Aquarian Diary Entry June 2, 2024.

My recent episodes have focused on how this time is especially important and potent for manifesting abundance, love, and even possibly miracles, and I have advised that it is critical for us to be very clear about what it is that we truly desire.

With that in mind, I offer you the following prayer.

The Creator asked me “What do you desire?”. And I answered:

I desire inner and outer peace, love, harmony, bliss, enlightenment, healing, satisfaction, wisdom, the courage, to know who I truly am, to inspire, to share an abundance of blessings, to bring healing, light, upliftment, compassion and Divine Joy into this world, to express my full and unlimited potential, for my Soul to shine through in all that I do and with all those I encounter, for my Heart to sing, sing, sing so loudly that it rings across the Universe, and most importantly, to be near to You, to know You, to walk with You, for this, above all and always, is my True Heart’s Desire.

This episode was published on June 2, 2024 at 7:31pm EDT.

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