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In a casual discussion on Irish Granny Tarot’s YouTube channel, which was published on Sept 4, 2023, near the 17 minute mark I mistakenly stated:

“… there was an interesting paper that came out recently that said that during like 100,000 years ago, humanity was down to a population of around 1200 people.”

I mixed up the rough duration of the event with the time span between now and then. The following are direct quotes from the report I was referencing. Note this occurred 800-900k years ago, not 100k years ago:

“Early human ancestors came close to eradication in a severe evolutionary bottleneck between 800,000 and 900,000 years ago, according to scientists.”

“A genomics analysis of more than 3,000 living people suggested that our ancestors’ total population plummeted to about 1,280 breeding individuals for about 117,000 years. Scientists believe that an extreme climate event could have led to the bottleneck that came close to wiping out our ancestral line.”

Population collapse almost wiped out human ancestors, say scientists – Aug 31, 2023

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On June 8, 2023 I published a video titled “Mini-Readings: North Node Transit Aries“. A graphic commencing at 1:47 through 2:18 had the wrong title. It read “Jupiter conjunct North Node” whereas it should have read “North Node Transit Aries”. I obviously forgot to change that from the artwork used for the prior month.

In an episode titled Algospeak and Platphobia published on April 18, 2023 I stated:

“I actually loathe things like shorts, where like what can you actually convey in 60 seconds that has any real value? Nothing.”

However, I realized I could effectively squeeze some basic Intentions into 60 seconds and have done so. Therefore, the above statement is not entirely accurate.