it because they don’t need to. The AI will summarize all of my content and feed it to other people. Gawd…

Another point I want to raise is that right now there’s a huge backlash going on from governments towards social media companies and search engines and the like.

Now my gut instinct on this is that it’s not what it seems.

A lot of people have a lot of valid concerns about disinformation, foreign covert electoral interference, which let’s face it, the US has been doing for generations. Stuff that’s inappropriate for children and the like. Fair enough, we should do something about that. However, I do not trust the government to regulate the Internet.

And this is happening here in Canada and I think it’s going to be happening in the States.

The reason we should be concerned is, is that these politicians are heavily influenced by lobby groups and special interests who have hidden agendas. They want to control the flow of information.

And what we’ll see is that buried in a lot of this legislation will be loopholes and unintended consequences that we can’t foresee yet.

And let’s face it, most of these politicians know absolutely nothing about how the Internet actually works. They tend to be very, very poorly informed.

This has been playing out in Canada, where we have members of Parliament and Senators who are typically old and they don’t really understand how things work. So they misinterpret things and they approach it in completely the wrong way. In counterproductive ways.

Once you give control over this to the Government, watch out. Even if they’re well-intentioned, they don’t know what they’re doing. So we should be very careful.

I also think that the right wing wants to be able to control the flow of information for very obvious reasons.

And they will use social hot button issues to allow this to happen. And then the next thing you know, when you have a Republican president, they will go after left-leaning media. They will go after the left, or people who are critical of their policies or policy agendas.

It is an extremely slippery slope and we should be extremely concerned about this.

It is an extremely slippery slope and we should be extremely concerned about this.

So if you think that shutting down or controlling the Internet is a good idea, you are probably sorely mistaken. And this is not where we want to go.

There have been some utterly ridiculous policies put forward here in Canada, that have fairly broad public support, because the public doesn’t really understand all this technical stuff or the implications of it either.

But I can see the dangers in it. We have to be extremely careful with this.

And I have raised this before in talking about Pluto and Aquarius, which is power abusing the flow of technology and information to the public.

Yes, nobody likes disinformation, especially me. I’ve talked a lot about that here.

We can’t be naive. When you grant extraordinary powers, you have to think what happens when the bad guys get their hands on it. What do they do? How do they abuse it?

We have to think this through very carefully. And I wouldn’t take anything that the right wing says at face value. If they are endorsing it, it probably benefits the plutocrats more than it does us. And that is to control or limit the flow of information. The implications should be terrifying.

So I thought I would share that with you because I’ve been seeing this coming for quite a long time. Talking about AI and the consolidation of power within the tech sector has been on my list of things to talk about for at least a year and a half. But I didn’t really have a context for it before. And now I do.

So I don’t know how it’s all going to shake out.

The most important thing about doing things like what I’m doing right now is the opportunity or ability to connect with other people of like mind.

But how will that happen in the future? Facebook sucks. How are we going to be connected socially?

And that has huge implications politically as well. There are social movements, social justice movements, causes, things like environmental issues and so forth.

How are we going to collaborate and connect, coordinate, organize, strategize? How will that occur in the future? I don’t know.

Twitter is gone. These tech billionaires have so much money they can just buy up any technology or any platform, and if they’re in a bad mood they can just destroy it and nobody can do anything about it.

Now Pluto just re-entered Aquarius on January 20th, less than two weeks ago. So this could be one of the darker expressions of Pluto in Aquarius, is how we are going to deal with this new world of technology and the concentration of power, the monopolies, the plutocrats. The oligarchs who are undermining our means of communicating, collaborating and organizing and becoming active.

The only way around this that I can see would be some kind of open source technology that cannot be bought, influenced or purchased, no matter how much money somebody has. But I have yet to see that happen.

The only way around this that I can see would be some kind of open source technology that cannot be bought, influenced or purchased, no matter how much money somebody has.

There’s too much money at stake. It’s kind of like if somebody came up with a way to generate your own power independently and cleanly. There’s a huge incentive for the status quo players to block or limit that from becoming readily available because it would destroy their business.

So I don’t know what the answer is, but I thought I’d put that out there. Because I do understand all of these implications in ways that maybe some people don’t, because I’ve been using communications and Internet technology since the mid-1980s.

I have been working hard on my website to add quite a few episode transcripts there.

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We’re probably going to need to find ways to stay connected, and I’ve talked about that before too, a long time ago.

Please check the episode description as I always put links in there that I think are related or important.

Again, for more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

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Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members.

Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End transcript.

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Disinformation is a WMD

Disinformation is a weapon of mass destruction.

I discuss why we urgently need to clamp down on, if not criminalize, mass disinformation and prosecute those that promote it or profit from it.

This episode was published on January 10, 2024 at 9:49pm EST.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all! Welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is January 10th, 2024. The bulk of this was recorded on January 8th.

You know, this period we’re going through is just so intense and disturbing and alarming. And I can’t stop thinking about it because there’s aspects of what we’re experiencing right now collectively that are just so dark.

Having said that, I have done several episodes talking about Pluto transiting 29 degrees of Capricorn, this anaretic degree, which is where we are now. And I even did ones that were kind of intuitive, where I talked about how we would be going through this challenging period and that it would be hard for us to kind of maintain perspective.

Pluto will begin its second transit in recent history of Aquarius on January 20th. That’s only 10 days from now. So hopefully that brings about the kind of breath of fresh air that we probably really need.

And as usual, I’ll put links in the episode description to those other episodes as well. Some of them I published quite a while ago.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, of course, we’re in kind of the darkest days of winter. So that kind of adds to this heaviness of energy as well. And I’ve found lately that my energy can fluctuate a lot. Like one day I feel great and the next day I don’t feel great at all. And I’m tired and, you know, just feel like I have no mojo, you know.

But what I really wanted to talk about here today was how this period of time we’ve gone through, especially in the last eight or nine years or so, has been really shocking in the sense that we’re seeing the darkest aspects of humanity and it can be quite agonizing, as I just described.

And one of the fundamental components of this, I think, is how there seems to be no appreciation of the value of truth itself. And being someone who’s older, I can actually attest, at least in my own experience, that things have been very different in recent history than they were when I was growing up.

To put this in perspective, think about it this way. If you had a good friend or a partner or a wife or husband or something like that, and they lied to you about something significant or important, and then you found out about it, that would fundamentally alter your perception of them and probably the way you dealt with them going forward.

Because typically if somebody lies to you or misrepresents something in a significant way, it increases the likelihood that they will do it again or they’ve done it in other ways that you just don’t know about yet. So we then end up kind of putting barriers around us with respect to our involvement or engagement with these kinds of people.

And it can take a toll on both of us going forward, whether they realize it or not. They’re being penalized for their behavior because they’ve broken trust with you and you because you’re disappointed because somebody important let you down.

I don’t think there’s anybody who wouldn’t feel some remorse or regret in a situation like that. It can literally lead to the breakup of a relationship and even a divorce. So these are really significant implications.

Another example, somebody that you hire or pay for some services or goods performs poorly, you’re much less likely to go back there or to refer other people to them because again, they’ve broken your trust and they’ve let you down.  These are just fundamental examples of human interaction. It makes perfect sense. If somebody lies or cheats or steals, it marks them.

But what we’ve seen happen on a broader scale in recent years is that lying, cheating and stealing on a large scale has been normalized to become much more socially acceptable, or at least more commonplace, than it used to be.  And again, based on my age, I can say that with a high degree of certainty. It’s not a bias of mine. I think most people would agree with that assessment.

And this has really profound implications because what we have seen is that this can result in really significant harm or adverse effects on millions, if not billions of people. Because we don’t have the same kinds of checks and balances around what’s socially acceptable that we used to.

So if you’re like me, you’ve been wondering, why is this? What is going on? What is in the air that has allowed this to reach these new levels?

We have degrees of hypocrisy, especially, for example, with the religious right, that seem to be completely off the charts. And if you’re somebody who places a high value on truth and integrity and honor, this can be really unsettling and disturbing.

This kind of behavior has really profound implications. We have massive numbers of people, for example, in the United States, that believe flat out falsehoods and conspiracy theories that are totally detached from the facts and objective reality. And nonetheless, they are convinced that what they believe is true. And there’s not a lot of hope to change their opinion.

And the widespread use of disinformation and misinformation has caused a lot of people to lose faith in institutions and the media because so much of it is complete BS. And they know this.

That is not to say that there aren’t many credible and trustworthy news organizations and reporters and journalists out there. There are, but they operate in a polluted and toxic ecosystem of misinformation. So the broad public perception of that whole industry is tainted by the conditions of the overall environment, which, like I said, is completely polluted.

And as far as I’m concerned, the fact that things are that way in itself is deliberate. Because if you want to promote or push forward policies or a policy agenda that average people, just based on common sense, would reject, and that experts and qualified people reject – in other words, reality opposes you – then what do you do?  You attempt to undermine reality itself. You discredit the media. You discredit the experts. You discredit the institutions. And you do this subversively and intentionally. And we have tons of evidence that that’s exactly what happens.

On the environmental front, Professor Naomi Oreskes wrote a really important book called Merchants of Doubt. In it, she describes how the tobacco industry came up with a public relations playbook that ended up keeping tobacco more readily available and without all the health warnings and so forth. For years and years and years, they managed to stall legislation, which would have negatively affected their profits, through all kinds of propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and deceit.

She then makes an extremely compelling case that the fossil fuel industry adopted the same playbook to prevent or limit regulations on the use of fossil fuels, which are necessary to combat the global environmental crisis. And again, the tactics – the playbook – are all about deceit, sowing doubt and confusion in the minds of the public, subversively undermining experts, expertise, and institutions, primarily scientists and scientific research. And they literally spent hundreds of millions of dollars to accomplish this, and regrettably, they have been phenomenally successful.

I would take that a step further and say those same techniques that the fossil fuel industry used have been deployed in the political sphere, resulting in the kinds of consequences most of us are dealing with on a daily basis.

My whole point about this is that vested interests have deliberately undermined our faith and trust in institutions, from the media, to politics, to science, higher education, and academia, and of course the government, who might regulate them, and so on. As a means of sowing doubt and confusion and polarization, which then allows them to get away with things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to because you can’t achieve consensus on any topic anymore.

And then this culture of lying and deceit, aided by prominent news networks, who benefit financially from being aligned with these special interest groups, basically are responsible for this state of societal chaos that we are in the midst of right now. And I can’t emphasize enough how dangerous and significant this is.

You could take any topic, say for example the environment, we have done hardly anything about this, even though we’ve known for decades that it was urgent. Think about the implications and costs of that inaction. Think about the polarization and gridlock in the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world.

It could be any topic, like health care. People go bankrupt because they can’t get health care. Meanwhile most advanced countries in the world, like in Europe or here in Canada, have socialized medicine. Those kinds of things just don’t happen. You’re not going to have to sell your house if you get cancer. Why does this persist? It persists because people are completely misinformed as a result of all the lies and propaganda and the deployment of things like social media campaigns that are specifically engineered to confuse people.

So again I’m making the argument that this is extremely dangerous and costly. We are far too sophisticated technologically to have huge chunks of our population completely misinformed about really important topics. We have military capabilities that could end life on this earth. And we need to recognize that truth does matter, that it’s not as subjective as many people think it is, and that we need to clamp down on those people, groups, and organizations that are deliberately promoting misinformation and disinformation.

One of the greatest threats to humanity is actually disinformation, for those very reasons. If we didn’t have massive numbers of people who were deliberately misinformed about the global environmental emergency, we probably would have started doing something about it decades ago. We’re talking about trillions and trillions of dollars of costs that will result from a lack of timely and adequate response to that existential threat.

Or it could result in something like military conflict on a large scale.

To me, this is the biggest lesson of recent history, is that we need to value and honor truth and integrity and safeguard it. Because the lack of it is literally a direct threat to our survival, and our safety, and our health, and our well-being, and the health and well-being and prosperity of current and future generations, as well as the biosphere, which are literally critical for our survival.

All the lying and deception have brought us to a point of peril environmentally, politically, and socially. And if we don’t recognize that and do something about it, we could go right off the deep end.

So just like in my previous episode, titled “Stop Enabling Nihilistic Culture Warriors,” I’m saying that we have to stand up for and go after those who are promoting mass amounts of disinformation and misinformation. We need new laws, they need to be held accountable. We have to recognize that propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation are weapons of mass destruction. Period.

Think about it. Just think about everything that’s happened that has resulted from all of the high-level lying and deception, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda that has occurred in recent years. I wouldn’t challenge anyone to argue that the implications of that are not profound and very dangerous.

Of course, we need to have a place for free speech, but misinformation and disinformation is like an infectious disease and it spreads if you do not hold it in check. And that is the lesson of this recent period of human history.

Now hopefully, come January 20th, when we get the energy of Pluto in Aquarius, that’s exactly what will start to happen.

It’s like now we have a significant portion of the population that needs to be deprogrammed, like they’ve fallen under the spell of a cult of lies. And some of it is self-deception, but a lot of it has its roots in these completely immoral and unethical organizations that profit from deceit. It is completely shameful and in many ways these people should be ostracized, but also held accountable.

We just have to decide that we will no longer tolerate that anymore because it is extremely harmful. It’s like the opioid crisis, but even worse, because it’s so widespread.

And that’s just a matter of us setting standards, holding ourselves to high standards, and holding others to similar standards too.

Going back to the beginning, if somebody that you trusted broke your trust by deceiving you about something important, there’s a consequence for that to them. You’re going to feel bad, you’re going to feel hurt, but they’re going to actually suffer more because they’re going to lose opportunities, or your friendship, or your relationship, or whatever the case may be.

Extrapolating from that to the bigger picture, it should be the same process. And if we need to update our laws and our judicial systems, then we should, because the stakes are literally existential.

Did anyone ever think that in the early part of the 21st century, that America’s democracy would literally be in peril? I never thought I would see that. And that’s not just my opinion. There are scores, countless, thinkers, academics, scholars, commentators, journalists, and politicians who are saying the same thing. It’s not hyperbole.

My argument is that this is a cultural problem, and it has to do with our complacency and carelessness about not holding people accountable for their behavior. If someone is spreading lies, or disinformation, or misinformation, at the very least, they should be called out on it and taken to task.

And if it’s a business doing this, they should be held accountable in the courts for any damages that their actions have caused. You can’t run into a theater and yell “fire” if there’s no fire actually occurring. It’s completely irresponsible, and it’s dangerous.

And we have to hold the media and these other organizations that have been doing that for years to the same standard. It’s really that simple. We have to make it socially unacceptable to lie about things that can cause significant harm to society. We do not allow companies to grossly misrepresent their products in ways that can cause harm to people, the public commons, or property.

I’m essentially arguing that we need to criminalize disinformation. Literally, we don’t have a choice. We prosecute people for vastly less consequential crimes on a daily basis.

We need to protect ourselves and society from ruthless and unscrupulous criminals, as well as their accomplices and enablers.

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