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USA Progressed New Moon – March 25, 2024

I discuss the imminent USA Secondary Progressed New Moon which will occur on March 25, 2024. This is a significant astrological event that occurs about every 29 years.

The sign, house and degree of Secondary Progressed lunation events can inform us a lot about what this coming cycle may hold for America.

In this case there is a Lunar Eclipse occurring on the same day followed by a major Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 that makes striking aspects to the USA natal chart, as well as the nations’ ongoing Chiron Return.

This episode was published on YouTube on March 16, 2024 at 10:46pm ADT.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary. I’m your host, John Irving.

It is March 16th, 2024.

There are two versions of this episode. One is short, it’s an executive summary. This is the long version where I go into a lot more detail.

If you don’t have a lot of time or aren’t interested in a lot of detail, you may prefer the shorter version. It has the word “Summary” in the title. And of course, I’ll link that in the episode description.

Today, I want to talk about something that I think is very interesting. I actually noticed this a couple months ago, believe it or not. But I had to make a whole episode explaining some of the basics of Progressions because I felt like some of my listeners may not have a full understanding of how they work.

And it takes quite a bit of effort to produce an episode like this because there’s a lot of graphics and a tremendous amount of calculations that I have to double and triple check. And even then, I’m not entirely sure that I don’t make a typographical error or something, but I try not to.

So in between my other episodes, I’ve been working on this. And I want to present that here to you today.

I strongly encourage you to watch that episode, by the way. It was published on March 7th of 2024 and it is titled “Timing Cycles of Life with Secondary Progressions.” That’s a good primer on how some of these secondary progressed lunation events unfold and occur.

As usual, I will be putting links in the episode description to related episodes. So you can find a link to it there.

Also, again, there will be quite a few important graphics in this episode. So if you happen to be listening to this by podcast, you probably want to watch this on YouTube instead. It’s hard to conceptualize this without visual aids.

The USA Secondary Progressed New Moon occurs on March 25, 2024 at 19° 26′ Pisces.

So what I noticed quite some time ago was that on March 25th of 2024, that’s about two weeks from now, the United States of America has a Secondary Progressed New Moon occurring in the fourth house at 19 degrees and 26 minutes of Pisces. This is a very important event, as I described in my primer on this topic.

Most New Moons mark the beginnings of new 28-29 year cycles and they occur in different signs and different houses through the zodiac. As far as I’m aware, I haven’t seen anybody talk about this, and I think it’s quite notable given the political and social environment in the United States right now. It’s something we should pay attention to.

As I mentioned in my previous episode, I may just refer to Secondary Progressions as “Progressions” for the sake of brevity.

Now I am using what is known as the Sibly chart for the United States of America based on a birth date of July 4th, 1776 at 5:10 pm LMT in Philadelphia. There are a few charts that people use for the United States, but this is the most commonly used one and it is used by many top astrologers.

We can make and study astrology charts for organizations, institutions, corporations, or any entity that we can define an inception date for.

A couple years ago, I did a whole episode on the USA Pluto return, and as far as I’m concerned, if we look at what’s been happening in the United States in recent years politically and socially, it’s pretty much irrefutable that that relates to the USA Pluto return, which is a very rare transit, and that to me makes a very compelling case for the accuracy or near-accuracy of the Sibly chart. If we’re objective about it, it’s very hard to dispute. The recent political tumult is completely unprecedented historically. There is no analog for it, not unless you go back to the Civil War itself.

Also, on the morning of 9/11, transiting Pluto was exact within 17 minutes – that’s minutes, not degrees – of the US natal Ascendant in the Sibly chart at 12° 21’ of Sagittarius. That is dramatically precise.

I don’t have time to cover how this might play out or not using the various birth times that are available. Not only would that be very time-consuming, it would be very confusing. So I’m setting that issue aside. Again, many of the leading astrologers use this chart. And the timing of the USA Pluto return validates it.

I also looked up the Sabian symbol for 19-20 degrees of Pisces, where this progressed New Moon is occurring, which reads “A Table Set for an Evening Meal.”

That’s very interesting because it plays into this theme of the fourth house and the people. It’s like a gathering, the family coming together. It’s a period of harmony. It’s a period of people setting aside their worries and cares and coming together to enjoy the fruit of their efforts. It’s the preparation and anticipation for a coming together that will occur very soon, where people set aside their differences. So it sets a very evocative image for this degree that I think is quite relevant.

In my previous episode, I discussed the Balsamic phase of this cycle and how that plays out, and I’m not going to explain all that here again.

The USA Secondary Progressed Balsamic Moon phase commenced on November 28, 2020.

In this case, I calculated that the Balsamic phase of this progressed lunation cycle began November 28th of 2020, and of course it will end at the New Moon on March 25th of this year. So it has spent 3 years, 3 months, and 26 days in the Balsamic phase.

I find this particularly interesting given all of the challenges that have come up in recent years in America, politically and socially. Because the Balsamic phase is really a phase of endings, where there’s kind of a turning inwards. The energy is cycling down in preparation for the New Moon, which will occur in a couple of weeks, and then the energy starts to cycle up. So we’re going from a period of retrenchment into the beginning of a period of growth.

It’s also interesting that this is occurring in the fourth house, because the fourth house in mundane astrology, or the astrology of nations or worldly affairs, which is a little different than it is for personal astrology charts, the fourth house represents the people and the mood of the people.

The USA Sibly Natal chart highlighting a prominent square between Mars and Neptune.

In the US Sibly chart, there’s a very prominent square between Mars and Neptune. Neptune rules the fourth house. This aspect can lead to acts of aggression, violence, or even war that is not based in reality, or that is based in delusion, or that is somehow misguided. That needs to be kept in mind when considering the US fourth house.

So there’s a lot of people on both the right and the left politically who are dissatisfied with the status quo. They’re unhappy with the way things are, the old ways are not working. Pretty much everybody is unhappy about something, and in some cases it’s quite extreme.

Even with the election that’s coming up, people are unhappy with all of the candidates or prospects for the presidency. Of course, there are some people who support the current candidates, but pretty much everyone agrees, they’re not perfect.

It’s also really interesting to note that the January 6th, 2021 insurrection in Washington DC occurred about 5 weeks after the progressed Balsamic moon phase commenced. I just find the timing of that so interesting. And there’s been a lot of focus on this whole question of the 2020 election and that’s still playing out now.

And of course, Joe Biden was elected on November 3rd of 2020, just before the Balsamic phase technically began, but we’re so close. We’re into that waning energy of that moon phase. So it’s no wonder people are upset and unhappy about the way things are.

Again, for more detail about how these phases work, see my previous episode, which is a bit of a tutorial about the basic aspects of this.

So like I said, during the Balsamic phase, it’s not a period of growth, it’s a period of turning inwards and it can be very frustrating because it’s hard to express your energies during this cycle if you try and start or create or build new things during this phase. It’s a bit like swimming upstream because the energy is flowing the other way. But that should start to flip around come March 25th of this year.

I also calculate that after the progressed New Moon, the moon will progress to the first degree of Aries on December 5th of this year. So the fifth house is a lighter energy generally and more expressive and creative energy than the fourth. Although the US fifth house is fiery, it’s generally a more creative and expressive energy. So December 5th may represent a shift into a bit more of a fun or lighter side of self-expression.

One of the things that has been very prominent during this period in America has been this grievance and a desire to go back to some mythical past that never really existed. You know, that is kind of fourth house stuff for the people.

Also, there’s been many issues around housing and housing affordability, and a lot of people have moved. And we had all of the effects of what happened during the pandemic when a lot of people had to stay at home, which led to all kinds of unhappiness around, you know, social issues and social lives and loneliness and disruption in our communities and the way we lived and the way we worked and a lot of people started working from home. Again, all fourth house issues. Think about it.

And, you know, people have been experiencing insurance rates going through the roof, and being displaced by extreme weather events, and dealing with all of that kind of stuff. And dealing with inflation, which has really increased people’s expenses and they haven’t been able to entertain themselves or travel as much in the same ways that they used to, trapped at home in many respects. And people spent a lot more time connecting with people in their immediate family environment.

I could go on and on about how this has expressed itself and the grievances that it’s fueled. There’s kind of a rage at the economic and political systems just because people haven’t liked what they’ve been going through.

And I know what that’s like when you go through the Balsamic phase of the secondary progressed lunation cycle. It can feel like you’re swimming upstream, like I said, and you get exhausted.

The beginning of the ending of that should be occurring in a couple weeks. So again, good news.

Now I made many calculations, which I will display on the screen in graphic form for you.

And, of course, all of this is based on my astrology software, and I am presuming that the ephemeris within it and its calculations are accurate. I don’t have a reason to suspect they’re not, but I just want to offer that disclaimer. I have come across an awful lot of inaccurate figures on the “interweb”.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the time periods when the United States Secondary Progressed Sun ingressed into various signs. Because as I explained in my previous episode, those have an effect on us and what we experience and express.

It’s kind of like we’re swimming in this energy without even really fully being aware of it for the most part, and it has an effect on us by sign and by house, and these cycles last for 30 years. The Progressed Sun moves a degree per year.

The USA Secondary Progressed Sun ingresses by sign and house from 1886 through 2034.

So I went back all the way to 1886 when the Progressed Sun entered Scorpio.

In 1916, the Progressed Sun entered Sagittarius, which is the first house, very different energy from the 12th, and very different energy from Scorpio.

Of course, you’re probably wondering about the Great Depression, which occurred while the Progressed Sun was transiting Sagittarius and the first house. There were a few notable transits that occurred around this time that may relate. Transits, not Progressions.

One was that Saturn first ingressed into Capricorn, the second house, in March of 1929. It then retrograded back into Sagittarius. It then resumed a more permanent transit of the second house at the end of November of 1929.

From the second house, Saturn would oppose the natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury of the United States in the 8th house. It would square the natal Saturn in the 11th.

Meanwhile, Pluto was transiting Cancer and would hit all of those personal planets. And Neptune began a rather long stay in the 10th house of the Sibly chart.

Another interesting thing, and this is by no means an exhaustive study of this topic, it’s just for your brief entertainment.

The Solar Arc Moon at 27-28° Cancer opposed the natal Pluto in Capricorn exactly on October 6th, 1929. The infamous Wall Street Crash started in September of that year and ended in mid-November. So this solar arc was smack dab in the middle of that. Precisely exact within days or weeks.

Why is that special? Well, that solar arc can only occur once every 360 years. Yes, I said 360 years. That’s why. So do the odds on that.

One more comment on this. The next sign from the 2nd house of the United States Sibly chart is Aquarius where America’s Moon is positioned. Saturn transiting the Moon sign can be very challenging. So the whole time Saturn was in Capricorn, the 2nd house, and then the 3rd house, the Moon sign, and then the 4th house after the 3rd, that’s a difficult period for sure. The Great Depression would last until 1939.

I just took a really quick look at this. Like I said, it’s not exhaustive at all.

Another little interesting side note here. This 3rd house Moon in Aquarius, I think, can explain some of the peculiar contrarianism we see in American culture. This is like somebody who disagrees with the status quo or conventional wisdom just for the sake of being different. It’s like “I don’t care what anyone says, nobody’s going to tell me what to think or say” even if by doing so they reject logic or objective evidence. Hence, things like conspiracism or casual rejection of authorities or mainstream media. But I digress.

In 1945, the Progressed Sun moved into Capricorn and the 2nd house. And if you think about it, this is post-World War II and the United States went through a huge growth spurt economically because it wasn’t damaged nearly as much as most of Europe after the Second World War. And it had all of its infrastructure, factories, and everything else running full tilt. And you know, this is the period, effectively, of the baby boomers, when all the soldiers return and everybody started having kids. And it led to a huge period of prosperity and growth economically that would last for many years. This occurred, of course, while the Progressed Sun was in the 2nd house, which rules money and real estate and things like that. Very interesting to note that.

The next shift, 30 years later, was in 1975 when the Progressed Sun moved into Aquarius in the 3rd house up until 2004. And if we really think about it, this is when computing technology, pagers, cell phones, personal computers, and internet technology really took hold was during this period. And the United States was leading the charge in this technology.

Aquarius governs technology and the 3rd house deals with communications and information technology, in other words. So wow, right? Very, very interesting.

In late 2004, the Progressed Sun moved into Pisces. This is the area of the chart that deals with the people in mundane astrology and in personal astrology it deals with your literal home and home environment.

And I would not be surprised that if we looked back to this point in time, around 2004, that that wasn’t really the beginning of the shift of a lot of the social and political division in the United States. Because people have a lot of different ideas about what it means to be an American and to live an American life. Is it the urban people? Is it the rural people? And things like home ownership, the proverbial white picket fence America, is that dream alive or not?

And again, later on in this period, the Progressed Moon will enter its Balsamic phase. So this is a closing energy.

And more than just our home and home environment, the 4th house represents our roots. Like on a psychic or spiritual level, it can represent our lineage and our past and our ancestors. So there’s a lot of karmic stuff going on really deep down inside in that area that is just enormous in scope. That’s way too much for me to get into here now. But I find this very interesting, the timing of this.

The Progressed Sun itself will not move into the 5th house until late 2034. However, it’s important to note as well, which I’m going to get into in a minute, what’s going on with a lunar aspect of this cycle, which is again a 28-29 year cycle that’s overlapping these Progressed Sun cycles.

The 5th house is generally a very creative and fun house. It’s the most fun house of the zodiac. It deals with creativity, self-expression, children. It’s a heart-based energy.

Whereas the 4th house is ruled by the Moon. The Moon shifts very quickly in our daily lives. It goes through a cycle every 28 days. So people who have strongly placed Moons in their natal charts, for example – just to illustrate a point – can go through fairly rapid mood shifts. They can be quite moody.

So again, it’s not unsurprising to witness the kinds of trends we’ve been experiencing while the Progressed Sun has been going through the United States’ 4th house. It’s a feeling-based thing. This is why a lot of what we’ve been seeing appears to be irrational.

All the conspiracy theories, people pursuing paths politically, for example, that are actually nihilistic or undermining of their own interests because people are being motivated by their feelings around these kinds of things. It’s not entirely rational and we just have to accept that. That’s the way it is.

Everybody has emotions and feelings and they’re playing out for everyone to see. And we’ve been struggling to understand them from an intellectual or rational perspective and we can’t.

One of the things that people don’t realize is that if you don’t have a solid foundation, you know, like for example, there’s a huge homelessness problem, Balsamic phase in the 4th house, you can’t have a strong career, 10th house, the opposite sign, in the opposite house. Because you can’t hold down a good job if you’re living in a cardboard shack, right? Obviously.

So, the country has been experiencing a lot of social disruption, including things like the opioid and drug crisis that has been plaguing society and there have been homeless encampments all over the place. Very Neptunian. But America will be dealing with these kinds of issues probably all the way through 2034 to some degree.

Again, I’m a bit frustrated because there’s so much I could talk about here, but I don’t want to overwhelm people with data.

So, I also calculated the progressed New Moons and the progressed Full Moons going back to 1905.

The USA Secondary Progressed New Moons from 1905 through 2024.

The USA Secondary Progressed Full Moons from 1920 through 2038.

There was a progressed New Moon in December 1905 in Scorpio in the 12th house.

There was a Full Moon in February 1920 in Gemini in the 7th house.

The next New Moon was August of 1935 in Sagittarius in the 1st. An interesting note here is that Roosevelt’s New Deal with America was implemented between 1933 and 1938. Again, this progressed New Moon occurred in August of 1935, right in the middle of that and in the 1st house. So that’s like a new definition of who we are. We’re going to change our identity fundamentally. Very interesting.

The next Full Moon was in August of 1949 in the 8th house. Very interestingly, this one was conjunct the United States Venus and Jupiter. Harry Truman unveiled his Fair Deal program. The treaty creating NATO occurred. And the cornerstone of the United Nations headquarters was laid.

This was after World War II, of course. And this Full Moon conjunct the natal Venus and Jupiter of the United States in the 8th house, which also deals with things like banking and money. This was a period of huge prosperity and abundance and growth for America. This is the period that everyone wants to relive.

That may never happen again, but I think this very interesting Full Moon in August of 1949 illustrates that quite clearly.

The next New Moon occurred in 1965 in Capricorn in the 2nd house. 1965. This is during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. There was this huge counter-cultural movement that emerged around this time that asked a lot of fundamental questions about values.

And the second house can govern our values and our connection with our lives. You know, a lot of people rejected the modern ways of living and wanted to do things like live communally and live off the land and all that kind of stuff. Fascinating.

The events of the mid-1960s, I think, are still being played out socially. It was also a period of a lot of social justice issues coming to the fore as well. The war in Vietnam, voting rights, racial issues being addressed, feminism, all these kinds of things. Absolutely fascinating. The timing of this progressed New Moon of the United States in early 1965.

The next Full Moon occurred in April of 1979 in the 9th in Leo. This would have marked a culmination. And again, it was after this that we got Reaganism and all of that kind of political doctrine came to the fore in the 1980s, as well as religious groups becoming politically active during this time. The 9th house deals with international things and higher education and the law, as well as religion and philosophy.

The next New Moon was in October of 1994 in Aquarius in the 3rd house. And 1994 was when technology and the internet and stuff was really starting to take off and very soon afterwards would completely change the world. This is before the dot-com crash, when the stock market started to go crazy over technology stocks and the prospects of what this technology would do for society. And it was a very exciting period. And that was October 1994, a progressed New Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd house, which deals with technology and communications.

The next Full Moon occurred in Virgo in the 10th on December 24th, 2008, less than two months after President Obama was elected. We all know about this, right? This was the 2007-2008 financial crisis, which almost brought the world into a Great Depression. And the US government had to bail out the banks. There was a huge banking crisis.

Millions of people’s properties were affected tremendously. A lot of people lost their homes. And this was the culmination of that energy. The energy would begin to wane after that. So it’s like there was a huge bubble. This Full Moon represented a huge bubble. And of course, the opposing sun was in the 4th house, which represents the people and their living conditions.

The next progressed New Moon is the one that will occur in a couple weeks on March 25th in Pisces. And I’ve already kind of talked about how that’s going to play out.

This New Moon will culminate in a Full Moon in September of 2038 in Libra in the 11th house. This is the house that deals with society. And our hopes and dreams. This one is quite close to the US Midheaven. So it would be interesting to see how that plays out.

But the 11th house, which is the house of Aquarius by default, deals with groups and organizations, our hopes and dreams, social issues, social justice causes, activities and interests that seek or aim to improve the betterment of society, in which case society means everybody, not just the people at the top. And it can also refer to legislation or legislators that govern the country.

So I could have gone into a phenomenal amount of detail. You could actually do a whole episode on each one of these events. But I wanted this to be reasonably long, and I didn’t want to overwhelm people with information.

What you can do is you can look at the graphics on the screen, contemplate the timing of these events, the Progressed Sun shifting through the signs and houses, the Progressed New Moons, the progressed Full Moons, and draw any conclusions you may from that as it unfolds.

Another thing is that there are many aspects that occur at these events, which for the most part I am not getting into because you could literally talk about all this stuff for hours and hours. Anybody who has had a reading with me will know that I can talk about these kinds of things in a meaningful way for a very long time. There’s so much you can mine from these kinds of things. But this is already very long to begin with.

The USA Sibly astrology chart featuring the March 25, 2024 Lunar Eclipse at 5° 07′ Libra.

Remarkably, on the very same day as the Secondary Progressed New Moon, there is also an eclipse occurring at 5 degrees and 7 minutes of Libra. That eclipse is within 4 degrees of the US Midheaven.

It is trining the South Node and sextiling the North Node. That’s pretty cool. It suggests a fated component to this.

It is also squaring the United States Jupiter and Venus in the 8th house in Cancer. Jupiter represents growth and optimism, good luck and good fortune, good foreign trade relations and treaties, as well as the clergy and religion.

And of course, Venus often represents money, nice things, and prosperity as well in many ways. And pleasure and the arts and love and diplomacy.

So around March 25th, this eclipse could represent some kind of sudden challenge to those aspects of the country.

With all that energy in the 8th house and its proximity to the Midheaven, it wouldn’t be surprising if this manifests financially, like in terms of banking. Like there could be some kind of a crisis in the banking system or some of the smaller banks or something like that, or investment funds, hedge funds. I mean, there’s certain people who are speculating that there’s commercial real estate bubbles, that there’s residential real estate bubbles, or it could be insurance companies, or something financially related.

I would not be surprised if around this time, especially because the New Moon is just about to occur, this is the very end of the Balsamic phase, in the 4th house, which deals with home and people, that there is something fairly significant that occurs that is a concern for the general population.

The USA Sibly astrology chart featuring the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse at 19° 24′ Aries.

On April 8th of 2024, there is a solar eclipse at 19° 24’ Aries.

This one is even more notable because at that time, Chiron is at 19° 24’ of Aries as well. Like this is stunning.

So just to be clear, transiting Sun, Moon, and Chiron at exactly the same degree, Sun and Moon forming an eclipse because they’re very close to the North Node.

This eclipse is also passing right over America. You get that?

Transiting Chiron, transiting Sun, transiting Moon, all in an alignment, or conjuncting.

But it gets even crazier because the eclipse and Chiron are within less than a degree of the United States’ natal Chiron. That is crazy.

Chiron, as I have talked about here before, deals with our wounding, wounding that is often unconscious, but it operates in a way that it affects our experience and our reality. And it usually relates to things that occurred in our early childhood.

You know, like your father shot your pony, or one of your parents passed away at a young age, or you were rejected at school, or bullied, or things like that. You didn’t feel accepted, or that you were safe, or that you fit in.

The April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse path of totality over Eastern North America.

So this Chiron, natally at 20 degrees of Aries, is the Chiron for the country of the United States. And it is going to be basically body slammed by this eclipse and the Chiron return which are happening at the same time.

The USA Chiron return is within a very tight orb from about May of 2023 through April of 2025.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, at the time of this eclipse, Mars and Saturn are conjunct within just over a degree, at 13-14 degrees of Pisces.

This is one of the most frustrating transits. It can really provoke anger and even rage. Mars feels stymied and blocked, typically by some outside force, agency, or authority that Mars cannot escape or control. Mars likes to do its own thing whenever it wants, and when it can’t, it can seethe and lash out in frustration and resentment. This transit usually only lasts a few days, but the fact that it’s occurring on the day of the eclipse is not a good omen.

By the way, if you personally have any significant points or planets around 19 degrees of Aries, you’ll want to pay attention to this eclipse, what aspects it’s making, and what house it’s occurring in.

Generally, it’s believed that countries or areas where this eclipse is visible are most affected by this, and this one definitely is affecting the United States.

So Aries is the masculine energy where this is occurring, right? It’s the thing that gets you going, it’s what moves you. Aries likes to start things, it doesn’t like to sit still, it likes to act, it can sometimes suffer from foot-in-mouth disease where it speaks before thinking. So in other words, it acts before it thinks.

And the lower expressions can also be things like combativeness, overly assertive, overly aggressive, and even in extreme cases, hostility and war, because it’s ruled by Mars, the god of war. So there’s positive and negative expressions to this, but those would be some of the more negative ones.

With Chiron and Aries, there is woundedness around those kinds of energies. So one is afraid to act because maybe they were criticized for acting that way when they were young, or penalized for expressing their Mars or Aries-type energy. In other words, they feel inhibited about expressing their true self, or their unique creativity, like maybe they felt judged for something they made and other people rejected it.

So sometimes people can withhold the expression of themselves, or they can overcompensate by trying too hard to get people to recognize and acknowledge their unique self or creativity. So it might be like someone who just tries too hard to make an impression, which is a turn-off in and of itself, but it’s motivated by this core weakness, or wounding, or insecurity about just being themselves. I hope that makes sense.

There’s a component to that in the United States as a country. Every country would have Chiron somewhere.

And if people don’t proactively address this by doing things like shadow work, it’ll come out in all kinds of really weird ways. Like someone will be like really inappropriately assertive or aggressive. In ways that actually undermine them, because they don’t know how to work with the wounding.

Or they’ll just get triggered a lot. Either they shut themselves down, or they, like I said, try and overcompensate. And in either case, it’s not a healthy outcome. So that kind of wounding is going to be really brought to the fore. Or there could be a new wounding event that occurs that triggers a Chironic response. Chiron feels rejected and not accepted for who they are. That’s the mentality that’s present here.

The USA Sibly chart Chiron Return, within a 2° orb, spans May 2023 through March 2025.

And the Chiron return itself is a general fairly long period when the wounding of the nation comes to the fore and is put in your face. And there’s nothing you can do about this.

When you go through your Chiron return, you’re just going to have all this stuff from your subconscious that relates to your own personal wounding come to the surface, either emotionally or psychologically, or in your experience, the outer world will trigger or mirror your wounding. Things will happen to you that make you feel worthless or insecure or lacking in confidence.

It’s the “woe is me” kind of thing, where everyone is beating you up or bullying you. It feels like that kind of energy where you’re just being rejected, not accepted, not loved, not appreciated. You can’t just be yourself. And you go into this cycle of just feeling like there’s nothing that you can do.

Again, this is all psychology and wounding. And in a chart for a country like this, we’re talking about stuff that could go back generations, if not to the founding of the country.

And we all know what the US was founded on. It was founded just before the Civil War, effectively, in many ways. So that is the kind of stuff that is probably going to be coming to the surface in a big way.

And it still is if we look at social and political things that are occurring presently in the United States. It’s like all that stuff that was never really fully resolved after the Civil War is still lingering out there in people’s consciousness and is playing out in political battles right now in front of our eyes.

So with major Chiron transits like a Chiron return, you can go through a period where there’s a lot of sadness and grief because you have to process and feel that wounding. It’s like a time when you can’t really repress it or just ignore it.

So this is kind of like the shadow of the United States on a very deep subconscious, unconscious lineage kind of historical level. And again, with the eclipse occurring on that Chiron, wow, this could be really intense. Like something major could come up or shocking could occur that triggers that.

Also in Aries, there’s the potential for violent action. So be aware of that.

Mercury is retrograde at this point and it’s within five degrees of this eclipse as well. So this brings in the mental and communication aspects of these kinds of things. And retrogrades are generally about looking backwards. So that has to be considered as well.

So I’ll leave it there for now.

Astrology nerds right now are probably pulling their hair out. But you didn’t mention this? What about that aspect? Or this historical event? Well again, I’ve covered over a hundred years of history here and obviously I can’t cover everything in a few minutes, much less a few hours. Whole books could be written on some of these developments.

My main point was just to give a very high level overview of how Progressions can play out for a country like the United States and also of course point out the significance of this Progressed New Moon on March 25th, 2024.

I will document any corrections or errors that emerge on my errata page at AquarianDiary.com as usual.

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Swords vs Torches – Nov 8, 2022 Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus in Taurus

I discuss the remarkable astrology of the total lunar eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus on November 8, 2022 – the very same day as the surely historic US midterm elections take place. The fate of democracy and the world appears to be at stake.

This eclipse is tightly conjunct Uranus and squares Saturn.

I received a psychic download about a major shift occurring in November BEFORE I looked closely at the astrology of this and was stunned by the details, timing and implications of this eclipse, hence this episode. I discuss that as well.

The download I received suggests that this event is related to a major and extremely significant Timeline Split that Dolores Cannon brought to our attention years ago.

This is a transcript of an episode of Aquarian Diary I published on September 17, 2022.

Episode transcript:

Welcome to Aquarian Diary where we discuss issues around the emerging Age of Aquarius. I’m your host John Irving. Thank you for joining me.

Greetings all it is Saturday September 17th, 2022.

This is incredibly fascinating and interesting and dramatic, what I want to talk about here.

So Wednesday night – late Wednesday night – which was the 14th of September – after spiritual practice I just had this sudden very short but dramatic download. And it went like this. I got that there was a big shift coming soon, a major shift. I asked when. The answer was November. And then I got to try and keep myself in a positive state, between now and then as much as possible, because I want to make this shift that’s going to occur. Implying that there is a split – two courses, two paths, and I want to take the higher path. I always have been working towards that for many years.

So I was like whoa – this is intense. And I thought I should post something about this, and then I hesitated because of course my ego, my intellect, was saying well what if you’re wrong? So then Friday September 16th late at night I post on my community tab about what happened and explaining this big shift. Just because I, in the past, have hesitated to do these kinds of things and then later on they proved to be right and I regret not commenting about it or sharing it.

So I was in the mood and I was just kind of like what the hell, I’m putting it out there. And I asked people to let me know if they had come across any other sources who were saying something similar because this is quite dramatic. And of course, I have also done a whole episode titled The Great 2020’s Timeline Split which kind of talked about what Dolores Cannon spoke about through her work, where there would be this split, this timeline split, that would occur in the early 2020’s.

Now I haven’t really been paying much attention to the mundane astrology, or the astrology that’s going on for the world right now, just because I’ve been really busy. And there’s been so much coming up in my own spiritual work that it has kept me more than preoccupied. The amount of stuff that’s been coming up for me that I’ve been dealing with lately has just been like it’s incredible. Day to day. So yeah I posted on my community tab about this event that I foresee or was told about occurring in November.

And then this morning, September 17th, Saturday early morning, I wake up early and I look more closely at the astrology. And oh my God there’s this eclipse coming up, this full lunar eclipse in Taurus, that is occurring on November 8th, which happens to be the exact same day as the US midterm elections. Now I knew about this but it was kind of in the back of my mind. So this morning I look more closely at this eclipse and I’m like oh my God this is a really powerful eclipse.

The way eclipses work is that we kind of experience them or start to feel them up to three months in advance and then it takes up to six months for for all these energies to be integrated. A full lunar eclipse is basically a full Moon on steroids because what’s happening is that the Sun and the Moon are in close proximity to the lunar nodes that are transiting, and that’s what makes an eclipse. So like I said, a full Moon on steroids.

The full Moon is closely aligned with the North Node in this case, in Taurus. And the South Node and Sun are in Scorpio. Now in this case in Scorpio or aligned with the Sun and the South Node is Mercury and Venus. And very closely conjunct with the North Node and the Moon in Taurus is Uranus which is squaring Saturn in Aquarius.

I could do a whole hour-long episode just on this eclipse. That’s not really my intent. I’ll give you the summary of it like this… We have like a super moon, super full moon, in Taurus. And Taurus rules things like our values and it is often related to possessions and things that we own. And property and money and real estate. Because that’s how we materially express our values is through our property. That’s why it’s related to values. It’s ruled by Venus (Taurus).

In Scorpio where all this South Node stuff is going on, with the Sun and Mercury and Venus. Scorpio is the most intense, by far, of the zodiac signs because it deals with a lot of, often, a lot of drama that is interpersonally related. Because relationships are like the stage on which we confront other people and other people confront us, about our psychology, and ultimately how we perceive the world. So there can be a lot of drama in Scorpio around interpersonal relationships. Scorpio follows the sign of Libra and Libra is where we form close intimate relationships with people. So Scorpio is kind of the battleground for relationships. And a lot of our relationship behavior is governed by past lives and traumas and things that have happened to us that we have to process, or the shadow work that we have to do, and it’s a dramatic energy.

So Uranus is within a degree of this full Moon lunar eclipse. And Uranus can break up, if not shatter, existing structures and ways of being, and ways of thinking and paradigms and realities and relationships. If people go through a major hard Uranus transit often there can be a sudden and dramatic break with the past and it seems to be coming from the outside like there are forces that cause our whole reality to shift suddenly and dramatically. And it can happen very quickly. Like on a specific date something will happen and you weren’t expecting it. It’s almost always never fully expected or appreciated until it happens. It can come out of the blue.

And so this energy is being hugely amplified by this full Moon lunar eclipse. So something dramatic and major is going to shift and it’s going to be big, and it will forever change… it’ll be like a course-changing event. A pinpoint in time where suddenly everything is different. And it’ll be something that nobody really fully expected or anticipated, or even possibly imagined.

That full lunar eclipse that’s conjunct Uranus and Taurus is squaring Saturn in Aquarius. And Saturn – and especially because it’s in Aquarius – Aquarius governs society and societal level stuff. And Saturn represents the institutions and structures that we have created, and the leadership… you know things like government, governmental leaders, politicians, banks, large significant institutions that affect society, that tend to be rigid and structured. Because they need to persist over many years, if not even generations, because they have to be reliable. But in this case Uranus is coming in and delivering a sharp square to those structures and institutions and rigid sets of beliefs that have served us because it’s time for them to really be changed. And they need almost like a lightning bolt level blast to break them up to change those structures. Because on some level they are no longer serving us or they’ve become obsolete or redundant or they need to be dramatically changed or revolutionized.

Now Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and Uranus is going to be playing a huge… this kind of energy is going to be playing a huge role in the Aquarian Age. And I’ve done a whole video on that which I really get into in the one called Pluto in Aquarius, Dawn of Global Consciousness, so I’m not going to go into that in a great level of detail here. The main thing is is that what we can expect is this deals with our values. It may manifest as shifts in reality that alter our understanding of what we value and literally the physical material reflection of that in banking and finance and institutions and real estate and property. And on the other side of the equation is all of the psychology and the trauma and the intense experiences that kind of shape our reality. The South Node, Mercury the Sun and Venus are all in opposition to this full Moon.

Again I could spend an hour at least talking about this. But the main point is just that there is going to be… this is extremely dramatic. It’s occurring on the same day as the US midterm elections which will define whether or not America becomes a fascist autocracy, if not theocracy, a criminally organized government which would totally change the history of planet earth, or not. And this connects to the download that I got on Wednesday night about this huge shift coming because Uranus represents dramatic and sudden shifts and departures, if not splits. Splits! Think of timeline splits. And these highly amplified energies of this full Moon lunar eclipse are challenging the status quo that governs society. It’s a direct challenge.

Amazingly the Sabian symbol for 16 degrees of Taurus, where this lunar eclipse is occurring, this powerful lunar eclipse, reads “A symbolic battle between swords and torches.” To me swords represent truth (strong energy) and torches is fire which wants to burn things down. It’s a nihilism basically. And this image of swords versus torches perfectly describes what’s going on in the world. Reason and truth versus passion and anger and fire and destruction. You couldn’t make this up. It’s just incredible.

Now the Sabian symbols are very subject to interpretation. You will find a lot of various interpretations for these symbols and they can vary a lot. So that’s my interpretation based on the context politically and socially right now, and the major struggles that we are involved in and encountering. From my perspective we really are at a critical juncture in a fight between light and dark, good and evil, right and wrong, what’s best for everyone and what’s best for some people, etc. So again this is my interpretation. You may interpret it differently.

Now a few months later Pluto will move into Aquarius. Again see my episode on Pluto in Aquarius. I’ll link some of this in the description. But incredibly I have this download. I haven’t been paying attention to the astrology, I look at the astrology and go like holy crap it’s right there. It’s November 8th. And I said last night on my community tab that this was going to occur in November and I haven’t been paying attention to the astrology but it’s all right there.

Now the next solar eclipse [after November]… the next eclipse will be a solar eclipse and that is going to be occurring on April 20th of 2023. This is just after Pluto has moved into Aquarius. Pluto is at zero degrees Aquarius at this point, for the first time in like 250 years. This eclipse on April 20th is going to be at 29° 50′ of Aries. That is an Anaretic degree, an extremely potent and powerful degree of Aries. And Aries is a powerful sign to begin with, it’s Cardinal. And it is the sign of new beginnings. So the next solar eclipse is at literally the very, very, very end of Aries. That’s going to be extremely powerful too. That’s new beginnings.

But also see my episode that I did on the 2020’s timeline split. Again I’ll link that in the description. This to me is just all astonishing because like I said I had this download but I didn’t connect it to the astrology because I hadn’t really looked at this November eclipse. I don’t know why I’ve just been really busy and preoccupied and I haven’t had a lot of time to record lately. It’s astonishing.

I was shown about a week ago – this is before I had the download about November – I was shown very clearly how when I concentrate on all this negative stuff that’s happening in the world how it shifts my consciousness and my energetic state. I’m insatiably curious about what’s happening in the world so you know I do read. And I want to know what’s happening and why. But it was kind of a warning just to manage that carefully. You want to, I think, maintain a positive state as much as possible leading up to November. And probably the the point in time will be November 8th. And that might be because we want to be in a higher state to make this shift into the higher timeline. If we’re going to go through a timeline split, and my download is right, and the astrology is right, this is when it’s going to happen. November 8th 2022. Mark your calendars. Tell the people that you love to do their shadow work, to clear themselves.

In my spiritual practice lately – this has just come up for me intuitively over the past month or so – but I’ve been doing a lot of forgiving and letting go of people and the past and past events past traumas just letting go of the past. I recently did a cord cutting which I hadn’t done in a very long time that was extremely powerful. I felt a huge shift in my energy. Let go of as much as you can. Lighten your load.

And I believe I was told Wednesday night about this… they were basically warning me, not warning me like I’m not in danger, but just saying, you know, this is a very important time. There’s going to be a huge shift in November. Prepare yourself for that and be in the right state of mind.

Dolores Cannon said that we needed to not be in a fear-based paradigm, which I think we can argue that a lot of the people on the right of the political spectrum are very much so. And we also needed to clear our karma in order to make the shift into the higher timeline. I did a video about that just a month or two ago about describing how I, through a lot of intense spiritual work, I had cleared my karma.

I have to say something else as well which is it’s kind of personal but it’s one of the things I’ve been struggling with. You know years ago I thought oh I should do an astrology channel, it’ll be really popular. I could see that coming and then I thought no that would be redundant. To me the thought of doing something to pander to people’s sensibilities or to be popular, with that as my agenda, I honestly find it revolting. I just can’t… I can’t… I couldn’t do it. It wouldn’t be authentic for me.

Like obviously I want to make a difference and I want to reach people and I want to speak the truth and I want to… I would like to be able to say things that are important that make a difference, that make the world a better place. That help us understand what’s happening, that help me understand what’s happening, and to connect with other people of like mind and like spirit.

And I’ve really struggled because obviously I don’t have a lot of viewers and I could – because I know what to do or I know what I should do if that was my agenda – but that is not my agenda. I really don’t give a crap about that. And I think that that is actually a quality of Aquarius. Aquarius does its own thing and it doesn’t really give a crap about what other people think. And in fact I’ve been guided very powerfully not to care about what other people think. Like that’s part of my raison d’etre in this lifetime. Is to just be myself and do my own thing (I’m getting strong energy here).

So yeah, like I said I could do stuff that would be a lot more popular than what I’m doing now but to me it wouldn’t be authentic or it would be pandering to popularity. And that’s not to say that everything that’s popular is garbage, it isn’t. But the truth is is that in all fields more often than not you find the people who are saying or doing the really important things aren’t often the center of attention. The most popular stuff is not necessarily the most important stuff, or the deepest stuff.

Anyway I wanted to express that. I want it to be on the record and I think it’s important for other people to realize that too. The age that we’re moving into is going to be like the most authentic people are going to come to the fore. The ones who are following their true heart and their true inspiration and not really caring too much about whether it’s popular or not.

Oh by the way in a prior episode I said that my twitter handle was AquarianDiary it’s actually @Aquarian_Diary (with an underscore). I post more prolifically there stuff that I’m reading.

I also added a feature to my website at aquariandiary.com where people can basically just join a contact list so that we don’t lose touch if anything major happens or changes with this platform or others. And numerous people have used that, thank you. I’m not going to spam that list in any way it’s just for safe keeping in the event that it’s needed.

Thanks for everything! I appreciate it. And we’ll talk to you soon.

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