Selected articles or reports which I find particularly noteworthy or that have been referenced in episodes of Aquarian Diary. Please note that I do not necessarily feel the need to point out events or developments that are (or should be) commonly known to anyone that routinely follows current affairs.

This page will be updated fairly frequently. I initiated this archive in September 2023 but I should have started curating this here much sooner.

Note: “Positive” climatic feedbacks are self-reinforcing and thus negative from our perspective. They are not beneficial, in other words, on the contrary.

“Collapse in system of currents that helps regulate global climate would be at such speed that adaptation would be impossible"

“It is a significant milestone to see the global mean temperature for a 12-month period exceed 1.5C above pre-industrial temperatures for the first time." – Matt Patterson, atmospheric physicist at the University of Oxford.

“...the 1.5C global warming ceiling has been passed for all practical purposes... Passing through the 1.5C world is a significant milestone because it shows that the story being told by the United Nations, with the acquiescence of its scientific advisory body, the IPCC, is a load of bullshit...” - Prof James Hansen

This article describes early stages of practical research for the use of solar radiation management (geoengineering). In my opinion this represents an act of desperation and should be cause for very serious concern. The situation must be very serious if this is being seriously considered or prepared for.

“In the U.S., nearly 130 million American adults read below a sixth-grade level — that number represents more than half the adult US population, according to the Department of Education.

In my opinion this explains the chaotic state and dysfunction of American politics and astonishing gullibility of a large segment of the population, propensity for conspiratorial ideation, etc. By contrast:

“In 2021, the share of adults in Canada with at least a minimum of high school education was around 94 percent.” – Source: Statista, Education in Canada

The following report, which describes a study from Oxford University, validates claims I have made in numerous episodes about some regions becoming too hot to tolerate:

Another positive climatic feedback occurring sooner than expected (podcast):

Quotes: “… the magnitude of these emissions has now reached about three times the emissions from all other sectors of the Canadian economy combined.”

“So as the world gets warmer, we create more conditions that are conducive to more forest fires and these forest fires are adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere which then will further accelerate the warming.”

Developed countries are nowhere near meeting their Paris Climate Accord emissions reduction pledges, not even close.

Exxon made stunningly accurate predictions for global warming back in the 1970’s and 1980’s (see below, Jan 12, 2023). Therefore these dire forecasts should be taken seriously.

This report suggests that a primary carbon sink may be much more vulnerable than previously believed and therefore could function as a positive climatic feedback or tipping point sooner than expected.

This multipart podcast takes a disturbing dive into conspiracism and exposes how even formerly well-adjusted people can be vulnerable to this phenomenon.