Introduction to Intentions

I share some intentions you can incorporate into your Spiritual Practice.

I encourage you to perform grounding, clearing and protection before starting your Spiritual Practice.

You can set intentions in the form of prayer or as statements of intention, or do both.

For example, state:

I pray that…


I set my intention that…


I pray that, and I set my intention that…

I personally set intentions every day in my Spiritual Practice.

Intentions I have published (click to view):

1. Accountability for Those Who Abuse Power

2. Accountability for the Complicit

3. Accountability for Liars

4. Accountability For Those That Cause Harm

5. Wake-Up Call

6. All Shall Be Truth Tellers

7. Representation for the People

8. Those that Discriminate

9. The Nature Realms

10. The Light of Higher Truth