Here I republish an episode that was originally published on November 22, 2021. It remains very relevant today as we strive to dispel commonly held misconceptions and illusions.

This episode was published on February 24, 2024 at 8:03am EST.

Please note that in the recording I stated that this was published on Feb 23. I had originally intended to publish it then, but did not actually do so until Feb 24.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings, all.

Welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is February 23rd, 2024. [This was actually published on Feb 24]

I’m doing something here today that I’ve never done before. It’s a bit of an experiment. I’ll see what the response is like.

And that is, I am republishing an episode that I originally published on November 22nd of 2021. That’s over two years ago.

Why am I doing this?

First of all, it relates to my prior episode. See the episode description for links.

Secondly, it has hardly any views.

Thirdly, I’ve come to realize that very few people go back and listen to old content on YouTube because, of course, the feeds are full of everything that happened in the last few hours.

Fourth, it came to my mind this morning as I was reflecting on my last episode. And I listened to it, and I hadn’t listened to it in a very long time, and I thought, this is actually really good. So it’s good content, and it’s relevant.

Fifth, the quality of the recording back then, I was just using my phone, the quality of the recording is really poor. So I cleaned it up a little bit. I did not alter the content whatsoever other than cleaning it up, sound-wise. It’s exactly the same words. I didn’t cut or change a single word in it.

I would like people to consider actually perusing some of the many episodes I published previously.

I mentioned this one to someone I communicate with quite a bit, and they hadn’t even heard it and thought, oh, that was really good.

So yeah, I want to draw some attention to some of my older content because I still think it’s valuable and useful and maybe helpful for some people.

I’ll also put a link to the original in the episode description.

I hope you enjoy this, and I welcome your feedback.

So here goes.

This is the episode from November 2021.

And it was titled, “No, You Are Not Responsible For Every Aspect Of Your Reality.”

Hi guys, it’s John here.

It is November 22, 2021.

I have a very short window of opportunity to record here, and there’s something that has been just sitting within me that I need to express.

Now I realize that lately I have been posting quite a few things that are critical, shall we say. That’s the energy that’s up these days. I mean, reality is what it is.

And I’m not always going to be posting stuff that is kind of skewed in that direction, I would imagine. But this is what’s going on right now.

Anyway, there’s another thing that has repeatedly come to my attention over a very long time and again was touched recently.

And that is this whole notion of whether or not we are completely responsible for our reality.

Well, from my intellectual perspective, this defies both logic and common sense. And let me give you some examples.

For example, natural disasters, repressive political regimes, economic crises, changing economic circumstances, the sudden passing of a loved one unexpectedly, or a pet, or the breakup of a relationship.

Or I could go on and on and on with examples where you could then look at them and say, “Well, is the person who’s experiencing those things really responsible for that? For that, you know, those difficult or challenging or unfortunate or unpleasant experiences? Really?

Am I responsible personally that, you know, President 45 was who he was? Am I personally responsible, you know, for the climate crisis?”

Of course not. It defies logic.

So you know, to some extent, yes, perhaps before we incarnated here, we knew that we would face certain challenges at certain times in our lives.

Perhaps we have karma that needs to be resolved. Absolutely. Doesn’t… that notion does not offend me. But to suggest that people are entirely responsible for whatever they experience just seems blatantly ridiculous to me.

And the reason that it’s offensive is because it can be, you know, to the person who’s experiencing something very difficult or challenging, somebody that we should be having compassion towards, or that needs help or assistance, to suggest that they are responsible for everything bad that’s happened to them is beyond insulting. It’s a form of victim bashing.

And you know, I think that, you know, we come into this plane of existence, which is full of paradoxes and full of crazy things beyond our control. And we all have free will here.

And apparently, you know, a lot of people have said that the earth is one of the few truly free will based places in the universe. But it’s also the most challenging.

And that would make sense because, you know, other people can do things that are not expected or that are deleterious or damaging or consequential to us that are beyond our control and vice versa.

And I know, for example, I have experienced some things that I was told from multiple sources were not in my soul contract. Difficult, very difficult things that weren’t necessarily in the cards for me, but that just happened because there is a certain degree of chaos and unpredictability here in this dimension. Therefore, those things were not within my control.

And you know, I’m tempted to beat myself up about, you know, when things like that happen. But you know, that may just be a fault of my own perception.

But what really ires me about this insinuation that people are entirely responsible for whatever they experience is, like I said, that I keep picturing somebody who’s in a state of suffering, like somebody who has recently lost a loved one unexpectedly, perhaps to this, you know, plague that we’re experiencing. And them going away thinking that they are somehow responsible for these events, which in fact are beyond their control. And this is like insult to injury, basically.

So yes, there may be some things that are within our control and some things that we are personally responsible for in our reality, but there may be many others that simply are not.

I have, I have known, I know many people and I’ve, and just because I do astrology, I’ve, you know, often look at people’s charts and we discuss transits and things that are going on and you know, like for example, when Saturn transits your moon signs, that’s typically a very difficult period.

And some of these people have had things that have happened to them that were just kind of jaw dropping, you know, bad. And I would never say to these people “Oh, that’s your own fault.”

Good God, like this is like if somebody said that to me, actually somebody said something like that to me once and I just about jumped across the table and I, I pretty sure my face turned beet red almost instantly. And I left that place shortly thereafter and never returned because it’s insulting and not helpful at all.

So I would… you know, astrology is another thing, you know. Like I said, you know, there can be times in our life where certain things are going to happen that we just… You know, you have a Uranus transit to your Venus or to your Moon or to your Sun or to your Ascendant, stuff can happen that is like completely out of the blue.

And you know, you have no way of knowing that something like that’s coming. Like even if you’re an astrologer, you can never really predict what Uranus is going to do because it’s almost always surprising by definition. That’s its nature.

My point though, really is, you know, we should be calling people out when they’re suggesting this.

Yes, to some extent or another, we have some influence over our lives. But like for example, is everybody going to be a celebrity or a king or a queen on planet earth at any given time? Is everybody going to be rich? Is everybody going to be famous? Like, you know, I don’t personally desire those things, but some people do.

But it’s just mathematically impossible that everybody is going to experience those conditions at any given point in time, especially at this point in human history. Where, you know, there are many barriers to people being able to live their ideal life, you know, or if somebody is born into poverty or born into a country that is ravaged by war, you know, are they individually responsible for that? Give me a frigging break. That’s just… it’s absurd.

So yes, we can control certain things within certain parameters.

We’re all born at a certain time and we’re imprinted with the energies of our astrology chart that kind of governs, you know, what kind of things we’re going to do, you know, like somebody has to be, you know… plow the streets in the winter if you live in an area where it snows, you know… I mean, not everybody is going to be a billionaire.

It’s just, you know, or, you know, is everybody in a, living in a country where they’re suffering from drought? I mean, you know, are they all responsible for that? My God, it’s just, it’s infuriating.

So you know, there’s, like I said, there’s some things we can control and there’s some things we can’t.

If you’re born in Bangladesh, you know, and nothing against Bangladesh, the likelihood of you living the same way that somebody who’s born in the suburbs of, you know, Atlanta is far less by definition. You know, and yeah, you could argue, like I said, that the Soul chose those conditions when they incarnated. But there’s a much greater likelihood that if you are born into certain countries that you’re going to not live as long as you would elsewhere or have as much money or whatever. But none of us are any less equal than the other in truth.

So you know, let’s stop this victim bashing, basically.

Like I said, I’ve known many people who’ve gone through some very difficult and trying circumstances, and the last thing I would say to those people is that “Oh, you know, that’s your negative thinking!”

Oh my God, you know, and then there’s, here’s the other side of that, right? Like me right now, I’m upset about this and I’m expressing myself. There’s a place for being upset and unhappy because if we didn’t get that way, sometimes nothing would ever change. It would just be a stasis, right?

People sometimes need to get riled up to affect changes in the world. And sometimes it takes pushing people into uncomfortable situations to get them to actually change because people are kind of lazy or they don’t, you know, they want to stay in familiar territory or whatever the case may be.

So it’s okay to be upset about some aspects of the world that we live in right now. If we didn’t and if we’d all be enslaved and we’d just be like bags of jello, you know? So it’s okay to not be happy about things in the world.

You know, the last thing we actually need right now is more complacency. When we see injustice and when we see people being abusive, we should do something about it.

We shouldn’t say, “Oh, well, you know, so-and-so’s husband is beating her because she’s thinking negatively.” God!

Okay, so have I said what I need to say?

This is really important. You know, this is one of the things about the spiritual community.

Like on other dimensions, I’m sure that our thoughts can probably manifest instantaneously in like a nanosecond. And so, yeah, there’s a lot more leeway perhaps on other dimensions for being able to affect our reality.

But down here in three-dimensional reality where we’re dealing with three-dimensional objects and situations, there’s limits to… we operate within parameters.

I think I’m going to stop there. I’ll leave it at that for now.

We’ll talk again soon and one of these days I won’t be in a pissy mood.

Alright, talk to you later.


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Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End episode transcript.

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