I discuss the current energies and astrology which are very potent for manifestation now and in the near future.

This is an excellent time to manifest love, relationships, abundance and prosperity. Some may even manifest a Soul Mate type relationship or what appear to be miracles.

This episode was published on June 1, 2024 at 8:03pm EDT.

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Episode transcript:

Greetings all, welcome to Aquarian Diary.

I’m your host, John Irving.

It is June 1st, 2024.

I really care about you guys, and I want to draw your attention to something that I think is very important, especially over the next week or so.

I posted about this on my community tab here on YouTube just over two weeks ago, and I reminded people there again more recently about this as well, and I’ll show those posts here on the screen as well if you’re watching the video.

And that is that the energies right now are extremely supportive of potent manifestation.

But it initially came through to me during my spiritual practice, and I took numerous actions to support this.

And I would like everyone to be aware of it, because it’s occurring right around now and in the very near future.

Now these energies can facilitate everything from bringing in a special partner, romantic partner for you, that could potentially change your life, and in some cases for some people it might even be something like a soulmate.

That could be somebody new, or somebody who comes back to you from the past that you were strongly connected with.

It can also be an opening for making really good connections in terms of business, business partnerships, those kinds of things.

And it can certainly be about manifesting abundance and prosperity.

And I’m going to get into a little bit of the reasons behind this.

Often, in fact, things come to me psychically or intuitively before I connect the dots astrologically.

So how do you facilitate this?

How do you work with these energies?

I encourage everyone to listen to the episode that I just published yesterday on May 31st titled “Angst and Illumination” and in that episode I talked about how it’s important to be focused on the positive, to keep our vibration high, and that is important because these energies of manifestation are so powerful that insofar as it’s possible, we want to manifest the positive. So what comes in goes out.

Like for example, recently I have found negative things quite repulsive. I mean more than usual. Now I don’t think that’s going to be permanent, but I think it’s just critically important right now because things will reflect in our three-dimensional experience.

So that’s number one. Keep yourself inspired and uplifted. Pay attention to things that make you feel positive and good.

Number two. Clear your energies.

What do I mean by that? Smudging, you know, things like sage. Cleaning, cleaning yourself, showering, bathing, taking things like salt baths, smudge yourself, smudge your jewelry, open your doors on a nice sunny day, clear out the energy, clear your crystals, clear the things around you, clear your mind, let go of things from the past.

There’s a major shift in cycles occurring and you want to let go of the energies and consciousness from the past. Like even if you’ve been going through a really rough period, and some of us have, please have the capacity to believe in miracles because they could potentially happen now.

Like for example, if you met somebody who turns out to be like a soulmate for you, that’s a miracle. And I’m sure many people would love to experience that.

But sometimes a lot of things need to end or complete, and that means they need to be removed from our life to create space and opportunity for these new things to come in. So a lot of us have been experiencing a lot of detachment and release and endings in our lives to make space for this new stuff to come in.

And as I talked about in yesterday’s episode, that can be quite painful because we can be attached to things, even if they’re negative, we get habituated to them. So release, release, release, clear, clear, clear.

Number three, be clear about what you desire. I wrote this in my posts. Again, check the screen.

Be very clear about what it is you want. Imagine you’re talking to God and God says, “What do you want?” Do you have an answer? What do you want to experience? What kind of life do you want to have?

Be very clear and simple. Happiness, love, joy, bliss, enlightenment, satisfaction, peace, harmony, good friends, happy family, work that inspires you and that motivates you and that makes a difference in the world, world peace, a healthy environment, whatever it is.

I find personally that writing things down gives them power, but certainly speaking them out loud. For example, do your spiritual practice, pray, speak to the Creator, even if you have reservations or doubts, express what kind of life you want to have.

I think the ultimate experience that we would all desire, if we boil it down to its most simple, would be that when my life is complete, I am tremendously happy about my experience and what I learned and what I mastered and the people that I helped and the people that I loved and so forth.

Try not to get too detailed because sometimes the things that will really fulfill us haven’t even entered our mind yet. So I would suggest keeping it fairly broad. Paint with broad brush strokes, but just make sure you cover all the bases.

Now I’m not saying you’re going to get everything you desire because part of life is being challenged so that we can grow and challenges are not necessarily easy by definition, but at least you’re establishing a framework.

So let’s look at what’s going on astrologically.

On May 25th, Jupiter moved into Gemini, the opposite sign of its rulership, Sagittarius. Sagittarius is fire, Gemini is air. This is a potent place for Jupiter.

It had previously been in Taurus. Taurus is an earth energy and although it was very good in Taurus for very practical things like real estate and money, it was very earthy.

So if you’re not like a super pragmatic, businessy banker, investor type person, you know, take the stock market for example. It hit record highs just before Jupiter left Taurus. So this air energy is just more supportive of Jupiter’s qualities, which is all about learning and knowledge and information.

On June 2nd, that’s tomorrow, tomorrow night, Jupiter is forming a trine with Pluto in Aquarius. Trine between Jupiter and Pluto is phenomenally powerful for prosperity and abundance. Come on, it’s like Jupiter is all the good stuff, if not too much of it, and Pluto is about power. So we have a trine between air signs of Jupiter and Pluto. That’s huge.

But there’s one more thing that is especially potent, which is that on June 6th, there is a new moon at 16 degrees and 18 minutes of Gemini. And at that very time, Venus is almost exactly conjunct that new moon. This is new beginnings in the opposite sign of Jupiter conjunct Venus.

Venus represents nice, pleasurable things, including love and money. So it’s like a new beginning that brings in that beautiful energy of Venus.

And at that time, Jupiter is still within about a degree of trining Pluto in Aquarius. And we’ve got Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, the Moon, Venus, all in Gemini at that point in time.

And as well, this new moon is also making positive aspects to the transiting nodes. Sextiling the North Node, trining the South Node.

So this trine to the South Node may be why in some cases, things that occur may be linked to things from the past, and that they may be karmic or past life kind of things, or things from earlier on in your life that were not completed, or fate or destiny, or soul contracts that were made prior to your incarnation, of course.

Now there is a square between this new moon and Saturn in Pisces, within about two and a half degrees. I think that square to Saturn is basically saying what is meant to be will be, and what isn’t, won’t.

So if you’re pushing something uphill, you’re probably advised to quit or give it up or let go, whatever that is or whatever that represents for you, because Saturn will block it. Saturn is very karmic. So letting go of what no longer serves you or isn’t working for you is an important part of this process.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Saturn wants what is in your highest good, whether you realize it or not. But it’s a tough love energy.

Sagittarius and Sag rising in particular right now, significant relationships have a lot of potential to occur. Jupiter will be in Gemini for a year, and Jupiter’s cycle is every 12 years, one year per sign or house.

If what I’ve been saying here about the astrology sounds like gobbledygook to you, you can book a reading with me and I can fill you in on what house this is occurring in, what aspects it’s making, and so forth, because that will have a lot of bearing on how this plays out and in what areas of life.

But I’m going here on my intuition and the guidance I’ve been receiving for over two weeks now, and I would like people to consider what I’m suggesting. Take advantage of this.

I’m not promising miracles, but the things I’ve been talking about have been on my mind almost every day now for over two weeks.

So I really felt like I should share this with you, because it could be very important.

So be open, be clear, be optimistic, be positive. Focus on your highest goals and aspirations. Have faith, and we’ll see what happens.

For more detail, check the episode description for other episodes or articles that are related or that I mentioned.

And if you’re interested in a reading with me, I’ll put a link to that as well. I have a 15% off special on currently.

Many sincere thanks to everyone who supports me, especially my YouTube members. Thank you very much.

Take care, all the best, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

End episode transcript.

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