This episode was published on July 9, 2023. A transcript may follow.

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⁠A Conversation with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Scott Becker⁠ (July 2, 2023)

In a wide-ranging discussion Dr. Becker and I discuss topics including his involvement with noted psychologist James Hillman, the psychology of current trends in society and politics, astrology and the astrology of the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. 

⁠Dr. Scott Becker, Psychologist ⁠(please also see Dr. Becker’s bibliography for this episode below).

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⁠Irish Granny Tarot YouTube Channel⁠.

⁠The Climate Crisis requires profound societal changes immediately⁠

⁠Pluto in Aquarius – Dawn of Global Consciousness⁠

⁠Pluto at 29° Capricorn – A Karmic Reckoning⁠

⁠USA Pluto Return 2022 – Civil War or Transformation?⁠

Facing Monsters: An Archetypal Perspective on Climate Change, Globalization, and Digital Technology 

Scott H. Becker, PhD 

Episode Bibliography

James Hillman and Michael Ventura, We’ve Had 100 Years of Psychotherapy – And the World’s Getting Worse 

James Hillman, The Dream and the Underworld 

James Hillman, “Peaks and Vales: The Soul/Spirit Distinction as Basis for the Differences between Psychotherapy and Spiritual Discipline” in Senex and Puer, Volume 3 of the Uniform Edition of the Writings of James Hillman 

Donald Kalsched, The Inner World of Trauma

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This episode was published on July 9, 2023.

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