John Irving

Greetings! My name is John Irving.

I have been involved in New Age or spiritual matters, and have studied astrology, for about 40 years. I published a regional New Age magazine titled “Intervox” for several years in Atlantic Canada starting in 1985/86.

I have a significant amount of experience in the tech sector and I also volunteered numerous years to promoting scientifically accurate information on the subject of climate change.

This is a journal of musings on themes of the emerging Age of Aquarius (and related astrological indicators) as well as the global spiritual awakening, or Ascension, that many have prophesied and believe is occurring now.

I have significant astrological points in Aquarius and the 11th house and my Progressed Sun entered those areas in the past few years. I am extremely interested in how Aquarian Age themes are manifesting, and they indeed appear to be doing so very rapidly.

Periodically I have time to do astrological readings for others. You can find out more about that here.

I enjoy discussing such matters and connecting with others of like mind!

You can find me on YouTube as well as many podcasting platforms.