I discuss the dynamics between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness and how we can identify, understand and manage their interaction.
This episode was published on April 22, 2024 at 4:43pm EDT.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is April 22nd, 2024.

Darkness is the absence of Light.

Now that sounds like I’m stating the obvious, and I am. But hold that thought.

Like many things, the contrast between Light and Darkness is a continuum.

One of the main features of being on the Spiritual Path is the interplay between the Light and the Darkness. As we embody more Light, the contrast becomes more extreme.

There are no shadows in the Darkness. There are only shadows in the presence of Light.

And this, I think, is one of the things that many people don’t really fully understand or appreciate about being on the Spiritual Path, is that as you embody, or experience, or manifest more Light, you become more aware of your Darkness.

Darkness typically pertains to our wounding, but it can also pertain to our ego, our selfishness, our separateness, our desire to control or manipulate, etc.

I myself have had this demonstrated to me countless times. I have been very fortunate at times to be in the presence of very evolved beings in the physical. And when you’re in their presence, you can become aware of your Darkness in very shocking and dramatic ways.

The Darkness in the presence of Light can actually react very violently. The Light threatens it, because when the Darkness is illuminated, it can’t hide. There is nowhere to run.

It can’t feign ignorance. It can’t deny itself and its true nature, because its true nature is weakness, which is the last thing that the Darkness wants to admit.

Those of us who seek out the Light are going to have to go through a very lengthy and extended process of grappling with our Darkness. It is unavoidable.

Many of us think that we can just bliss out in the Light or transcend, transcend our lower nature, and that can happen sometimes, for a period of time. But ultimately, if you have not resolved, or confronted, or healed your Darkness, it will ALWAYS trip you up. You cannot circumvent it.

This is why I always, always encourage people to do their shadow work.

If you evolve too quickly, and you have unresolved Darkness, it can trip you up in very painful and dramatic ways. You can come crashing back down to where you were. It is your Achilles heel, and it must be mastered.

So again, I think this is a common misconception in the Spiritual community that we are just going to suddenly gain enLightenment, like flicking on a switch, without having a solid foundation of purity and truth and clarity and wisdom to sustain us.

Many people are probably aware of the notion that, for example, when some people channel powerful, evolved beings, these beings have to basically constrain or limit or dilute their energy so as not to harm the channel. This is because the channel in question is unable to sustain or contain the levels of Light that the evolved being holds or carries.

The Light would literally destroy, in other words, kill, the channel if it was not highly constrained, or dumbed down would be another way of putting it. The limiting factor is the Darkness or unconsciousness within the channel.

Thus, we must constantly be purifying and advancing ourselves as we climb up the ladder of evolution, so to speak.

So anybody who is on the Spiritual Path seriously, and I don’t mean dabbling in psychic phenomenon, it’s much more than that, I mean someone who is really on the path consciously, of advancing themselves, is going to constantly be confronted by aspects of Darkness within them. Many of which they may be completely unconscious of, but will become conscious of, must become conscious of, must conquer, advance, and heal. It is a process of purification.

And let’s not kid ourselves, there are not very many people, relatively speaking, who are fully consciously on a Spiritual Path.

Some of these obstacles, some of this Darkness, like I said, can be completely unconscious. Often it has existed for many lifetimes, and it is so inherent and embedded in the individual that they just assume that it is part of reality, part of their paradigm, when in fact it is arbitrary.

It is not real, it is a figment of their imagination, a figment of their experience, a figment of their past life experiences. And part of the process of Spiritual evolution is to become aware of what those things are and transform them so that they no longer represent threats or vulnerabilities.

Like I said before, I have had experiences in the presence of highly evolved beings where my Darkness expressed itself in ways that were completely shocking to me. The Darkness can lash out at, and want to attack, the Light because the Light threatens its existence.

In the presence of Light, the Darkness will no longer exist. It illuminates it and dissolves it.

So yes, the Light is literally a threat to the Darkness, and the Darkness can take on almost a consciousness of its own, and again, we may not be consciously aware of this.

This process is not easy. I have had many, many experiences where my own personal Light has triggered a negative response from others, also in rather shocking ways. I could give many examples of how that has occurred.

So if you are someone who embodies or carries relatively more Light than those in your immediate environment, you can be constantly triggering them and they can react, sometimes in very strange and weird ways, towards you.

And at times, you may ask yourself, “Why do people act this way towards me?” Well that’s one possible explanation.

Your very existence is extremely triggering to those people. It will cause them to do things that even they might ask themselves, “Why do I behave this way in the presence of this person?”

Sometimes, people who carry a lot of Light or more Light, relatively than most people in their experience, sometimes these people have to detach a bit from society and become more reclusive, simply to protect themselves.

Now I’m not encouraging you to become a hermit, but that’s not an uncommon experience.

Again, this notion or belief that we can just bliss out and escape reality or transcend reality is not true, at least in the way many people understand it.

There is a great deal of Darkness here on earth. It pervades many things.

There is Light as well, but the Light does not act aggressively. The Darkness does.

A small example.

At one time, when I was doing a lot of Spiritual practice, and I mean hours and hours a day, I was walking down the street and another pedestrian approached as I was walking down the sidewalk. And just as they passed me, they punched me energetically. They punched me really hard right in the heart chakra.

And I was completely stunned and shaken by this.

The person who passed me by – I have no idea whether they were conscious of this or not – but this really affected me and it affected me for days after.

It’s like their energetic being hated me, just hated me, and whacked me, punched me full force like a sucker punch right in the chest. Bam!

And I wasn’t expecting this at all. I was in a really good mood. I was just smiling.

But it was my state of being that triggered this rage on some level in this person who obviously carried a lot of Darkness.

Another example was once when I walked into a little retail store and I shopped around for a while and then I approached the cash. And as I approached the counter, the girl behind the counter just backed up, just backed away instinctively. And she backed right up to the wall. And even her co-workers kind of looked at her and went like, “What? Why are you doing that?”

I wasn’t projecting any negativity or harm or anything like that towards this person, but I presume it was something similar to what I experienced walking down the street.

So this can occur more subtly in all kinds of ways in the course of our daily life.

If you listen to my last couple episodes as well, that may also be illuminating.

So don’t kid yourself. This is not an easy path to bring Light into the Darkness, and it can manifest in a myriad of ways.

A lot of the nihilism that we’re witnessing in the world right now is a reflection of that. It is because the energies here are being uplifted and people are freaking out. They’re being triggered constantly.

People don’t want to see their Darkness. They fear it. They want to live in the shadows. They do not want to be illuminated.

There’s ignorance, which is just not knowing something, and then there’s willful ignorance, which is a conscious rejection of the Light.

Because the Light is a threat to their identity and persona, at least as they understand it.

They do not yet know that their identity is merely a fabrication. To them, their existence and their identity are one and the same. They do not know that they are Spiritual beings living in a physical body. They think that they are a composite of their thoughts and beliefs and what they’ve been told and what they’ve learned and how other people identify with them. They believe that the Maya or illusion is who they are.

And as we know, the whole process and purpose of Spiritual growth and evolution is to recognize that that is not what we are. That is just a byproduct of being in the third dimension.

I need a trade or a skill to make a living. I have to pay my mortgage. I have duties and responsibilities. I have a place or a status in the community and all that stuff, which is all just, you know, transitory and part of the illusion. But to them, that is their identity.

And when their identity is threatened, they completely freak out. And like I said, in extreme cases, they can react even very violently against the Light.

Self-preservation is one of the strongest instincts of all. It is hardwired into every living thing. So when we feel threatened, no matter on what level, we can respond very forcefully and unconsciously.

And those examples I gave you, those two little examples, walking down the street, being in a store, those are just two of countless examples I could give you. Sometimes people really dislike you and it has nothing to do with your personality.

So what do you do? Well, obviously, you avoid people who are dangerous. That’s just common sense.

Highly evolved beings, when they are in the presence of people, they will often project a tremendous amount of compassion, and people feel that. So it lessens the shock of the Light. It makes people feel comfortable. They know they’re doing this. And people can fall in love with that compassion.

But if they were to shine all of their Light, like I said, it can literally damage people.

I thought I would share that because I don’t think some people really understand the dynamic between Light and Darkness. And it’s critical to understand what is happening in the world right now and why.

Now just to be clear, a couple really important caveats.

As we all know, right now, there is a tremendous amount of delusion in this world. So we have to be careful that we do not confuse the Light with the Darkness.

The Light will always reveal the Darkness and truth. It will not reinforce the Darkness.

It’s typically uncomfortable to recognize the Light or allow it to permeate us and our reality. There can be an awful lot of resistance to it. Not always, but often.

Have you ever noticed sometimes that when you offer assistance to people or insights, they just suddenly disappear and never follow through?

Secondly, I am by no means encouraging people to be overly provocative with their truth, to bludgeon people, or to cause people harm. It is not to be used with force.

If we are unable to discern when we should be compassionate or gentle or keep our mouth shut, we still have a lot to learn.

So again, we should not use our consciousness as a weapon. That is actually Darkness. We’re not like 007 “Licensed to Kill”, right?

So we ask, why am I being attacked for being authentic? And I can tell you this as well, which not many people will say.

I have been attacked, or blocked, in various ways, by many people that you would not think would do such things.

The Darkness often likes to disguise itself as the Light. That is a very hard lesson. So we need to be vigilantly aware and conscious and not easily let our guard down until we verify. Trust but verify. And that applies to me as well.

Often when the Darkness masquerades as the Light, there will be subtle clues, little slips or tells, little actions, little deeds that give it away, where you recognize that it is not authentic.

Now none of us are perfect, myself included. We all screw up. We all make mistakes.

But the differentiating factor is the intent. What is the intent?

Is someone trying to be a good person? Is someone living by the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? It’s really simple.

Most people on the Spiritual Path are going to have a lot of experiences where they are let down, or betrayed, or disillusioned, by people and situations or beliefs or belief systems or institutions or whatever it is.

It is very very hard to mirror higher dimensional reality here in three dimensional reality. It is excruciatingly difficult.

Perfection is extremely elusive and ultimately you’re probably going to find that the only place where you can experience the manifestation of that is through your own inner consciousness and not in the outer world. Our world is full of paradoxes.

This is why Spiritual practice and things like meditation are so important because that is where we can connect with higher dimensional energies.

Directly not through some flawed or fragmented misrepresentation of higher truth, be it an ideology, a religion, a belief system, an intermediary or whatever the case may be.

People that are generally unconscious or low consciousness, tend to be more gullible or vulnerable to manipulation. So often the Darkness will manipulate such people to get at you and that is why it is important to keep good company and to not inadvertently make yourself vulnerable to such influences.

Some people can be shockingly superficial, and self-serving, and judgmental about things they should know better than to be judgmental about. Say for example like your appearance, or your innate mannerisms or character or habits or lifestyle or say you question their fundamental beliefs or assumptions.

Clearly we need to be discerning about who we make ourselves vulnerable to, and I can assure you that this will be a constant challenge on your Spiritual Path. This I believe in particular is grossly underestimated in terms of its impact on you. I regret to say that, but it’s true.

There are certain astrological transits that will bring these kinds of themes to the fore.

It could be Pluto transits, or Neptune transits or transits, through the 12th house, and especially Chiron transits. Like Chiron in aspect to your personal planets or Chiron transiting your first house. You’re going to experience these kinds of things, and most of us will at some point.

Anyway I hope that’s helpful. This is very much off the cuff and I hope I’ve managed to express what I wanted to express adequately and in a way that makes sense.

Mercury is currently still retrograde so fingers crossed.

For more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

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Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members.

Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye for now.

End episode transcript.

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