The Stunning Transit of Neptune in Aries: 2025-2039

I discuss the astrology and possible implications of the transit of Neptune through Aries which spans 2025 through 2039. This includes a stunning astrological conjunction of Saturn and Neptune near 0 degrees Aries.

I also draw attention to the signs that may be challenged by this transit which are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

This is a transcript of an episode of Aquarian Diary I published on February 16, 2023.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, it is February 16th, 2023.

I have a bit of a cold right now, which is affecting my voice, so apologies for that.

The following is for entertainment purposes only.

Today I will talk about the current transit of Neptune through Pisces and how it may manifest very differently when it enters Aries in early 2025.

Neptune’s orbit is about 165 years, so it spends many years in each of the 12 signs.

Thanks to more advanced telescopes, Neptune was first observed in 1846, just before it entered Pisces the last time.

Traditionally, Jupiter was considered the ruler of Pisces.

Many believe that when a planet is “discovered,” it signifies that humanity is ready to begin to manifest the consciousness represented by that planet. Think about the many social and spiritual advancements that have occurred since Neptune was discovered. We are completing our first collective conscious Neptune cycle and about to begin a new one. I find the timing and implications of that fascinating.

The last time Neptune was in Pisces was between 1847 and 1862. The last time it was in Aries was 1861 through 1875.

You may have noted that the American Civil War occurred between 1861 and 1865 when Neptune was in Aries. The American Civil War started on April 12, 1861. Remarkably, Neptune entered Aries the very following day on April 13 of 1861.

Neptune In Pisces / Aries 1847-1865

We should in no way jump to conclusions about one astrological event alone, as there are a myriad of ever-changing variables to consider. But this correlation is nonetheless dramatic. More on that later.

More recently, Neptune first entered Pisces in April of 2011, and will complete that transit in January of 2026. Neptune will then transit Aries roughly from March of 2025 all the way through March of 2039.

There are transitional phases at the beginning and ending of these transits due to retrogrades, so the cycles often overlap somewhat. We should probably be grateful for this, otherwise it could be quite jarring for these shifts to occur instantaneously. I’m not sure we could cope with that.

Neptune is the modern ruling planet of Pisces and the 12th house in astrology. Mars rules Aries in the first house. Pisces is Mutable water, and Aries is Cardinal fire. These are very different energies. Neptune is very at home in Pisces, where it is now, but it will be much less so in fiery Aries.

The first degree of Aries is a very important point, as it marks significant new beginnings. Therefore, a new 165-year cycle for Neptune will commence during 2025 and 2026, and this is definitely worth paying attention to.

Now let’s consider what these astrological symbols represent. I have discussed some of these previously, so I will just provide a synopsis here. Check my astrology playlist on YouTube to find other episodes where I discuss some of these topics in greater detail.

Note that I am speaking in general terms here. Each person or entity has its own very unique chart which will affect how these energies and archetypes are expressed. Planets, signs and houses are not exactly the same thing even though they can be closely related. Also, I have made many calculations here, and I would not be surprised to later find that my math was off a bit somewhere. If so, I will note it on my errata page.

Neptune’s sign, Pisces, and the 12th house, are associated with the late winter months in the northern hemisphere, time of rest going inwards, rejuvenation, and contemplation. Aries is linked to the spring equinox when night and day are equal lengths. This marks the beginning of a new annual cycle, a period of vigorous growth, rebirth, increasing light and dramatically elevated activity.

All planets and signs have both positive and negative expressions.

Very briefly, positive expressions of Neptune and Pisces are higher or cosmic consciousness and tapping into the spiritual dimensions. Being watery, yin and non-material, it is often associated with esoteric matters such as psychic and intuitive phenomenon, divination and channeling, as well as being empathic, charitable, compassionate and selfless.

It is also connected to the Church or religion as it is where we try and connect to the divine or non-material aspects of human experience. and philosophy are also strongly connected to the ninth house or Sagittarius, as is much of the dogma that is associated with them. Many creative people, such as artists, composers, writers, entertainers, and performers, can channel Piscean or Neptunian energies into creative works. Dreams and dream time can be inspired.

Lower expressions can be being very ungrounded, detached from reality, being prone to deception, self-deception, illusion, delusion, or being overly idealistic and not pragmatic. There can also be a tendency for escapism from harsh reality, which may involve drugs and addictions or even mental illness.

In traditional astrology, the 12th house was associated with imprisonment, seclusion, confinement, undoing, secrets, hidden enemies and foreign lands. In the past people were very fearful of the unknown, and that would include foreign lands. Modern astrology is much less fatalistic, we now often have much more control over our destiny and self-expression than when the lives of the vast majority of the population were severely faded and fixed at birth.

In contrast, the positive expression of Mars, the ruler of Aries, can be taking bold action and initiative, being daring, courageous, being strong, independent, athletic, not shying from competition, and being decisive. This is the kind of energy that gets people up and doing things. Negative expressions of Mars can be being pushy, impulsive, combative, rash, self-centered and inconsiderate, if not rude at times. You do not want to get in the way of the ram’s horns.

Mars, the god of war and warfare, is a very masculine, yang, and fiery energy. Mars often expresses itself in short, intense bursts and is not typically known for stamina. Think sprinter rather than long-distance marathoner. The number of projects started often exceeds the number completed.

Now let’s consider what happens when we put the energies of transiting Neptune into these two signs. Again, for the sake of brevity, this is merely a synopsis. Hefty volumes have been dedicated to these topics.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is very much at home in its own sign. It essentially emphasizes, or amplifies, the characteristics I have already described, both positive and negative.

In recent years we have seen a very significant rise of interest in esoteric and metaphysical subjects such as astrology, tarot, and spirituality. Many people are expressing psychic and intuitive abilities in a wide variety of ways. There is also a great deal of discussion about a spiritual ascension occurring on earth now which is lifting us collectively to higher dimensions of consciousness.

There has also been vocal support for the rights of marginalized groups, such as those who do not express traditional or stereotypical gender archetypes, as well as others who face systemic discrimination, and this has been widely expressed in popular culture. There have been many calls for more fair, just, and idealistic economic, political, and social justice systems.

There has also been a growing movement, particularly amongst the young, for environmental protection and justice which often conflicts with entrenched and unsustainable, if not archaic, financial and corporate agendas.

On the negative side, we have seen a deluge of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, lies, mass deception, and absurd conspiracy theories. There have been reactionary forces who overtly reject evidence, facts, experts, expertise, science, history and electoral outcomes, and have engaged in things like widespread book banning, and they seem to revel in belligerent ignorance. Social media platforms and some so-called news outlets and networks, particularly on the right of the political spectrum, have contributed to the spread of blatant misinformation on an unprecedented scale.

Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the completely unjustifiable and pointless invasion of Ukraine are notable examples of consequences. There have been one crisis after another of deadly substance abuse and addiction to which many have succumbed. We have had a global pandemic, think confinement, lockdowns, and hidden enemies, and we have become aware of a relentless onslaught of psy-op disinformation campaigns clandestinely sponsored by adversarial countries. Think foreign lands, secrets, and again, hidden enemies, surreptitiously messing with our minds and undermining liberal democracies.

There have also been epic and almost biblical floods around the world, along with unprecedented and widespread severe weather events, too numerous to recount. Mass migration has been a theme with millions of people being displaced from their traditional homelands and seeking shelter in foreign lands. I could go on and on, but consider how these themes relate to Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces.

Of course, there has also been the shocking and deeply disturbing rise of far-right nationalism, authoritarianism, fascism, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny, as well as extreme wealth disparity and the rise of plutocrats, but I think that more related to Pluto’s transit of Capricorn. See my other episodes on that. There has also been the ongoing USA-Pluto return, which I have discussed as well.

So what might we expect when ethereal Neptune transits Aries commencing in 2025 through 2039? Here’s where things get even more complicated.

As I have previously stated, the beginning of Aries is a very potent and important point in the zodiac, as it marks the beginning. Zero degrees of Aries is arguably the most important of all 360 degrees. However, Neptune and Mars represent energies that are about as different as we can get in astrology. Pisces is the end, and Aries is the beginning. Neptune is introspective, or yin, Mars is extroverted, or yang. Neptune is water, Mars is fire. If this sounds polarizing, if not confusing, it is because it is.

During the period of 2025 through 2039, Neptune transiting Aries will be in a challenging aspect to all of the other cardinal signs. It will be in square to Capricorn and Cancer while opposing Libra. Briefly, Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, represents leaders, authorities, and authoritative institutions. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, represents feminine nurturing and the literal home environment. In mundane astrology, it represents the state of nations with respect to the populace. In other words, are people happy or not? Libra, ruled by Venus, represents diplomacy, balance, relationships, open enemies, mostly long-term relationships such as marriage, but also business partnerships.

I can tell you very sincerely that the period of when Neptune squared my own sun was one of the most difficult transits I have ever experienced. I was shocked even though I was expecting it. Neptune, being non-material, has a way of dissolving things. I slept my way through that period and struggled to survive as things just seemed to slip through my fingers. It was like I was in a fog and I could not seem to materialize anything during that roughly two-year period. On the contrary, it was all about loss and letting go. That period profoundly altered my life.

In fact, at times I was absolutely convinced that I was the victim of powerful psychic and energetic attacks by dark forces, and even had that confirmed by multiple highly qualified individuals. I experienced many vivid, dark and frightening nightmares. I was psychically wide open and almost defenseless. I eventually began practicing Kundalini yoga, I studied with a mystery school, and I took a deep dive into crystals. Much of this effort was aimed at defending myself and reinforcing myself energetically, which I was intensely determined to do, but it also elevated me.

All of what I just described is very archetypically 12th house, is it not?

But back to the main topic. What follows is very important. I hope you are paying attention.

While studying this transit of Neptune, I noticed the following aspect that, to me, seems truly remarkable and must be exceedingly rare. On February 20th of 2026, Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will exactly conjunct Neptune at 0 degrees, 45 minutes and 10 seconds of Aries. Yes, these two major planets will meet at the very first degree of Aries. Incredible.

Neptune Saturn conjunction
Neptune in Aries Challenging Aspects

These two planets normally conjoin around every 36 years or so, but the odds of this happening at the very first degree of Aries must be miniscule. Due to retrogrades, they will perform an extraordinary dance around the very beginning of Aries from May of 2025 through March of 2026. I’m getting strong chills here.

That will truly be something to behold, no doubt. If we consider a wider 15 degree orb of highly activated contact for such alignments, based on my calculations the active period for the beginning of this new and historically potent Saturn-Neptune cycle would span March of 2024 through April of 2027. Again, that is the three-year period in which these two planets will be within 15 degrees apart, to reiterate March of 2024 through April of 2027, with an exact conjunction on February 20th of 2026.

Anyone with planets or points on the cardinal axis at Late Pisces, Early Aries, Late Gemini, Early Cancer, Late Virgo, Early Libra, Late Sagittarius, Early Capricorn will want to be paying attention to this.

Now, let’s recall the timing of the American Civil War I mentioned earlier, which erupted exactly as Neptune entered Aries in April of 1861. It was a war over slavery, one of the most egregious, vile, and dark practices known to humanity. It was a war for what is virtuous, just, and ethical, that all should be treated equally, Neptune combined with the force and conviction of Mars, the ruler of Aries.

Had the outcome of that Civil War differed, the world could be dramatically different than it is now. We have not attained perfection by any means, we are still very much collectively a work in progress, but that was a very significant turning point in human history. The many who saved the world from the utter horrors of fascism in World War II also come to mind. Many people sacrificed their lives for a truly just and noble cause, and we should be profoundly grateful for their courage of conviction. If spiritual warriors exist, that term would certainly apply to them.

I will now list some of the expressions of Neptune in Aries, again 2025 through 2039, that come to mind. Some of this is based on study, some is extrapolation, some is intuitive, some of this is predictable based on current trends, some is not. Always trust your own intuition and judgment before making any significant decisions. I am factoring in the influence of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction I have previously described. Apply the following at your own discretion.

So here goes:

  1. A crisis of masculinity and masculine expression. Clashes, perhaps actual violent conflicts or incidents, between progressive and reactionary conservative, fascistic or authoritarian forces. Increasing polarization between rational and possibly excessively reductionist world views and theological, religious or ideological world views. A clash of world views.
  2. The collapse or severe undermining of institutions that have existed for many generations. Think banking, finance, other governing bodies and authorities.
  3. A crisis of housing and home. Housing may be impermanent and unreliable, likely due to climate and environmental problems. Geographic areas affected include those that were historically considered reliable and predictable. Cost of housing may continue to be a major problem. Formerly safe areas threatened by sea level rise or repeated flooding causing migration and housing supply shortages in other, safer regions. Refugee camps.
  4. Issues pertaining to the family structure and nurturing. Long held norms change. Much confusion in this area. Fewer women willing to mother.
  5. Failures of diplomacy and international relations. Old conventions no longer apply.
  6. Political polarization, left moving left, right moving right, becoming further entrenched.
  7. Conflicts that turn out not to be based on anything tangible, real or even rational, when viewed in hindsight, motivated by illusions, fabricated evidence, distortions, illegitimate narratives, clashing paradigms, ideologies or confused communications that cannot be bridged easily.
  8. A crisis involving male fertility or infertility, declining birth rates for reasons that may not be clearly understood, perhaps related to environmental contamination or contagions.
  9. Androgynous styles, fashions and aesthetics, think David Bowie and boy George, glam, romanticized and idealized masculinity.
  10. A crisis of faith for the Church and religions, being forced to address past misdeeds, scandals and blatant hypocrisy, tax-free status threatened due to excessive partisan political activism. Increasingly polarized climatic swings and weather events.
  11. Severe drought and wildfires, fire, followed by intermittent deluges of historic floods and rain, water. Weakened crops, crop failures due to extreme or unusual weather patterns.
  12. Significant challenges with pollination and seeding, perhaps due to reduced insect populations. invasive species and/or contagions harming natural ecosystems and wildlife.
  13. Traditional male roles dissolving, as were typically expressed in many trades. Traditional employment being displaced by technology, artificial intelligence, automation, roboticization, etc. Another aspect of the crisis for masculinity. a lot of those traditional jobs may become obsolete. We will also be moving into a more intellectual framework, especially with Pluto transiting Aquarius.
  14. Implications for military and warfare, troops displaced by technology such as robotics, AI, and automation, many soldiers could become redundant or obsolete.
  15. A surprising collapse of hegemonies or monopolies in many areas, including nations and large corporations that may have dominated for many generations previously.
  16. Unrest amongst the populace who struggle to deal with dissolving traditional ways of living in socio-economic conditions, especially for those who are rigid, inflexible or overly attached to dying, dogmatic and materialistic paradigms.
  17. A widespread aggressive contagion or disease which produces high fever and spreads quickly.
  18. Virtual reality being widely deployed and accessible, resulting in more people being detached from reality and increasingly isolated from human interaction.
  19. Traditional roles between males and females stressed and undermined. More fluidity results.
  20. Water supplies continue depleting, drying up and becoming unreliable. Mechanizations, such as desalinization, deployed to produce potable water in some regions.
  21. Mountain glaciers that previously supplied water to many regions disappear.
  22. Accelerated sea level rise and land-based glacial ice mass reduction, exceeding even some of our worst projections.

The positive side of all this, from my perspective, is that humanity is indeed ascending. We are at the cusp of the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is a dramatic change.

As I have expressed on my channel before, we are going through a significant paradigm shift and the old collective paradigm is collapsing. This and other potent astrological events, such as the imminent transit of Pluto through Aquarius through 2044, seem to be clearly aligned with that narrative. Absolutely.

In order to make this transition we must let go of all of the abstract, arbitrary, and defunct structures and belief systems that have at once defined and sheltered, but at the same time severely limited, humanity and our potential.

We are now like the proverbial snake shedding its skin. We can no longer fit within the rigid confines and constructs that have restricted us for over two thousand years.

I know this process can be challenging and uncomfortable. I know it can be difficult. I know it can even be scary at times. But on the other side is freedom and expanse. A lighter, higher vibrational and more rewarding way of being. A way of being that more accurately reflects our true higher and innate inner nature.

The easiest way to get through this transition is to not be in resistance to it. Resistance is exhausting to maintain, especially when the forces at play are so cosmic.

Over time, extreme resistance may wear people down so much that they simply opt to leave. in other words, escape. Instead, rather, I encourage you to be a vehicle for change and evolution.

This is a rare point in human history. You chose to incarnate here now, and it is a privilege many souls desired, but only a select few have been granted. Embrace and unfold your inner truth, limitless power and light.

End episode transcript.

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  1. thiago anitelle

    Extraordinary analysis. In fact, the Neptunian transit through Aries will bring a lot of change energy, it’s good to be aware.

    • john

      Thank you Thiago! Very tardy reply…

  2. Kronos

    Will the union of Saturn and Neptune in Aries cause war? If so, I don’t understand the author’s concerns about masculinity, which is finally evolving and not sticking to one pattern. This is a very positive change.

    Although honestly I have a completely different opinion. By analogies to the Civil War, as well as by the current situation related to Russia and Ukraine, it seems to me that we are facing a social rebellion and drawing societies into war. Here it is very well argued that we are facing a crisis of masculinity and a fight for freedom. I hope men will fight for their freedom and stop treating themselves as cannon fodder by the state.

    • john

      I often wonder how it is possible that hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers (not to mention their loved ones) allow themselves to be pointlessly sacrificed. It is very Neptunian to me – their misguided fielty to a notorious kleptocrat.

      On the other hand we can also sacrifice ourselves for noble causes (eg the American Civil War, a war against slavery).

      I would also argue that the whole premise of war is very Neptunian in many ways, and it is most certainly a stereotypically masculine activity. How this plays out in Aries we shall see (again) but no doubt there will be all manner of Neptunian masculines themes, projections and delusions that emerge.

      I personally don’t care about cultural stereotypes and I expect many will be dissolved further in this period. Though there are always reactionaries to contend with (as we can see these days).

      Thank you and apologies for the very, very tardy reply!

  3. Alice

    Everything you just described and listed, are the exact themes that we have experienced with the transit of neptune in pisces.

    • john

      I don’t see them as the same. David Bowie, Elton John, Queen, people coming out of the closet etc., were on the scene way before Neptune transited Pisces.

  4. Jill Loftis

    I was just researching this transit and came across your website. Fantastic content and some food for thought. I’ll be sharing your information with my students and clients!

    • john

      Thank you very much Jill!

      I really must implement a better commenting system here. It’s been on my To Do list for a long time, along with much else.

      I noticed you added yourself to my contact list. May I reply?

  5. Sioux Rose (Astrologer)

    As a fellow astrologer, it felt powerful to see validation of my own views on these upcoming transits. Of course, you add your own insights and flavor.
    I was just checking for the inception date of the U.S. Civil War when your article popped up. Pluto’s transit of Capricorn really revived those old patriarchal beliefs that support fascism and every other ism division.
    I have been feeling that the U.S. could split apart like a pinata due to such profound investment in right wing media and churches that in my view are propping up a veritable “anti Christ.”
    I was checking the Civil War date to see where Neptune was in its journey through Aries, the key sign FOR war… with Neptune being the chief planetary agent of mass deception. I think another Civil War is possible. It may be that it’s more like a psychological split for this nation. That’s already in evidence by the inflamed political divide. However, in a nation where gun ownership is so off the charts and so many are already angry (Aries), the chances for more direct forms of Civil War certainly exist. Neptune can add a religious component to it and already inside the U.S. it’s the right wing churches that often show the greatest intolerance for poor immigrants (the ones Jesus advised helping), gay persons, persons of color, Left-Liberals, Feminists, mystics, and Jewish persons.
    I self-published a book back in 2004, “Neptune and the Final Phase of the Piscean Age.” The last line was, “How will dreamers come into an awakened state”? I now see the answer as the intense shocks coming from climate change/chaos… or the Great Mother, Pachamama issuing very real wake up calls. Unfortunately, decades of global arms trades added to the vast levels of financial inequality are fuel for the spread of wars. The only positive I see–apart from Aries capacity for eventuating in new beginnings–is Pluto-Aquarius. A Pisces like Rupert Murdoch whose entire life was financially blessed by his unapologetic penchant for lies and building vast media networks suitable to catapulting the propaganda finally faced an accounting. I am talking about the lawsuits set by Dominion voting machines and resulting in a $680 million dollar settlement with another lawsuit likewise approaching. Also, Trump, whose entire Gemini sun dispositing to his Mercury-Cancer perfectly square his Neptune-Libra is answering for a lifetime of lies, fraud, and business malpractice in the form of 91 indictments. Others of like-mind may well be held to account as Pluto is the Zodiac’s archaeologist and in Aquarius, it will dig down deep in search of the Truth. Nice work, astrologer comrade… and May the Stars be with you, Sioux Rose

    • john

      Hi Sioux Rose,

      Thank you for this fascinating and thoughtful comment. I apologize for not responding sooner. I get a lot spam here which I don’t relish wading through, so I don’t review comments as frequently as I should. I’ll have to up my game in that regard.

      The last thing we need is more mass delusion and deception, isn’t it? As a Sag it drives me nuts.

      I agree with most of your sentiments and hope I hear from you again!


  6. Joshua

    Interesting read. I kind of see it as an exciting time for change especially in the science area!

    • john

      Yes plus Pluto in Aquarius has remarkable implications in this regard also.

  7. Tom Payne

    12.17.23; Any professional astrologer who cannot see the current, profound build-up of forces, leading towards, [sans some non-terracentric global intervention], a massive cataclysm, isn’t worth a hard sh*t, at this point. The incidental clues are morphing into some really major geostrategic brickbats; and the world’s leading astrologers need to be warning people, big-time, about the potential for conflagration. When we’re there, and the “terror/peril index” is off the charts, it will be too late.

    • john

      I agree. I have been quite bold in this regard personally. See my many episodes on the environment, climate change, etc., etc.

  8. Angela Collinson

    Terrified now. That Saturn/Neptune conjunction will conjunct my moon and venus in 2nd house which are opposite uranus and pluto in my 8th house. Maybe I should stay in bed at that time.

    • john

      I should have stayed in bed the whole time Pluto was in Capricorn!

  9. Riley Gibson

    I think Neptune’s transit in Pisces has exacerbated the best and worst, as you’ve said. However, I actually think there’s the potential for an eye of the storm effect to occur during this coming time of Saturnine-Neptunian communique, a small window of time where the world tries to catch its breath before the storm continues. I think that will be the most dangerous, especially with Saturn directly involved. That’s a whole lot of backroom plotting at very high levels. What interests me most is Jupiter’s movement during this period, actually putting it into a square relation at one point. That very much feels like progress trying to be made with the New Age’s ruling planet of Uranus just… not caring, hanging out over in Taurus. That’s just my interpretation though. I think the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn happening relatively soon after (cosmically speaking) is very telling of the continuation of this polarization we’ve seen growing, especially with it occurring in Scorpio/Taurus (respectively). That could be when we finally see some serious warfare start breaking out. Considering the upcoming election, and many of the on-the-fencers seeing the awful public image of Biden during his term, we might be looking at a Trump reelection. Obviously, we’ll have to wait til we’re closer to see what the world looks like, but with his brash attitude, his willingness to wield religion for political gain, and seeing that Great Opposition… the thing that gives me the greatest hope is Uranus in Gemini during that period of time. Uranus being such a freedom fighter, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is tempted to take over but ultimately decides not to, or maybe even becomes assassinated during the next presidency to prevent precisely that. Any which way that I look at it, there’s one thing I see clearly: the last century of authoritarian vs libertarian battles will reach a climax and one will be determined as a global precedent. Whether we fall to authoritarianism or not depends on how far we must fall, cause the New Age won’t stand it for long. Aquarius does love an underdog story though…

    • john

      Hi Riley,

      Fantastic comment. Thank you for sharing it.

      You raise so many points I’m not sure where to begin.

      I also published an episode on some remarkable astrology in 2028 (search: 2028) and it came to mind while reading this. Perhaps give that a look?

      I’m crazy busy at the moment but you articulated your thoughts very well. They stand on their own.

      Thanks again! John

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